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Genshin Impact Windtrace Event Guide and Tips

Complete the event to win exciting rewards!

Windtrace is a reoccurring event in Genshin Impact which was first introduced in version update 1.5. The event is based on an asymmetric multi-player match where one out of four becomes the Hunter (the one who catches the other three) and the other three become rebels (the ones who need to hide till the end game) and participate in the event to get rewards like primogems, mora, etc.

How to participate and complete the Windtrace Event in Genshin Impact

Players must meet the following criteria before unlocking the event:

  • Adventure rank 20 or above 
  • Completion of story quest Ritou Escape Plan

To participate in the event players need an NPC named Gygax in Mondstadt. During the Windtrace event, players will be split into two sides to play the Rebels and the Hunter. The Rebels must avoid Hunter’s pursuit and hold out till the time expires. The Hunter’s task, on the other hand, is to capture all the Rebels within the stipulated time.

Genshin Impact Windtrace event hunter rebels
Image via HoYoverse

Take part in Windtrace to obtain Windtrace Coins. Accumulate them to unlock all sorts of prizes. When forming a custom Co-Op party to play this game or when your Windtrace Coins have reached the current maximum, you will not obtain any Windtrace Coins.

Genshin Impact Windtrace coins
Image via HoYoverse

On the first day of the event, the maximum number of Windtrace Coins a player can obtain is 1,200. On each subsequent day, it will be increased to 1,800, 2,400, 3,000, 3,800, 4,600, and 6,000 respectively.

The Hunter

The Hunter not only possesses faster Movement SPD and greatly decreased Stamina consumption, but can also use extremely powerful Windward Arts. Their Windward Arts have the ability to seek the opposition out, expose disguises, and more

The Rebels 

As for the Rebels they can use Windward art to disguise themselves as specific objects on the map, place bait, or temporarily enter a hidden state. After being captured by a Hunter, Rebels will enter Observer Mode. While in this state, they can continue to place Illusory Beacons to help other Rebels play.


Genshin Impact Windtrace Event favour
Image via HoYoverse

During the game, Favors will descend upon the area at random. Picking up one such Favor will help charge one’s Secret Favor an art that can be decisive in determining victory or defeat.

Genshin Impact Windtrace event completion rewards 

Completing the event will reward players with a total of : 

  • Primogem x 420
  • Hero’s wit x 24
  • Mora x 380,000
  • Mystic Enhancement ore x 20

That was all about the Windtrace event in Genshin Impact.

Did you find our guide about the Windtrace Event in Genshin Impact helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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