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Top 10 characters in Free Fire: Pick the most suitable one

The unique character system of Free Fire is what makes it stand out among other battle royals. The uniqueness lies in the fact that each character in this game has got its own unique skill that can be further upgraded. Earlier, at most, one could only equip three different character skills but in a recent update, that limitation was extended to four character skills. In other words, players can now equip four different character skills to help them survive in times of danger during matches. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 characters in Free Fire

1. Dj Alok

dj alok, free fire
DJ Alok in Free Fire

Attribute: Drop the Beat (Character Exclusive Skill) – Creates a 5m aura that increases movement speed and restores HP for nearby allies.

Dj Alok, based on the real-life world-class Brazilian artist with the same name, can be easily considered to be the strongest character, yet. This skill is equally valuable to rushers as well as campers. At max level: increases ally movement speed by 15% and restores 5HP/s for 10s for allies and himself within the aura.

2. A124

a124, free fire
A124 in Free Fire

Attribute: Thrill of Battle (Character Exclusive Skill) – Converts part of the EP into HP

A124 is a modern robot made with high technology. She has two states of mind: A normal 18 years old girl mode or battle mode. This skill can convert EP into HP without any delay. EP can be obtained easily by consuming mushrooms. The combination of this skill with Miguel’s skill can prove to be very lethal. The Shiba Inu pet can also help spot out mushrooms in the mini-map. At max level: quickly concerts 50 EP into HP, the cooldown time period is 60s.

3. Jota

jota free fire
Jota in Free Fire

Attribute: Sustained Raids – Recovers some HP after every Shotgun or SMG kill

Jota, the new character, is a stuntman and parkour specialist. The character is based on the veteran Indonesian Actor Joe Taslim. His special skill is meant to bring the best gameplay out of rushers and increase their survival rate during clutches. After every Shotgun or SMG kill you’ll get some HP instantly to endure even more third party sprays/rushes. Though, to take notes, it doesn’t increase your health bar beyond 200 HP. At max level: SMG or Shotgun kills will instantly restore 40 HP, cooldown time period is 5s.

4. Steffie

free fire steffie
Steffie in Free Fire

Attribute: Painted Refugee (Character Exclusive Skill) – Reduces explosives and bullet damage taken

Steffie is, also, a relatively new character that got introduced in the last update. She’s an artist that loves to express herself through her graffiti. She’s Twenty Three years old. Her skill comes in handy throughout the entire matches, especially, during the last few circles. Her special skill creates a graffiti in which she and her allies take less damage from explosives and bullet damage. At max level: reduces damage taken by explosives by 25% and bullet damage by 5% for 10s, the cooldown time period is 45s.

5. Wolfrahh

Wolfraah in Free Fire

Attribute: Limelight – Increases damage dealt to limbs and reduces headshots damage taken

Wolfrahh is the newest addition to the wide variety of characters that Free Fire has got to offer. He’s a streamer and definitely looks pretty cool. He’s all set to arrive with the ‘Age of Streamers’ patch as a free character for all. His skill is particularly going to be of great help to those who can’t perform headshots as often as one would want. If you’ve already mastered the art of ‘drag headshots’, then using Wolfrahh’s skill won’t put you in a pinch at all, since your headshot damage taken will be reduced as well. At max level: Increased damage dealt to limbs by 25% and reduces headshot damage taken by the same percentage i.e. 25%.

6. Kapella

free fire kapella
Kapella in Free Fire

Attribute: Healing Song – Increases effects of healing items and skills and reduces rate of ally HP loss when downed

Kapella is a K-Pop artist. She is a very talented singer and showed quality in her voice ever since she was a child. Her skill is very useful in squad mode matches. It increases the amount of HP restored from med-kits and treatment gun. Choosing the right set of character skills is also very important as her skill can amplify the effects of other healing skills such as that of DJ Alok’s or Jota’s. Apart from this, as it’s already mentioned her skill is truly valuable in squad matches as it reduces the rate of HP loss of allies when they are knocked down. At max level: Increases effects of healing items by 20%, healing skills by 10% and reduces rate of ally HP loss by 30% when knocked down.

7. Clu

Clu in Free Fire

Attribute: Tracing Steps – Detects enemies that aren’t in a crouch or prone position

Clu is a modern day detective. Her skill is an active one that can be of great use in Battle Royale mode as well as Clash Squad mode. ‘Tracing Steps’ basically reveals the positions of your enemies in the mini-map so that you can plan in advance how to deal with the enemies from here onwards. The skill is quite similar to Moco’s skill but different in the sense that Moco reveals the enemies directly when hit. This skill can change the fate of a battle in the initial period when both the teams are anticipating each other from unknown directions. Considering the effectiveness of this will, it might seem to unbalance the gameplay, hence, there’s also a catch to using this active skill. That is, enemy Clu user can’t detect you when you’re in crouch or squat position. Another disadvantage is that you won’t be able to use Alok when using this active skill as players are allowed to equip only one active skill. At max level: Locates enemy positions in 50m who aren’t in crouch or prone position. Teammates share skill effects.

8. Luqueta

Notora in Free Fire

Attribute: Hattrrick – Increases Max HP per kill

Luqueta is a sportsperson who defied his parents’ professions and instead chose to carry on playing football at the professional level. The character is based on the real life Brazilian Sportsperson Lucas Paqueta. His passive skill is based on HP in which his max health is increased slightly per kill, at lvl 1. His skill is quite similar to Antonio’s skill but different in the sense that Antonio’s additional HP is not recoverable. This is where players will have to make up their minds. Antonio gives 35 HP at max right off the starting but Luqueta offers HP only after you’ve secured a kill.

If you’re a rusher and/or manage to get at least 2-3 kills per match on the average then you can definitely consider opting Luqueta as at the max level you’ll just need to kill two people to claim the receivable 35 HP. We all know how much HP matters in classics as well as ranked mode. The best part of using Luqueta is that you’ll be able to use Alok/Kapella/Antonio along with him. This will amplify your healing and aspects regarding extra HP. At max level: Offers 18 HP per kill, upto 35 HP.

9. Joseph

Joseph, Free Fire Joseph
Joseph in Free Fire

Attribute: Nutty Movement – Movement and sprinting speed increases upon taking damage.

Joseph is a well-known physicist, but he’s also a player. This skill can prove to be very effective when the player opts to retreat or back off during an ongoing battle. Once the player learns to master the art of escaping and dodging, this skill will act as a cherry on top. Nutty Movement can be complemented by Ford’s skill that reduces damage taken when outside the safe zone. At max level: increases movement speed by 20% upon taking damage.

10. Alvaro

Alvaro, Free Fire alvaro, free fire characters
Alvaro in Free Fire

Attribute: Art of Demolition – Increases damage range and damage dealt by explosive weapons

Alvaro is a wild but skilled demolitionist. This is the latest character to be introduced into the game. Art of Demolition increases damage dealt by explosions. Be it landmines, grenades, oil barrels or vehicle explosions. The area of damage dealt is also increased implying this skill is capable of wiping out entire squads if team members stay too close to each other when Alvaro decides to rain down a barrage of grenades or when positioned nearby oil barrels. At max level: explosive weapon damage increases by 16% and damage range increases by 10%.

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