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Honkai: Star Rail Blade Build Guide Best Relics, Light Cone, Team Comps, and more

Build Blade to the max potential!

Blade is a unique character in Honkai Star Rail which possesses the Wind-type element along the Destruction Path. He is a limited 5-star character obtainable through the Character Event Warp for version 1.2. Blade’s playstyle revolves around self-inflicted damage, enabling him to deal increased damage to enemies while also sustaining his own HP through his attacks.

Regarded as one of the top-tier Destruction Characters in the game according to the Honkai Star Rail tier list, Blade excels at dealing massive damage primarily through his basic attacks. This Honkai Star Rail Blade Build Guide aims to provide players with a comprehensive understanding of Blade’s skill set and how to optimize his build.

Blade’s Playstyle

Blade shines as a potent damage dealer and exhibits remarkable resilience against enemy attacks. With his Wind element, he can effectively break the weakness of a lot of enemy content in the game. Blade’s abilities are enhanced by his HP Scaling, granting him the ability to unleash impressive damage in proportion to his total HP. His Skill is highly efficient, lasting for three turns and making him a resourceful character when it comes to SP consumption.

HSR Blade Character Level-up Material

To maximize Blade’s potential, players should prioritize his Ascension, which boosts his overall stats and unlocks crucial traces in his kit. Gathering a substantial amount of Immortal Scionette and Ascendant Debris materials is essential. These resources are used to enhance Blade’s health, attack power, defense, critical hit effectiveness, and other significant attributes. Here is a simplified breakdown of the total materials required for Blade’s Ascension and Traces:

In total, here are all the Ascension Materials for Blade in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • x5 Immortal Scionette
  • x15 Immortal Aeroblossom
  • x15 Immortal Lumintwig
  • x65 Ascendant Debris

Blade Trace Level-up Material

In total, to upgrade all of his abilities, here are all of the Blade Trace Materials you need:

Honkai Star Rail Blade
Image via HoYoverse
  • x12 Lord Ravager Phantylia drops
  • x18 Shattered Blade
  • x69 Lifeless Blade
  • x139 Worldbreaker Blade
  • x41 Immortal Scionette
  • x56 Immortal Aeroblossom
  • x58 Immortal Lumintwig
  • 3,000,000 Credits
  • x8 Tracks of Destiny

Honkai Star Rail Blade Best Relics and Planar Ornaments

Blade is a Wind-type damage dealer following the Destruction Path, who excels in leveraging his overall strength that scales from his own HP. Because of his scaling, he can also exhibit decent tanking capabilities in battles. To maximize his Wind damage potential, players are advised to equip Relics that provide the necessary stats and damage boosts.

When building Blade, the choice of Main Stat becomes crucial, and players should focus on upgrading Relics that offer HP and CRIT DMG. In this Honkai Star Rail Blade Build Guide, players will discover the most suitable Relic sets for Blade.

Longevous Disciple

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Increases the wearer’s Max HP by 12%.
  • 4-Piece Bonus
    When the wearer is hit or has their HP consumed by an ally, their CRIT Rate increases by 8% for 2 turn(s) and up to 2 stacks.

Eagle of Twilight Line

  • 2-Piece Bonus
     Increases Wind DMG by 10%.
  • 4-Set Bonus
    After the wearer uses Ultimate, their action is Advanced Forward by 25%.

For Blade, it is recommended to equip Planar Ornaments that offer substantial HP or CRIT stats, along with powerful offensive effects. Blade can effectively utilize any Planar Ornaments that provide HP and CRIT DMG boosts, as these effects synergize well with his high CRIT Rate stats from his traces. This allows Blade to capitalize on his critical hits and deal significant damage to enemies.

Rutilant Arena

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Increases the wearer’s CRIT Rate by 8%. When the wearer’s current CRIT Rate reaches 70% or higher, the wearer’s Basic ATK and Skill DMG increase by 20%.

Inert Salsotto

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Increases the wearer’s CRIT Rate by 8%. When the wearer’s current CRIT Rate reaches 50% or higher, the wearer’s Ultimate and follow-up attack DMG increases by 15%.

Honkai Star Rail Blade Best Light Cone

Honkai Star Rail Blade Light Cone
Image via HoYoverse

Blade synergizes well with certain Destruction Light Cones that support his unique playstyle. Equipping Light Cones that enhance his HP, as well as those that provide DMG boosts that complement his HP-based playstyle, can significantly amplify his damage output. Here are the recommended Light Cones for Blade:

The Unreachable Side (Signature 5-star Light Cone)

The Unreachable Side Light Cone is undoubtedly the most ideal choice for Blade, providing substantial DPS improvements through significant stat boosts. With this Light Cone equipped, Blade can consistently land critical hits and stack additional Critical Damage (CRIT DMG) due to the increased CRIT rate it offers. This empowers Blade to deal significant damage with his attacks, particularly his enhanced basic ATK. Additionally, the increased HP stat enhances Blade’s survivability against enemy attacks.

Something Irreplaceable (Alternative 5-star Light Cone)

Clara‘s signature Light Cone empowers Blade to fully utilize his kit and enhance his overall damage output. This Light Cone’s effects synergize with Blade’s abilities, particularly by increasing his overall damage. Additionally, it enables Blade to restore a portion of his health, which becomes useful as he takes a significant amount of damage to trigger his skill and follow-up attack. Despite the ATK stat not aligning perfectly with Blade’s playstyle, this well-rounded Light Cone offers higher overall stats that benefit him effectively.

A Secret Vow (Alternative 4-star Light Cone)

The “A Secret Vow” Light Cone is another amazing choice for Blade and with higher Superimpositions, it can even compete with the 5-star Light Cone choices. The straight DMG increase from the HP percentage required is extremely easy for Blade to maximize in most situations during battle as he can easily decrease his own HP from his overall skill set and make use of the conditions and buffs given by this Light Cone.

Best Team Comps for Blade in Honkai Star Rail

Blade excels in fulfilling the roles of both DPS and tank within a team, thanks to his versatile kit. He exhibits flexibility in various team compositions and synergizes well with almost every character in the game, primarily due to his efficient SP consumption.

Blade’s HP scaling allows him to withstand damage from most attacks and even benefit from it to activate his follow-up attack. Moreover, his Wind-type element makes him a valuable asset, as there is a significant number of enemies weak to Wind in the game’s content.

Honkai Star Rail Blade trailer
Image via HoYoverse

1. Blade, Luocha, Bronya, Tingyun

This team comp is probably the best choice for Blade to dish out most DMG while maintaining the survivability of the squishy supports in the team with Luocha. The massive CRIT DMG buffs from Bronya and the overall DMG increase from Tingyun alongside some energy regeneration will greatly help Blade in terms of DMG. His enhanced basic ATK is also AoE which is useful against multiple enemies in the game.

2. Blade, Luocha, Pela, Silver Wolf

This team comp is also a great choice mainly against single-target content in the game. The addition of Silver Wolf and Pela to stack up massive DEF reduction against most enemies in the game enables Blade to deal more DMG from his overall skill set. Luocha can easily keep the team alive most of the time from his massive healing capabilities.

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