Hyper Front: The complete Ranked mode guide and tips

Play the most challenging game mode!

Like other competitive multiplayer games, Hyper Front allows players to play the game more competitively than the casual mode. Ranked mode is the best place to show off your skills using the skill-based matchmaking of Hyper Front. Here’s our guide telling you everything you need to know about the Ranked mode in Hyper Front.

Introducing Hyper Front Ranked Mode

The ranked mode is similar to the Classic matches. The first team to win eight rounds will win the game. Both teams will get an equal chance to play as attackers and defenders, switching sides after seven rounds.

The only difference in the ranked mode is the overtime format. In the ranked mode, there is a win by two methods active. So if teams tie in 7-7, they will play another four rounds. The first team to make the round margin two will win the game. All players will have an equal economy in the overtime rounds. 

Current Ranks in Hyper Front

Hyper Front Ranked Mode
Image via NetEase Games

There are eight ranks in the game with sub-ranks. There are two, four, and five sub-ranks under those ranks. If you count, there are 22 ranks in the game, starting from Bronze II and ending with Supreme Legend. The complete list of ranks is given below according to order

  • Bronze II
  • Bronze I
  • Silver IV
  • Silver III
  • Silver II
  • Silver I
  • Gold IV
  • Gold III
  • Gold II
  • Gold I
  • Platinum V
  • Platinum IV
  • Platinum III
  • Platinum II
  • Platinum I
  • Grandmaster V
  • Grandmaster IV
  • Grandmaster III
  • Grandmaster II
  • Grandmaster I
  • Star Legend
  • Supreme Legend

How to unlock the Ranked mode in Hyper Front

Players need to reach the Level 10 experience level to unlock the ranked mode. On their way to level 10, players will unlock enough heroes to play the matches with their favorite heroes. Also, they will get enough time to get familiar with heroes, currency, maps, and weapons. 

How to rank up faster in Hyper Front

Just like other games, Hyper Front also has a simple ranking method. If you win games, you will rank up. Whereas losing games will make your rank down. How many points you earn or lose will depend on your performance. And to win the game you will obviously need to choose the best hero.

Getting MVPs in the game will help you earn more rank points. Though the points greatly depend on whether you win or lose the match, your performance will impact the points you receive or lose.

Hyper Front Mobile Cover
Image via NetEase Games

You will lose more points if you go AFK between matches or surrender before the game ends. You will also get low points if you perform poorly in a match your team wins. If your credit point is low, it will also result in fewer match rewards. For more details about credit, points check out our guide on credit point systems.

Fight against players with similar skill levels in the skill-based ranked mode matchmaking. Perform well to earn more points, but if you keep performing poorly in consecutive matches, your rank might go down faster. Your rank determines the level of your skill in the game. 

Teamwork is also essential in the ranked mode. Proper utility usage and communication with your teammates can give you an edge over your opponents. Hyper Front also lets you queue with your friends. A maximum of five people can queue together at a party.

Did you find our guide on Ranked Mode in Hyper Front helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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