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Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Beginners Guide and Tips

Follow our tips for beginners to excel in the latest action RPG shooter!

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is a new action RPG shooter game, which features multiple NIKKE to duel in battles against the Ruptures. Published by Level Infinite and developed by Shift Up, the global launch of the game has seen a great amount of response from its fans. In this beginners guide, we will discuss the game mechanics of Goddess of Victory: NIKKE and talk about some basic tips and tricks in the game.

Gameplay Overview

The basic goal of the game is to progress through the various game modes, by eliminating the mysterious mechanical beings, commonly known as Ruptures, and bringing back humanity. The Nikke, a robot character who resembles a human, is the only one who can defeat the enemies.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Beginners Guide cover game
Image via Level Infinite

The participants act out their parts in the game, as their commander commands the Nikkes. To move forward in the game, they must control the Nikkes and employ them in conflicts with the Ruptures. The key is to complete the missions easily and faster.

Introducing the Basics of Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

In this section of the guide, we will discuss different features of the game, which are required for selecting the best NIKKE for the team. Some examples of the best NIKKE in the game are:

  • Rapi (Attacker, Burst III)
  • Harran (Attacker, Burst II)
  • Anis (Defender, Burst II)
  • Ludmilla (Defender, Burst I)
  • Emma (Supporter, Burst I)
  • Liter (Supporter, Burst I)

Each Nikke in the game has a few unique skills in the game. These are as follows:

  • Active skills (Must be cast manually)
  • Passive skills (Cast automatically)
  • Burst skill (Must be cast manually)

Breaking down the use of Burst type

The burst type of the Nikke should be taken into account when selecting the ideal one for the squad. For the Nikke, there are three different sorts of bursts:

  • Burst I
  • Burst II
  • Burst III

Any one of the three types of bursts will be available to each Nikke during the match. The majority of Burst III Nikke are Attackers, while Burst I and II Nikke are mostly Defenders or Supporters. Once the burst meter is full, characters can utilize their burst abilities.

Burst skills, however, can only be used during specific phases. For instance, before players may utilize the Burst II ability, they must first use the Burst I unit’s ability. They can use the Burst III ability after using the Burst II ability, and once both of them have been used, they’ll enter full burst mode. To move through the battle, they must choose each of the three burst skills.

They won’t be able to use the next type of burst ability if they don’t use the previous type. Each burst ability will have a cooldown of 20 or 40 seconds. Players must keep a mix of Nikke with shorter and longer cooldowns, so they can finish the burst phase more frequently. For example, players must use the combination of 1 burst I Nikke, 2 burst II Nikke, and 2 Burst III Nike.

Mastering your Weapons

The game features more than 60 different Nikke for gamers to choose from when building their squad. Before embarking on a task, a player must select a team of five NIKKE. Since each mission will feature a new set of foes that must be handled with a variety of weaponry, choosing the best NIKKE is crucial. Goddess of Victory features six different categories of weapons:

  • Assault Rifle: For fighting opponents at close and medium ranges, assault rifles are one of the go-to options. Besides providing good damage to the opposing units, it is given a range of 25 to 45 distance in-game. It also has a fair reload time to begin with, which might make this difficult to start.
  • Sub-Machine Gun: Sub-machine guns are used similarly to shotguns in close-quarters combat.  With a range of 15 to 36, they deal damage, which is quite decent, and fire more frequently.
  • Shotgun: Shotguns are best used against enemies at close range. They have a 0 to 25 range and cannot deal damage to enemies outside this range. They have a decent reload time but low magazine capacity.
Goddess of Victory NIKKE Beginners Guide gameplay
Image via Level Infinite
  • Sniper Rifle: Sniper rifles are an excellent option for long-range combat. They can shoot between 45 and 100 yards, but they must first be charged. Sniper rifles, however, have a longer reload time and a smaller magazine capacity.
  • Rocket Launcher: From any distance, enemies can be damaged by rocket launchers. They require reloading after every shot while having strong damage.
  • Miniguns: These can be employed to engage targets at a medium or long distance. They feature the largest magazine capacity in the game with a range of 35 to 55. They lack damage, though, and reload more slowly.

It is crucial to choose Nikke for the squad while taking into account their weapon of choice and the types of foes they will be facing. Each Nikke can only utilize one of the six weapons mentioned above. They should not, however, pick every Nikke with the same kind of weapon simply, because it fits the assignment. The squad’s arsenal of weaponry is also necessary for effective enemy combat.

Understanding the Classes

There are also three classes of Nikke for the players to choose from for their squad. A balance of all these three classes is important while picking the Nikke for the squad:

  • Attackers: These heroes can serve as the team’s tank and have the strongest damage stats in the game. With their skills, they can easily defeat the opponent bosses in the game’s latter stages.
  • Defenders: It takes damage absorption for their squad is the Defender. They can protect their team from opponent damage, because of their better defense and HP stats.
  • Supporters: As their name implies, Supporters are players, who offer assistance to their co-players, while they are engaged in combat. Despite having relatively lower offensive stats, they are nonetheless a good choice for the squad, due to their healing or buffing powers.
Goddess of Victory NIKKE Beginners Guide gameplay
Image via Level Infinite

Each Nikke is best in a particular environment, and when fighting in that area, it may deliver more damage. Therefore, it is advisable to choose Nikke, according to both the enemy and the terrain, where the battle will be fought. Players will receive 10% more damage as a result, which could improve the game’s outcome. The following five environments are listed:

  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Wind
  4. Electric
  5. Iron

There are three rarity ratings of Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, which involves the likes of SSR, SR, and R. SSR is the strongest Nikke, while R-rated Nikke is the most basic character, which the players will acquire by default, at the start.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Beginners Guide: Tips and tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in Goddess of Victory NIKKE:

  1. With the likes of fight records, core, and credits, a player must upgrade the stats and gear of their Nikke. These resources are available in the different game modes of Outpost and Ark.
  2. The arsenal must be formed from the outpost, shop, campaign, or Ark game types. The daily login, quests, achievements, and events are additional ways to earn them. This gear will increase the bonus for your Nikke and improve their stats.
  3. Players must create a base of their own in the Outpost, where people can erect new structures like the Command Center, the Arsenal, the cafe, the Hotel, and many others.

Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Goddess of Victory NIKKE beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Beginners Guide! Did you find our Goddess of Victory NIKKE beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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