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Genshin Impact Gourmet Supremos: World Quest Locations and Tips

With 32 world quests being introduced in the Inazuma, players have a lot of content to cover and with it a big amount of secrets to unravel. Gourmet Supremos is one of Inazuma’s world quest chains in Genshin Impact. Players need to complete a total of 5 quests to finish the quest chain. In this article, we will show you how to complete the quest chain.

Gourment Supremos: How to unlock each of the 5 quests

Gourmet Supremos is a group of three people (Xudong, Julie, and Parvaneh) who are highly interested in gathering knowledge about local food specialties. Travelers will find them across various locations in Inazuma which have been detailed below.

Gourmet Supremos, Assemble

This is the first quest in the series and is unlocked after completing the Ritou Escape Plan. This is a part of the Archon Quest. The travelers will find them right outside of Ritou Island. Interacting with them will help players learn about their journey and will be asked to find “Special Sakura Bloom” which can be found inside the nearby Electro Barrier. To cross the barrier travelers need to interact with a thunder sakura bough to equip electrograna. Giving the item to them will complete the quest and the players will get the recipe for Tempura in return. 

The Gourmet Supremos Of Shrines and Sakura

Genshin Impact Gourmet Supremos
Narakumi Shrine, in front of Sacred Sakura

This quest unlocks after completion of Gourmet Supremos, Assemble. To complete this quest, teleport to the Grand Narakumi Shrine and stand in front of Sacred Sakura. Some people may have already completed the quest since it requires the players to do nothing but stand in front of the sacred tree.

Gourmet Supremos The Seashore Strider

The players will encounter the Gourmet Supremos in Kujou Encampment on Kannazuka Island and will be tasked with catching crabs by laying bait. The crabs are of a special kind since they live near the Thunder Sakura. Giving the crab to Xudong will complete the quest and unlock the Crab Roe Kourayaki recipe.

Gourmet Supremos The Deep Divers

Yashiori Island (Image from Genshin Impact Fandom)
Yashiori Island (Image from Genshin Impact Fandom)

Players will find Gourmet Supremos in Yashiori Island near the Momiji-Dyed court domain. Head underground from a square-shaped hole and explore the area to find fresh seagrass, as instructed by Xudong. To lower the water level, one must activate the cube device, guarded by the Ruin sentinels. One must complete the quest to get the Onigiri recipe.

Gourmet Supremos On the Road

Genshin Impact Gourmet Supremos
Inazuma City (Image from Genshin Impact Fandom)

The players need to converse with Xudong who will be in Inazuma city. Interacting with Xudong will mark a location on the map where travelers need to find the ingredient for the next dish. After talking with the samurai having the exclamation mark, travelers need to find three cooking ingredients scattered around the location. After finding all the ingredients, one must go to a cooking spot to complete the quest.

The Gourmet Supremos The Importance of Eating Well

This is the final part of the world quest series. For unlocking this quest, players must complete the daily commission The Gourmet Supremos: Breakthrough Thinking. The quest has two versions, one of which require the players to complete Xiangling’s version. The problem with it involves the daily commissions are assigned in a random manner which means players could have to wait for months, if not years to obtain the specific daily commission. 

Genshin Impact Gourmet Supremos World Quest: Tips

One must set the daily commission from the adventure handbook to Inazuma to get all the commissions from this region to have a better chance of unlocking the quest.

The players who have unlocked the quest will need to talk with Parveneh, who is found near the Adventurer’s Guild in Inazuma, then talk with Xudong to defeat some enemies. After defeating the set of enemies, players need to talk with Julie. Completing this quest will reward the players with “Samurai Gourmet” Achievement along with 20 reputation rewards for the nation of Inazuma.

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