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Indus Battle Royale Grudge System explained

A grudge in the game!

SuperGaming’s highly anticipated battle royale title Indus Battle Royale Mobile finally brought to us the closed beta this February 2024 and since then, players have been ecstatic to know more about the features of the game. One of the features that is pretty unique is the Grudge System, which I will explain what it is and how it works in Indus.

Speaking about the game, Indus is SuperGaming’s India-inspired battle royale title, initially scheduled for release in 2022. Since the initial trailer was launched, the game achieved remarkable milestones, where in February 2023 it crossed over a million registrations, and later confirmed over 7 million pre-registrations during the announcement of the inaugural Esports Invitational tournament in October 2023.

The grudge system allows you to take revenge against a rival in Indus

Starting off, the Grudge System in Indus allows you to either become a Legend or an Outlaw. The itself gives you a hint on what it is, taking grudges. This system keeps track of your kills and who you’ve been killed by.

You can use it to hunt down those who have defeated you before or to defend yourself from past enemies. Whether you want revenge or just want to win battles, Indus lets you create your own story, one fight at a time.

Cosmium win in Indus Battle Royale
Image via SuperGaming

Now that I have explained the system, let me tell you how the Grudge System works. When you’re beaten by another player in a match, you can choose to hold a grudge against them. If you do, you’ll be matched with them more often in future matches, and hence you can write a perfect cold-blooded revenge story within the game.

In the next match, if you manage to defeat the player who beat you before, you’ll get rewards like new looks for your character or other cool stuff. The game also has a special way to win called the Cosmium win condition. It means you don’t have to be the last player standing to win.

Players can still sign up for the Indus closed beta

If you have missed out on the closed beta, don’t worry. You can still sign up on the official Indus Beta key site,, to join the waitlist. Give the details such as Contact, OS, Brand, and City, and click on submit. Upon receiving an Indus Beta key, proceed to redeem it on the website, noting that keys are available in limited quantities.

The pre-registrations are open for Android on the Google Play Store. The release date of the game hasn’t been announced yet, so players who don’t get the opportunity to play the Closed beta will have to wait for a while for other tests or an official release.

What are your thoughts on the Indus Battle Royale Grudge System? Let us know in the comment section below!

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