Hyper Front Hero Tier List for November 2022

Choose from only the best heroes of this month!

Hyper Front is NetEase Games’ latest 5v5 tactical shooter game which has generated quite the buzz. One of them is the use of heroes in battles. Players can choose from these heroes to play as. The global version of the game has a total of 12 heroes and they are divided into five different classes namely Guardians, Tacticians, Scouts, Brawlers, and Supporters. Fret not, we have summarized the heroes from Hyper Front according to their strengths in this Tier List.

Each hero has a unique set of abilities that is useful in battle and every player has a different hero and a different reason for them to be comfortable playing as them. So in this article, we are going to check out the Heroes Tier List from Hyper Front for November 2022.

Hyper Front Hero Tier List for November 2022

This Hyper Front Heroes Tier List should only be taken as a reference because different strategies and processes can yield different results for players. This tier list is divided into categories of S+, S, AB, C, and D.

Overpowered (S+)Nemesis,
Blood Raider
Strong (S)Blink,
Good (A)Blast
Fair (B)Cure Light,
Weak (C)Faith Arrow,
Poor (D)Valkyrie
Hyper Front Hero Tier List for November 2022

Best Meta Heroes from each class for Hyper Front in November 2022

All the heroes have different abilities but they can still be put into certain groups taking into consideration the outcomes of their powers and for what reasons they can be used. These groups are known to have classes in the game and there are five different types of classes available. Here is what each class stands for and the best hero amongst all the heroes in the class.

Guardians class: Coldcast

Players can probably guess from the name that heroes belonging to this class have the duty of protecting their teammates even if that needs to be done by putting themselves on the line. This class has two heroes namely Coldcast and Valkyrie.

Image via NetEase Games

Having at least one Guardians in one’s team will help the players a lot. Coldcast is better than Valkyrie if one needs to choose between them because Valkyrie has the ability to spot opponents and use shields against them.

She can also throw grenades from the sky which does sound like a good advantage but Coldcast can slow down the speed of one’s opponents, she can also turn them into frozen statues, and like Valkyrie, she can form shields too. She also gives out huge damage by using Storm of ice. Both of the heroes have pretty similar abilities but the fact that Coldcast freeze her opponents on the spot and even slows them down gives her an upper hand.

Scouts class: Senital

As the name suggests, their job is to scout the area and found out the locations of their opponents so that they can plan their attack accordingly. Players who like to shoot enemies from a distance will like this class because the heroes have an extended shooting range.

Image via NetEase Games

Though it takes time to master their power shooting from a greater distance than normal is somewhat challenging and the players trying to do it should have a good amount of tolerance and patience. The heroes from this class are Senital and Faith Arrow.

Both of them can scout the map for opponents but while Faith Arrow does that using arrows, Senital does it using aerial drones. This ability is pretty similar but the fact that Senital can throw grenades at the enemies to attack quickly makes the difference because Faith Arrow uses Fire Arrows on enemies and the chance of missing is relatively high. Thus using Senital is the safer bet.

Heroes from this class are well-known strategists who can use the weak points of their opponents to their own advantage. Players tend to not like this class very much as the heroes don’t deal much damage to the opponents but they can improve if players keep upgrading their skills by using them in battles. This class has three heroes namely Storm, Blink, and Veil.

Image via NetEase Games

All the three heroes have pretty similar abilities like powers to blind their opponents by various methods like creating a storm in the case of Storm or creating a sandstorm in the case of the veil. But Blink is the winner amongst them because apart from the ability to blind her opponents, she can also teleport to literally any place on the map and even teleport her opponents to separate them from their teams.

Brawlers Class: Blood Raider

The heroes from this class have short-ranged fighting abilities and are used in closed combats. They have quite different skill sets and also some of the most useful ones which makes them the most popular class in the whole game. It consists of four different heroes namely Blood Raider, Blast, Nemesis, and Thunder.

Image via NetEase Games

All of the heroes have different kinds of abilities and each of them is really good. Though the fight for the top spot is quite tough and people may have different opinions about it too. But for now, Blood Raider takes the win because apart from its self-healing powers while fighting enemies, it also has the ability to resurrect itself from death itself.

This is a very important and special ability to have in this game teammates can’t revive each other in this game and this power gives them a second opportunity in the same round which increases their chances to win by a lot.

Supporter Class: Cure Light

Supporters are the class who don’t want to steal the spotlight from their close and long-range combat teammates and prefer to operate from the shadows. As the name suggests, their job is to support their friends by providing healing abilities to everyone around them and also by debuffing the players, which in turn will reduce their chances of winning.

Image via NetEase Games

There is just one hero in this class for now named Cure Light. As there is no other hero in this class, there is no competition for Cure Light for the first spot. But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be a worthy contender if there was in fact any competition as apart from the ability to heal her teammates, she can also heal herself which provides her with a great advantage. She can also block various places on the map to stop the opponents from entering and exiting various spots.

What do you think about this Hyper Front Hero Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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