Graffiti Smash Hunters Tier List for May 2022

Choose only the best hunters for your team!

Graffiti Smash can really be quite the game to enjoy. With that, there would be also some challenging stages that most players would run into. These stages might be too tough for players as they would require specific hunters that could aid the player’s team. At some points, the players might have a tough time moving forward and have to invest in some chances to get stronger hunters. And with that, here is a Graffiti Smash hunters tier list for hunters to go for and which ones would prove to be quite useful moving forward in the game.

Graffiti Smash Hunters Tier List for May 2022

This tier list will be separated into six categories of S, A, B, C, D, and the legend is as follows:

  • S Tier: These are the strongest hunters in the current meta of the game
  • A Tier: These are some of the strong hunters in the current meta, but not as strong as hunters currently in the S tier.
  • B Tier: These are hunters that are in a balanced and healthy state that can still keep up with the meta.
  • C Tier: These are the hunters who are only viable and strong in certain aspects and stages of the game.
  • D Tier: These are some hunters who are not as strong and going for them is not ideal if players would aim to get through stages.
  • E Tier: These are hunters that players should not aim to get if they would want to keep advancing in the game. Ideal for filling out some spots on their team but not essential to keep on the team.
Overpowered (S+) Byakko, Stear, Tropical Stear, Aceida, Butler Reise, Hadit, Seiten, Schneider, Gluttony, Greed, Elena, Halloween Elena,Luke, Diana, Orhtro
Strong (S) Masamune, Lynn, Halloween Karin, Xmas Eve Alice, Fran, Lust, Zesta, Muley, Yanagi, Zeno, Rone, Liberta, Uriel, Miel, Iris, Linaria, Yau, Makina, Melta, Conrad, Metatron, Pecora, Sakura Day Abel, Prize, Shayle, Uruk, Karin, Lilly, Bard, Gamester Conrad, Anvar, Folia, Wrath, Claire, Sherd, Neo, Fate, KirinYomi, Leloucel, Ting, Resty, Livio
Good (A) Jet, Slyne, Janet, Lothar, Lorne, Amana, Markus, Iberis, Gabriel, Yuo, Maid Hina, Femina, Raphael, Justice, Tropical Rufure, Kalm, Sariel, Kai, Raziel, Saizou, Masso, Victor, Werfen, Fearmara, Lian
Fair (B) Tropical Lynn, Sakura Day Yunis, Krampus, Nikolaus, Azalea, Ginji, Fullmoon Rum, Anniversary Lilly, Salva, Tropical Salva, Anniversary Clara, Clara, Celio, Mikatsuchi, Halloween Anvar, Figaro, Vita, Genbu, Rufure, Zapp, Lin, Michelle, Rudia, Hina, Nisse, Olga, Yunis, Darta, Yurin, Noah, Eryx, Ruge, Treta, Jeddy, Abel, Gione, Nobody
Average (C) Halloween Claire, Meryl, Isaac, Edgar, Digny, Yue, Seiryu, Anniversary Amana, Noel, Vicelli, Sion, Tropical Kirika, Soulier, Fullmoon Yomi, Sanya, Perfee, Leo, Margaret, Reise, Simoun, Revery, Eline, Sophia, Assad, Lorenz, Negato, Homuna, Baird, Rum, Jens, Garza, Anju, Precia, Akeno, Mira, Chloe, Elia, Ubel, Nia, Gloria, Maje, Whalley, Ferres, Jack, Gartium, Blanche, Innes, Eremia, Ariel, Mint, Heine, Spira, Liscia, Maxima, Fauna, Fidel, Arsen
Weak (E) Tropical Sophia, Marcian, Kaslan, Honnete, Stille, Rose, Felsch, Sono, Fordeal, Kirika, Riche, Vaivara, Purete, Xmas Eve Justice, Nordic, Noir, Rop, Tropical Lamel, Tropical Renge, Alice, Ideal, Juvia, Minnette, Lilin, Leah, Ezelle, Inari, Orvid, Renge, Deetch, Karent, Betta, Dirnando, Gin, Einsarm, Crow, Tir, Praisir, Visbel, Lamp, Vento, Cheny, Soldat, Mocha, Dangel, Soal, Kaut, Nunnally, Kurche, Fore, Halva, Avalude, Smittel, Stovy, Plium, Savant, Curtail, Ayame, Souji, Matia, Lunetta, Tarkish, ShuChaton, Lamel, Cecilia, Lutz, Vena

With more than 250 hunters at the disposal of players, they are free to mix and match different hunters to pull off great and strong combos. A player’s team can be stacked with a whole lot of S and A-tier hunters and make it quite easy to progress with the game. This list was made on the base stats and abilities of hunters in the game and their appearance does not affect their position tier list.

Graffiti Smash Best Hunters for May 2022

Stear and Byakko

These are the top two hunters that players should aim to have on their roster. Their base attack stats are over twenty-seven thousand. This is great for them as they become more proficient against stronger targets throughout the game and moving forward. These hunters are best known to be put up for those strong bursts of damage and can definitely pack a punch when players need them.

Graffiti Smash Heroes Graffiti Smash Hunters Tier List

Xmas Eve Justice and Base Justice

When it comes to defense, this can equally match the battle by turning the tides with how these hunters soak up damage. Also known as tanks, these hunters have more than thirty thousand HP without any upgrades. This means they can take all the damage they can and also dish out a fair amount of their own. Players should look to get either of the two for a strong frontline for their battles.

Players should consult the list above and see what matches their team. The notable hunters to look out for can also definitely aid newer players in setting up what they need for their team and progress when moving forward. Players should also feel free to mix up their teams and see what works for them and make sure that they would also enjoy the game while also continuing to move forward.

What do you think about this Graffiti Smash Hunter Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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