Hyper Front Sentinel Guide: Abilities, Weapons and Gameplay Tips

Master the Scout Agent!

Hyper Front has a vast pool of heroes. Every hero has an ability of their own. Every hero has two types of ability: Basic and Ultimate. Among them, one basic ability is given for free at the start of the round and another basic ability needs to be bought. Sentinel is one of the main scout heroes of the game. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about the scout agent, Sentinel in Hyper Front. 

About Sentinel in Hyper Front

Sentinel mainly works to gather info for the team to give them an advantage during the battle with more information. They work as the main intel gatherer for the team with the drone. The agent comes with a two-star difficulty level.

Sentinel Abilities

Sentinel’s ability plays a crucial role in the game. This hero is best suited for people who like to play passive and whose gameplay is mostly based on intel. 

Ability 1 – Drone

Hyper Front Sentinel
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Equip and control a remote-controlled drone to reveal the location of the enemies. On defense, use this drone to reveal and predict the enemy’s location. In offense, you can use the drone to check angles and clear the site for your fraggers. The drone will also push your enemies to relocate to a different area. The drone only lasts for 30 seconds inside a specific radius. 

Ability 2 – Stun Grenade

Hyper Front Sentinel
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You need to buy this ability using 100 credits. Using this ability will toss an emp grenade on your enemy, which will slow down their movement and shake their camera. You can buy two grenades with 100 credits each. There is no specific time to use the grenades as it fully depends on the player’s playing style. 

Ultimate Ability – Homing Grenade

Ability 3: Homing Grenade (Ultimate)
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This is the ultimate ability of Sentinel. Players will need to activate the ultimate with kills and other actions in the game. Using this ability will launch two homing grenades that will track down the nearest players and explode upon contact with them. After exploding, the grenades will stun and slow down the enemies, reducing their movement speed. 

Best Weapons for Sentinel in Hyper Front

If you want to play more passive by holding angles, Sentinel is the best pick for you. But the combination gets even better with the best guns in your hand. Here are the best guns that match the passive gameplay of Sentinel:

  • Barrett
  • R93
  • AK
  • M4A1

Barrett and R93 is a good pick for Sentinel as it is used to hold long angles during both attack and defense. Sentinel can hold the angle with Barrett allowing other heroes to enter the site.

Here is a list of agents who will match the best with Sentinel:

  • Cure Light: Cure Light is an essential combo with Sentinel, as she can watch back and also heal other agents when needed. Cure Light is the perfect hero to protect the team from opponents.  
  • Thunder: Thunder can use his Lightning Dash to enter the site with Sentinel’s drone to catch the opponents off guard. 
  • Blast: Blast is a good brawler for getting entry into a site. Sentinel’s scouting abilities make it easier for Blast to clear other angles. 
  • Storm: Storm can block several entry points with his Tornado Burst after a site is scouted by Sentinel.

Hyper Front Sentinel Gameplay Tips

Sentinel is one of the most beginner-friendly heroes in the game. The hero comes with three different abilities that are easy to learn for beginners. If the agent is used properly, it can be one of the most useful scouts of the game. Sentinel mainly focuses on gathering info for the whole team. Use the owl drone to clear angles and check corners before entering a site.

Project M characters: Sentinel
Image via NetEase

You can also keep the drone hidden in a place and switch to the player’s perspective easily. The drone can also gather crucial intel during the defense rounds. You can predict the movement of the enemies using the drone and also can predict the site they are about to enter. Finding out the positions of the enemies during the retake situations can also help you decide your next moves. 

Although there is no specific use of the Stun Grenade, it can be great for checking equipment or to help in the post-plant retakes. Stun Grenades will stun your enemies giving you an opening to make the correct move. The ultimate ability of Sentinel is the most useful. Follow the homing grenades to find the nearest enemies. The homing grenades will track down the enemies and stun them. Don’t forget to take your chance once you find them. Keep in mind that the homing grenades are destroyable by enemy fire.


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