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Genshin Impact Tatara Tales Lore: Rewards, how to complete, and more

Complete the Tatara Tales Quest with ease

When the Inazuma update went live in Genshin Impact on July 21 it brought with it a breath of fresh air, introducing three new islands, lots of areas to explore, and a variety of world quests. The update also introduced new mechanics to solve puzzles, which brings with it a slight learning curve before travelers can solve them easily. In this article, we will look at one such quest, the Tatara Tales Lore in Genshin Impact, and how to successfully complete it.

Tatara Tales is a time-gated quest series. This means that players have to wait for a server reset to continue the quest. To commence the quest, players need to meet either Toranosuke or Miyuki at the Kujou Encampment. The world quest series is related to the Mikage Furnace located in Tatarasuna.

Genshin Impact Tatara Tales Lore Rewards

Upon completing the quest, the Balethunder will dissipate. This gives players access to the area which has chests and some Electroculus. Also, this quest is essential to gain access to Shakkei Pavilion.

Genshin Impact Tatara Tales Lore
Tatara Tales Lore: Rewards

Mikage Furnace Lore 

The furnace functioned as a smelting area to make swords using jade steel. The furnace harnesses the power of Tatarigami. Due to the ensuing war between Bakufu and the resistance army, the plant became highly unstable and was therefore no longer operational. Xavier set up a containment zone to protect the plant and prevent its effect from spreading further. Balethunder covers the areas surrounding the Mikage furnace, which makes exploration very difficult.

Genshin Impact Tatara Tales Lore
Mikage Furnace (Image via Genshin Impact Wiki)

How to complete the Tatara Tales Lore quest in Genshin Impact

The quest is spread over 7 days in which travelers will engage in conversation with Xavier to perform tasks such as gathering data, taking photos, and investigating specific areas. Beware, though, as Fatui have their eyes on the furnace and are present in a lot of locations. So, be ready for occasional fights.

The quest is divided into 7 parts, which have been detailed below.

Tatara Tales: Priority Investigation

In this quest, players need to place beacons at 3 sites to gather information. The locations are provided by Xavier and marked on the map. The quest can be completed on the day the quest chain is commenced. Log in the next day after the server reset for part two.

Tatara Tales: Purification Device

Players need to collect 3 Crystal Marrows, the local speciality, and give them to Xavier, so that he can set up his purification device.

Tatara Tales: Data Collection

Xavier prompts the travelers to bring back the beacons placed in the first part of the quest as adequate data has been collected. The location to pick up the beacons is marked on the map. The thunder dome is now rendered non-functional and now players can freely explore the furnace. Players need to be wary of the Balethunder. Therefore, equip Electrograna to protect yourself from taking damage.

Tatara Tales: Process is Everything

In this part, you are required to take two photos of the locations marked by Xavier. You need to adjust the camera according to the instructions on the screen. To take pictures, use the camera from the Paimon menu and not the gadget.

Tatara Tales: Functional Test

Collect three Onikabuto and give them to Xavier, who requires them to test the purification device.

Genshin Impact Onikabuto guide, Genshin Impact Tatara Tales Lore
The Onikabuto Beetle

Tatara Tales: Final Preperation

For the penultimate quest in the 7-day long quest series, players need to fix some broken pathways near the furnace. The items required for the task are highlighted with a glowing symbol to make them easy to find. 

Tatara Tales: The Last Act

The last day of the quest involves players finding the missing components and bringing them back to Xavier. While finding these components players will engage with Fatui Anemoboxer, Electrohammer Vanguard, and Mirror Maiden. Hence, a cryo character is recommended to break the Electrohammer’s shield as well as freeze the Mirror Maiden.

On returning the lost components, Xavier will start the purification process while the players will have the responsibility to protect Xavier and the device from two waves of Fatui enemies comprising of Cryogunner, Hydrogunner, Cryo Cicin Mage, Mirror Maiden and two Pyro Fatui Agents. Ideally, players should have one cryo applier to deal with the Mirror Maiden and the Hydrogunner, and a pyro character for Cicin Mage and Cryogunner. A healer will always be welcome.

Defeating the enemies will trigger a cutscene that marks the end of the quest chain.

That’s all for today’s guide about Genshin Impact Tatara Tales Lore quest! Let us know your opinions in the comment section below!

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