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Honkai Star Rail: Seele Banner has generated excellent revenue according to reports

Amazing Revenue by HoYoverse

HoYoverse’s newly released turn-based Gacha game, Honkai: Star Rail reports excellent Seele Banner Revenue. After the game’s release on April 26, the game has soared throughout several countries. The game already has millions of players worldwide, and many of those have already spent a good amount of money on the game. This makes it not surprising why the Honkai: Star Rail Seele Banner Revenue was impressive.

Seele Banner Debut

With the game’s release was the introduction of the first limited 5-star banner Seele: ‘Butterfly on Swordtip‘. Along with the Light Cone Event Warp, ‘In the Night‘.

Honkai Star Rail Seele Banner
Image via HoYoverse

Seele is a 5-star Female Character that takes the Path of the Hunt. She is an amazing damage dealer with a Quantum-type element. With this in mind, some players have spent real money in order to not miss out on such a great 5-star character.

Honkai: Star Rail has generated a record opening revenue in China on iOS

Honkai: Star Rail’s total revenue in China iOS has soared by $30 million. It is quite impressive how the game reached this amount in just a short period of time. It is not surprising for some people because of the big name behind the game. HoYoverse has delivered the quality that most players expected. The game has even reached $42 million at the end of the first week.

Some players are comparing the game’s success to Genshin Impact’s first banner where it set a record-breaking $30 million during its release with the Venti banner Ballad in Goblets. It is important to note that this huge sum of revenue is only from the China iOS App Store. The game is extremely popular in this country that it even mislead the Chinese Anti-Fraud Center to mark it as a scam.

Honkai Star Rail Seele Banner Revenue
Image via Honkailab

Seele has made the game easier for most players that acquired her as she is arguably the best character in the current meta. People are theory-crafting if it is worth it to get all her Eidolons along with her signature Light Cone to fully maximize her abilities. This will cost a huge amount of money but things like this are mostly common for Gacha games.

Jing Yuan banner is expected to cast up more profit

With the huge success of the First Banner, the upcoming banner Jing Yuan ‘Swirl of Heavenly Spear‘ is set to match the Seele Banner. Players are arguing about which character is the better choice. In fact, both characters are the best in their field as of this Version. Jing Yuan is an upcoming 5-star Male Character that takes the Path of Erudition. He is a massive AoE damage dealer with a Lightning-type Element. Some players are already saving up their resources to get this upcoming character.

Honkai Star rail Jing Yuan banner
Image via HoYoverse

Gacha games may be exciting but confusing at the same time. Players might feel obligated to spend real money to get the best characters in the game. Players should always be careful about the choices that they will make and understand the proper Gacha system. Players are looking forward to more exciting characters in the future. Some of the upcoming banners for the next few versions have been leaked. It will be interesting how these leaked characters will change the meta and introduce new game mechanics.

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