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Genshin Impact: Top 5 Underrated Characters in the game

They deserve better respect

Genshin Impact, the staggeringly popular open-world RPG game, has a lot of characters to choose from, and the list is ever-increasing with each new update. It is important to identify the characters that one can use in different situations. Here is a list of the 5 underrated characters in Genshin Impact that don’t get the attention they deserve.

List of the Top 5 Underrated Characters in Genshin Impact

5. Xinyan

She is probably the most misunderstood character and it gets even more confusing because she can be built in various ways to be either a main DPS or support. Xinyan is a shielder, a physical damage dealer, and a pyro applier. She is great support for Eula as she can drop physical resistance with C4 and her second passive gives 15% additional physical damage to shielded characters.

Genshin Impact Stand By Me
Genshin Impact underrated characters: Xinyan

Xinyan synergizes with Hu Tao as well as provides a shield, and gives pyro resonance to elevate the pyro damage of the team. Her constellations 2 and 4 make her insanely good, and with her being a 4-Star who has been the featured character in 3 banners, it isn’t difficult to think players have acquired constellations.

4. Lisa

Players are given three free four-star units early on in the game: Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa. Lisa’s complex kit and her being a free character make her someone that is often overlooked. Once her mechanics are understood she can be one of the best sub carries.

Genshin Impact underrated characters: Lisa

The best things about Lisa are her high scaling burst, crowd control, and versatile nature owing to which she can be a fit in many teams. Last but not the least, her artifacts are easily obtainable. The only reason to not consider her could be the fact that starter character constellations are difficult to obtain, but even those can be obtained from Paimon’s shop.

3. Sucrose

The shy alchemist is more than just a poor man’s Venti. She is good at crowd control, increasing reaction damage by augmenting the elemental mastery of the team, and shredding enemies’ resistance.

Genshin Impact underrated characters: Sucrose

Sucrose is cheap to build, her potential isn’t locked behind constellations and with the 1.6 update, her transformative reactions have been made insanely powerful. One doesn’t need to invest in the talents but just increase her level. Even her artifacts are easy to find as one just needs to focus on increasing the elemental mastery. 

2. Beidou 

Being an electro character and having a high energy cost makes her a character that is ignored by players. The game from the start has not been kind to the electro elements, since unlike melt and vaporize, the electro reactions aren’t amplified. Another reason for her being ignored is that her counter mechanics are tough to master. But once mastered, the damage is multiplied and more energy particles are generated.

Genshin Impact underrated characters
Genshin Impact underrated characters:Beidou

However, Beidou doesn’t necessarily need Elemental Reactions to perform. Her kit allows to reduce the damage taken and amplify the Pirate Captain’s normal and charged damage while generating extra energy particles. Her burst is great off-field support allowing to deal damage to multiple users. 

1. Kaeya

Another free character that doesn’t get the attention he deserves. His damage multipliers are huge and should not be slept on. Obtaining him early in the game gives players an ample amount of time to upgrade him and his gear. Another reason that makes him a great character is his easy-to-understand mechanics. The Cavalry Captain has constant cryo application ability with low cooldown skill time. He is amazing at C0 but gains maximum potential with his first two constellations. 

Genshin Impact underrated characters
Genshin Impact underrated characters: Kaeya

The ascension stats are energy recharge, granting him the ability to keep spamming his burst. Equipping him with a 4-piece blizzard strayer takes him to the next level as that not only increases the cryo damage but also gives him a 40% crit rate. He is also versatile in the team comps in which he is viable. He can be used in Perma freeze teams, melt teams, and physical teams.

That’s all about the underrated characters in Genshin Impact! Let us know your opinions in the comment section below!

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