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Genshin Impact Sweet Flower Locations: How to farm and use them

A quick guide to farming Sweet Flower in the game!

Genshin Impact is an open-world MMORPG that took the gaming world by storm ever since its release. The game amassed a huge amount of revenue and is still going strong even after one and a half years of its release. Farming everyday items are of key importance in Genshin Impact and this guide covers everything about Sweet Flower, including their locations and various uses.

Sweet Flower in Genshin Impact: Overview

Sweet Flowers are somewhat useful, with their only use as ingredients for making certain healing dishes. Nonetheless, these dishes always come in handy in a pinch. 

Sweet Flower: Uses and utilities

Genshin Impact Sweet Flower
Image via miHoYo

Sweet Flower can be used as an ingredient in the crafting of 5 items:

  1. Sugar
  2. Dinner of Judgement
  3. Sweet Madame

Sweet Flowers can also be bought from Flora’s Flower Stall.

Where to farm Sweet Flowers and get them

The best way to farm any item in Genshin Impact is through the Teyvat Interactive Map. They are usually found growing all around on the plains of Teyvat. You can get 10 sweet flowers from Flora’s shop. For a price of 200 Mora per Sweet Flower, you can get 10 every three days this way.

genshin Impact flora's shop
Genshin Impact Sweet Flower Locations

This is the quickest way to get some sweet flowers easily.

1. Best Sweet Flower Locations in Genshin Impact

Monstadt Sweet Flower Locations
Mondstadt locations (Image via Game8)
Liyue Sweet Flower Locations
Liyue locations (Image via Game8)
Inazuma Locations
Inazuma locations (Image via Game8)

Tianqiu Valley and Stormbearer Mountains are the easiest places for farming Sweet Flowers because of the flat environment. Just follow the markers on the maps above for a quick farming route.

2. Expedition Rewards

Certain expedition quests also give sweet flowers to Travelers. Choose the Stormbearer Mountains and Byakko Plain quests from Mondstadt and Inazuma to earn sweet flowers upon completion. The number of sweet flowers you get from expeditions depends on the expedition duration you choose. The longer the expedition, the more sweet flowers you get.

3. Sweet Flowers from Serenitea Pot

Go to Tubby and get 5 sweet flower seed bags that he sells every week. Each bag of seed costs 4 Realm Currency. Plant the seeds to obtain Sweet Flowers in 2 days 22 hours. Do not harvest it before it is fully grown as that will make you lose both the flower and the seed.

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