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How to change the name in Call of Duty Mobile

Many a time when we start a game, we randomly choose a name but we want to change it later. Call of Duty Mobile asks to set the account name when someone starts the game. But changing the name in COD Mobile can be a bit confusing if you do not know from where to do that. So today in this article we will share you how you can change the account name in Call of Duty Mobile.

Follow the steps to change the name in Call of Duty Mobile

1. Go to Player Profile

player profile in cod mobile, cod mobile tips and teicks

From the home screen of the game, go to your profile. If you do not know how to go to profile, see the top left corner of the screen. Tap on that.

2. Select the second option and find the edit button

how to change name in Call of Duty Mobile

Once you open the player profile, you’ll find 5 different tabs. Select the second tab. You’ll see your profile name and one small edit option beside that. Tap on that.

3. Set a new name with Rename Card

how to change the account name in Call of duty mobile

To change the name you’ll need a rename card. And you can have a maximum of 14 characters for your name. If you already have a rename card then the process ends here. But, if you don’t have a rename card please follow the next step.

4. Go to the Shop and buy a rename card

cod mobile shop, cod mobile items, cod mobile rename card

Once you go to the shop, tap on the fourth tab as shown in the above picture. You will find ‘Rename Card’ there. The price that shows is in CP but you can purchase it with Credits as well. Just tap on the rename card and it will let you purchase with credits. See the photo below for reference.

rename call of duty mobile

So once you get the Rename Card, go back to step no 3, and you are done!

We hope now you can change your name in Call of Duty Mobile. For more game guides feel free to visit us again! And if you are looking to have some awesome conversation about mobile games, you are most welcome to join our Discord community.

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