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Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG: Tips to level up quickly in the game

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Idle Moon Rabbit is an AFK RPG where interestingly the game only provides one character as the game follows a storyline. However, the player can make customizations to edit the character look-wise. They can also add features like pets which adds to the more intrusive gameplay the developers have created. In this article, we provide you tips and tricks to level up quickly despite having one character in Idle Moon Rabbit. 

How to level up fast in Idle Moon Rabbit

1. Upgrading your Stats

Utilizing the Auto Battle mode

Leveling up the stats of Moonrabbit should be the primary step. It is the easiest and most efficient way to level up the character. The player should put the game in auto-battle mode and fight monsters as it goes. In the meanwhile, after 2 to 3 minutes, the player can open the stats bar and begin the upgrades. Here, the player will have the option to upgrade two particular features. One is the overall stat that directly reflects on the level, while the other is stat types like attack, critical rates, hp, and more. They focus more on the power-building of the character. 

Keep collecting Resources from Quests

Here, once the player accumulates enough gold coins, they can be used for their upgrades. After 2 to 3 minutes, the player immediately should start upgrading. First, upgrading the overall stat would be recommended to level up. Then, when the level has been reached as high as it can before running out of coins, the player should shift to upgrading the power stats.

Idle Moon Rabbit tips to level up
Image via AbleGames

Gradually as the player upgrades, this process will take less time, as defeating monsters will not take much time. If repeated 5 to 6 times, this process is enough for the player to reach the second wave of the game. Even in the later waves, where stronger monsters appear, the player can keep fighting in auto-battle mode to make it easy for the upgrades. 

2. Upgrading your Weapons

Acquire Weapons from the Auto Battle mode

Upgrading weapons is the second major criterion for leveling up quickly. This item adds to the power level of the character, which will contribute to defeating the monster from completing quests. These quests initially will be completed easily through auto-battle mode. If the player wants to take their time and grow then playing without the auto-battle is recommended. However, if the player wants to level up quickly, playing with auto-battle is the best way.  

Use your Weapon gems on the Highest Graded Weapon

After acquiring weapons initially do not train them. As you upgrade the stats simultaneously it will complete more quests, which will give you a unique grade weapon. During this time, there will be many weapon gems ready to use for upgrades. So it is recommended you use it all on the higher-graded weapon. This will increase the power level immediately. The player is then advised to keep repeating the process. 

Idle Moon Rabbit tips to level up
Image via AbleGames

After achieving a certain level, many new features will be unlocked. After this happens, the player will get new weapons mostly of unique grade only. This will grant the option to combine. Combining the same weapons leads to the birth of a stronger weapon. With the enhanced weapon already in hand, this evolution will further enhance it. The same process can be done for other items as well. 

3. Upgrading your Skills

Lastly, skills are the second part that should be focussed on while leveling up quickly. The player should immediately equip any skill that may come his or her way. Initially, there are only 3 slots for skills, wherein the game provides one from the beginning. So the available slot stands at 2. 

Equip and keep Enhancing your Skills

Idle Moon Rabbit tips to level up
Image via AbleGames

As soon as the player receives any skill, they should equip it and enhance it to an extent, where the resources are not drained. These skills help in defeating many monsters at a time. Hence, once the player has equipped them, they will start defeating more monsters in a shorter period, which will provide them with enough resources to upgrade the character even more. The player then should put those resources to use to upgrade and level up the character even more. By repeating this process the player can rapidly grow in terms of level and strength. 

Final Thoughts

Repeating all the steps and procedures will help the gamer rapidly evolve and grow. Since the game has only one character, the player can put their whole focus into upgrading the character right at the start of the game. This will give the thrill of growing stronger by the second.

After reaching a certain level, the player can then focus on customizations once those features are unlocked. Once that is done, even then the player can repeat these steps to ensure they are well above the recommended power level for the waves to come. 

What do you think of the tips and tricks to level up quickly in Idle Moon Rabbit AFK RPG? Let us know in the comments below!

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