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Genshin Impact Yelan vs Xingqiu: Comparing between the Hydro Supports

Find the best hydro support in the game!

Hydro is one of the 7 elements found in the world of Teyvat. It also plays a vital role in the game’s best reaction i.e., Vaporize, Freeze and Electrocharge. Meaning other elements in Genshin Impact would not be as powerful as they are without the element hydro. With that being said, these elements come with their vision bearers. The ongoing 2.7 version features Yelan, the new bow-wielding hydro character. Yelan has been rumored as a 5-star Xingqiu for quite some time in the community. Because of their similarities like elemental burst, artifact set, and gameplay. This article will break down the mechanics of Yelan and Xingqiu how they work, their similarities, and their differences in Genshin Impact.

Comparing Yelan vs Xingqiu based on gameplay mechanics


Mostly all of Yelan’s key features scale with her HP which means ATK buffs are useless for her which comes to the conclusion that ATK sub-stat bows are also useless. As such she’s an off-field sub DPS and hydro enabler. Her talent priority is Elemental burst > Elemental skill > Normal attack 

Genshin Impact Yelan Character Guide Cover
Image via miHoYo

Yelan mostly applies hydro to enemies in her elemental burst (energy cost -70), because of this her ER demands should be fulfilled with an ER of about 200-220%. Players can get away with lower ER if their team composition contains a battery (example – Raiden shogun).


Genshin Impact Xingqiu Guide
Image via miHoYo

Considering Xingqiu he’s one of the best support characters in the game. His ability to quickly apply hydro makes him versatile for elemental team composition reactions. Xingqiu relies most on his elemental burst for hydro applications (energy cost – 80), with talent priorities as Elemental burst > Elemental skill > Normal attack. Xingqiu scales with ATK so you may want to stack ATK for higher damage output.

Similarities and Differences between Yelan and Xingqiu in Genshin Impact


Below are the similarities between Yelan and Xingqiu:

  • They both are Sub DPS, a hydro enabler that depends on their elemental burst.
  • That said Yelan may work on most of Xingqiu’s compositions.


The differences between Yelan and Xingqiu are:

  • Yelan’s skill is better in AoE cases but is a one-time hydro application.
  • Xingqiu’s skill lasts 15s making him a better hydro applicator for single targets.
  • Yelan provides 0 protection from enemies’ attacks using her skill.
  • Xingqiu provides some protection as well as healing to the on-field character.
  • Yelan’s elemental burst provides massive damage buffs to the current on-field character, the maximum increase to damage dealt can be as high as 50%.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Xingqiu’s hydro application is greater than Yelan making him good for Vaporize, Freeze, and Taser/Electrocharge teams. Yelan has higher off-field damage potential as she also buffs the damage dealt with the on-field character because of her ascension passive.

Xingqiu is a more viable option for a team based on elemental reaction while Yelan is more suitable for higher personal damage for the on-field character. At last, it solely depends on the player’s own personal opinion, their team comps, and style of gameplay.

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“Yelan’s skill is better in AoE cases but is a one-time hydro application.”
She applies hydro with each normal attack as well as Xinqiu.
Her Q deals aoe hydro DMG and creates an “Exquisite throw”
The exquisite throw is what applies her hydro after the initial burst.
Are you referring to the close range hydro application from Xingqius E via the floating swords?

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