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Honkai: Star Rail Phantylia Boss Guide: Location, How to beat, rewards, and more

Challenge this new massive boss!

In the latest update of Honkai: Star Rail, players are introduced to the formidable weekly boss in the Echo of War challenge, Phantylia the Undying. Known for her immense power, facing her in the Trailblazer Quest provides a thrilling challenge for players. Moreover, this encounter offers a unique opportunity for the Main Character to try out the long-awaited Imbibitor Lunae form of Dan Heng and will provide assistance to the team during battle.

Requirements to Unlock Echo of War: Divine Seed

To gain access to the Echo of War Boss, Phantylia the Undying, players must first complete the challenging Trailblaze Mission titled “A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant.” This particular mission serves as a crucial prerequisite for unlocking the epic encounter with Phantylia.

Honkai Star Rail Phantylia boss
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“A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant” is a demanding test of players’ skills and resilience, requiring them to navigate through treacherous challenges. By successfully conquering this mission, players prove their worthiness to face Phantylia in the Echo of War.

Phantylia Stats, damage, and debuff RES

Before delving into combat mechanics and strategies, it’s important to understand the boss’s strengths and resistances. Phantylia exhibits notable resistance in combat, as she maintains a 20% Resistance to Physical, Ice, Fire, and Quantum elements. Moreover, she possesses a substantial 50% Frozen Resistance, making it challenging to apply freezing effects effectively.

Honkai Star Rail Phantylia Stats
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Additionally, she has an equal 50% resistance against entanglement, reducing the effectiveness of crowd control attempts that would hinder her movements or actions. Players must carefully strategize and adapt their tactics to counter these resistances while facing the formidable Phantylia in battle.

Honkai Star Rail Phantylia Boss Location

The weekly boss, Phantylia the Undying, can be found on the Xianzhou Luofu map in the Scalegorge Waterscope region. Upon entering the area, follow a linear path that leads to the edge of the map. Here, you will discover the Echo of War: Divine Seed, where you can challenge and face the formidable boss in battle.

Honkai Star Rail Phantylia boss location
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Honkai: Star Rail how to beat Phantylia

Phantylia First Phase

In the first phase of the boss battle with Phantylia, players will encounter her summoning lotus seeds, which can prove to be a nuisance to deal with. It is important to directly focus their attacks on the boss, prioritizing damage output to hasten the transition to the next phase. If the team possesses sufficient damage, this approach can be highly advantageous in limiting the duration of the first phase and reducing the interference from the lotus seeds.

Honkai Star Rail Lord Ravager Phantylia
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Additionally, players are recommended to bring a healer to the battle to counter the impact of the lotus seeds. These seeds can drain the HP capacity of the characters, making a dedicated healer invaluable in keeping the team’s health pool sustained during the encounter. By having a healer on the team, players can better endure the prolonged battle and maintain their offensive prowess.

Phantylia Second Phase

After the first phase of the boss battle concludes, players must be prepared for a significant challenge. Phantylia will unleash a devastating AoE (area-of-effect) attack that inflicts massive damage on the entire party as she transforms. To survive this onslaught, players should have defensive utilities ready to swiftly recover and mitigate the impact of the AoE damage.

Honkai Star Rail Phantylia second phase
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It is essential to time defensive abilities, shields, and healing effects strategically to safeguard the team from being overwhelmed by the AoE attack. Coordination and precise execution of these defensive measures will be crucial in preserving the team’s health and overall survivability.

Phantylia Last Phase

In the last phase of the battle with Phantylia, players must be prepared to face even deadlier attacks from the boss and more amounts of lotus seeds. Phantylia’s damage output increases significantly, making it crucial for players to utilize all the important abilities at their disposal.

Honkai Star Rail Phantylia final phase
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Timing is of the essence during this critical phase. Players should coordinate their offensive and defensive abilities effectively to quickly burst down the boss’s health before she can unleash her devastating AoE attack once again. Delaying or prolonging the battle could result in facing the AoE attack multiple times, leading to potential disaster for the team.

It is important to note that within these phases, the Imbibitor Lunae will provide assistance when the button is fully charged where damage will be dealt to the boss accordingly. Players must exercise caution and awareness in dealing with the lotus seeds during the last phase. These seeds become more lethal, and failing to manage them efficiently can lead to considerable damage and disruption to the party’s performance.

Phantylia Drops and Rewards

Honkai Star Rail Phantylia Boss Rewards
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As you advance through higher difficulty levels, you’ll receive better rewards, including random relics, Lucent afterglow, 4-star light cones, credits, and the most crucial reward, the Regret of Infinite Ochema. Acquiring this item allows you to unlock your characters’ traces, enhancing their passives and abilities.

Honkai Star Rail Regret of Infinite Ochema
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Taking on a challenging boss might be tough, but the rewards you earn upon completion are well worth the effort. It also motivates players to strengthen and upgrade their characters. Phantylia serves as an excellent boss, providing new players with an opportunity to learn about the game’s elements and elemental resistances while offering an enjoyable overall experience.

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