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Honkai Star Rail Seele Guide: Best Relics, Light Cone, Team Comps, and more

Build Seele to the max potential!

Honkai Star Rail’s Seele is a 5-star Quantum-type Element that takes the Path of The Hunt. Seele is a spirited and valiant member of Wildfire who grew up in the perilous Underworld of Belobog. She is accustomed to being on her own. She is a fantastic DPS unit released along the game as the first limited banner for the first version of the new hit HoYoverse game. In this Honkai Star Rail Seele Guide, players will know the best way how to bring this character to the maximum potential.

Seele’s playstyle

Seele is a heavy single-target DPS. She specializes in her Talent which can give her an extra turn when defeating an opponent. She is great for bosses for her high DMG output in single-target situations. Seele stands out from the other hunt characters that are currently accessible thanks to her powerful single-target potential and the additional benefit of being able to attack more than once after eliminating an opponent.

Seele being a Quantum character is a huge advantage as this element is currently rare in the first version. Additionally, she is the Best Single-target DPS in the game at the moment. She can easily clear contents and her Quantum-type element is heavily favored in the current meta.

Honkai Star Rail Seele Character Level-up material

Players need to use Seele Ascension materials to upgrade the character’s overall stats, this also enables players to unlock later traces for the character. You’ll need to get a lot of Thief’s Instinct and Void Cast Iron materials for Seele to fully upgrade her capabilities. Here are the total materials needed for Seele’s Ascension and Traces:

In total, here are all the Ascension Materials for Seele in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • x15 Thief’s Instinct
  • x15 Usurper’s Scheme
  • x15 Conqueror’s Will
  • x65 Void Cast Iron

HSR Seele Trace Level-up Material

In total, to upgrade all of her abilities, here are all of the Seele Trace Materials you need:

Honkai Star Rail Seele Character
Image via HoYoverse
  • x11 Tracks of Destiny
  • x12 Guardian’s Lament
  • x18 Arrow of the Beast Hunter
  • x42 Thief’s Instinct
  • x56 Usurper’s Scheme
  • x58 Conqueror’s Will
  • x69 Arrow of the Demon Slayer
  • x139 Arrow of the Starchaser
  • 3,000,000 Credits

Honkai Star Rail Seele Best Relics and Planar Ornaments

As a Quantum-type DPS with The Hunt Path, Seele relies heavily on dealing massive damage to single-target situations. Players should use the type of relics that will give them the maximum damage available in order for them to maximize the damage capabilities of Seele.

Players should choose all the offensive Main Stat available when farming for relics as she will rely on the extra turn that she gets when taking a takedown. In this Honkai Star Rail Seele Guide, we will first talk about the most optimal set of Relics for Seele:

Genius Of Brilliant Stars

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Increases Quantum DMG by 10%.
  • 4-Piece Bonus
    When the wearer deals DMG to the target enemy, ignores 10% DEF. If the target enemy has Quantum Weakness, the wearer additionally ignores 10% DEF.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    ATK increases by 10%.
  • 4-Piece Bonus
    The wearer’s SPD increases by 6% and Basic ATK DMG increases by 10%.

The Planar Ornament choices for Seele are mostly to help her increase her speed as well as balance her Crit Rate to Crit Damage Ratio. Most DPS characters will heavily rely on the CRIT mechanic of the game and Seele is no exception. Here are the most optimal choices of Planar Ornaments for Seele:

Celestial Differentiator

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Increases the wearer’s CRIT DMG by 16%. When the wearer’s current CRIT DMG reaches 120% or higher, after entering battle, the wearer’s CRIT Rate increases by 60% until the end of their first attack.

Space Sealing Station

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Increases the wearer’s ATK by 12%. When the wearer’s SPD reaches 120 or higher, the wearer’s ATK increases by another 12%.

Honkai Star Rail Seele Best Light Cone

Honkai Star Rail Seele Light Cone
Image via Honkai: Star Rail Wiki

The Light Cone is also a very important part of every character. Seele is a Hunt Type DPS and can only use the Light Cones that are specific for her Path. The best choice is obviously her Signature Gacha Light Cone but there are also other good substitute options for F2P Players. Here are the best Light Cones to use for Seele:

In The Night (Signature 5-star Light Cone)

Seele’s signature Light Cone is the best Light Cone not only for Seele but for every Hunt Path character available. This Light Cone increases the overall stats that a Hunt character needs in order to be efficient in any battle. This can greatly enhance the wearer’s CRIT Rate and will provide Basic ATK and Skill DMG boost based on the excess SPD of the wearer. Additionally, this also increases the overall CRIT DMG and Ultimate by a significant amount.

Cruising in the Stellar Sea (F2P 5-star Light Cone)

This Light Cone is obtainable from Herta’s Shop in Simulated Universe. This is the best alternative option for Seele’s Light Cone as it greatly enhances the wearer’s CRIT Rate which can guarantee the takedown resets that Seele needs to activate her Technique.

Only Silence Remains (4-star Light Cone)

This Light Cone is also a great alternative choice for Seele as it can greatly increase the wearer’s ATK as well as CRIT Rate if there are fewer enemies on the battlefield. Seele is known to be a deadly Single-target DPS and she can easily make use of this Light Cone in notable situations.

Best Team Comps for Seele in Honkai Star Rail

Seele is a flexible DPS that works well with any type of support as long as they can provide the buffs and defensive support needed during the battle. Players can make a team comp out of almost anyone and there are notable choices for her in many situations depending on the type of opponent. Make sure to always bring a healer or shielder to make the team functional at all times. Below is the list of characters that best work with Seele:

Image via HoYoverse

1. Bronya

She is an amazing offensive support for Seele. The duo makes an indestructible pair against any opponent in the game. Bronya can provide a massive Crit DMG boost as well as a turn forward in order to make Seele have more turns and deal more damage with her resets.

2. Tingyun

Similar to Bronya, Tingyun is an amazing 4-star unit to pair with Seele. She is an amazing DMG booster, Tingyun can also give energy regeneration when using her ultimate to the designated ally.

3. Welt

Welt is an exceptional debuffer for the team especially with Seele. The slow that he can put against the enemies can help the party and is extremely useful in crucial situations. This enables Seele to take more turns and be faster against her opponents.

4. Asta

Asta can give a great ATK Boost to Seele when using her skill. She can provide a good amount of SPD buff to the whole party. This enables Seele to gain more momentum during the battle and can activate her talent to deal with opponents quickly.

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