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Honkai: Star Rail Underground Treasure Hunt Event Guide and Tips

Discover relics and different ruins!

Honkai Star Rail’s Version 1.2 has launched its second half with a series of connected events for players. The Kafka Banner is now active in this part. Furthermore, the highly anticipated Honkai: Star Rail Underground Treasure Hunt Event is also underway, generating excitement among players aiming for its valuable rewards.

Honkai: Star Rail Underground Treasure Hunt requirements and dates

To join the Honkai: Star Rail Underground Treasure Hunt event, players must first fulfill prerequisite quests to access the Jarilo-VI area. Completing the Trailblaze Mission “Jarilo-VI — Silent Galaxy” is necessary.

Honkai Star Rail Underground Treasure Hunt
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This event includes daily challenges of different difficulty levels, granting rewards from 2023/08/09 12:00(server time) to 2023/08/28 03:59(server time). With two weeks available, players have ample time to finish all tasks and get the most out of their rewards.

Honkai: Star Rail Underground Treasure Hunt Location

Honkai Star Rail Underground Treasure Hunt Location
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The Underground Treasure Hunt event occurs in the Belobog region, located beneath the Great Mine map. Players can locate it on the map’s lower side and enter by interacting with the NPC named Aksay.

How to do the Honkai: Star Rail Underground Treasure Hunt

Ancient ruins from before the Eternal Freeze are emerging once more, revealing hidden treasures and ancient relics. These valuable findings are buried deep within, awaiting the arrival of courageous and adventurous treasure hunters.

Once the event begins, a new ruin will be unlocked each day, totaling five ruins in all. Every ruin will offer two exploration modes: “Surface Exploration” and “Deep Exploration.” Completing the Surface Exploration for a ruin will unlock the Deep Exploration for that specific ruin. Throughout the event, explorers can venture into the ruins, achieving various levels of exploration progress to claim Treasure Hunt Rewards.

Treasure hunters can navigate the ruins by using stamina, uncovering items, supplies, and even encountering formidable adversaries. The ruins hold a mix of rewards and challenges, providing ample excitement for those seeking valuable discoveries.

Surface Exploration

Surface Exploration invites adventurers to plunge into the outer layers of the ruins, revealing introductory treasures that shed light on the ancient history encapsulated within the stage. This mode presents a harmonious blend of rewards and challenges, creating a well-rounded experience that primes individuals for the subsequent, more profound phases of exploration.

Deep Exploration

The uncharted depths of Deep Exploration excite treasure hunters to the very heart of the ruins, where the resources of unparalleled rewards are tempered by heightened risks. In this mode, one unearths the most coveted relics and treasures, yet achieving such riches requires strategic foresight and a landscape teeming with formidable enemies and intricate exploration.

Honkai Star Rail Ruin 1
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The event comprises 5 stages, with one stage unlocked daily, starting from the event’s first day. In total, it takes 5 days to unlock all stages. Within each stage, two types of exploration exist, Surface Exploration as the initial stage, and Deep Exploration, which is somewhat more challenging than the previous mode.

RuinTrial CharacterTips
Ruin 1Kafka and LukaFor optimal performance, a Lightning DPS team is ideal. Jing Yuan, Kafka, and Serval are strong contenders due to the prevalence of robot enemies; Lightning abilities alleviate challenges effectively. Furthermore, this setup enhances the Damage over Time (DoT) output of trial characters Kafka and Luka.

Surface Exploration consists of 8 levels, whereas Deep Exploration encompasses 6 levels. Despite the differing levels, both modes share the objective of uncovering treasures, including keycards, on each floor. The ultimate goal for both modes is to defeat the final boss on the last floor and thus complete the stage. Here are some key things to note when exploring the Ancient Ruins alongside some tips when clearing the stages:

Honkai Star Rail Underground Treasure Hunt gameplay
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  • Exploring the Map: Start by exploring dim areas from your starting point using Stamina. Regain Stamina with Provision Supplies found in each level.
  • Boosting Stats: Collect Ancient Weapons and Armor to enhance characters’ stats for easier battles. Surface Exploration stats carry over to Deep Exploration within the same ruin.
  • Restoring Health: Healing Supplies restore all characters’ HP. Use them after defeating enemies on a floor.
  • Quick Victory: Use Ancient Bombs to instantly defeat Normal Enemies, excluding Elites. Keep a bomb for key encounters.
Honkai Star Rail Underground Treasure Hunt door card
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  • Battling with Buffs: Activate Ancient Relics for battle buffs and earn rewards through challenges. Use them wisely to maximize their benefits.
  • Resource Unveiling: Track remaining resources on each level, counting defeated enemies as discovered resources. Skip enemies if you have the keycard to the next floor.
  • Final Showdown: Confront and defeat the final boss on the last floor to activate the Teleporter, concluding the exploration and earning all rewards.

Honkai: Star Rail Underground Treasure Hunt Rewards

The Honkai Star Rail’s Underground Treasure Hunt event presents a chance for players to gain abundant rewards. By meeting conditions and completing event challenges across the 5 stages of Ruins, players can reap generous benefits. Here’s the list of rewards attainable throughout the event.

Honkai Star Rail Underground Treasure Hunt Rewards
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  • Stellar Jades
  • Self-Modeling Resin
  • Tracks of Destiny
  • Obsidian of Obsession (Nihility)
  • Obsidian of Desolation (Nihility)
  • Relic Remains
  • Traveler’s Guide
  • Credits
  • Where’s the Rabbit (In-game chat cosmetics)

The challenge reward system promises a multitude of in-game resources mainly benefiting Kafka as a Nihility character to upgrade her trace level-up material faster as the event is released alongside her banner.

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