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Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes Beginners Guide and Tips

The Recipe for a successful adventure!

Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes is a new Idle RPG by EYOUGAME(US). Immerse yourself in a magical realm brimming with food-themed heroes and exhilarating quests. In this game, you are going to explore the world of cooking and have a lot of entertaining and adventurous moments. If you’re new to the game, don’t worry! In this Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes Beginners Guide, I’ll help you get started on your food-themed journey.

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Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Battle Basics

In Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes, the battle is as simple as the combat is idle. You gather a team of six diverse heroes, each with their unique abilities. Then, you strategically deploy them to make the most of elemental strengths and weaknesses like Frostforge, Stars Ablaze, Nature’s Might, Earthquake, Radiant Rebirth, and Eclipse.

Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes Battle
Image via EYOUGAME(US)

Matching elements effectively grants a significant 20% boost in damage, providing your team with a substantial advantage. Furthermore, during battles, I’ve found that you can observe buffs and debuffs affecting both your team and enemies, just tap the buff button at the bottom left.

Starting in Adventure

Dive into the Adventure mode to kickstart your journey in this world. As you journey through the adventure, you’ll face numerous challenges that will test your skills and strategy. By completing battles in adventure mode, you’ll level up quicker and earn valuable rewards to aid your progress.

Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes Adventure
Image via EYOUGAME(US)

Additionally, I suggest farming valuable resources in the Daily Dungeon. With multiple dungeons available, including Coin, EXP, Hero, Relic, Badge, Array, and Glyph Dungeon, there’s no shortage of opportunities to bolster your resources. To ensure success, assemble the best lineup of heroes and continuously engage in battles until you reach significant levels.

Upgrading your Hero

Boosting the power of your heroes is essential for success in Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes. By enhancing their abilities, you’ll improve their performance on the battlefield and increase their chances of victory. One way to power up your heroes is by leveling them up using Hero EXP and Coin. This enhances their combat prowess, allowing them to tackle tougher enemies more effectively.

Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes Hero
Image via EYOUGAME(US)

Additionally, when you reach the level cap, advancing your hero unlocks new skills, and to do so, you need Advance Stones and Coins. Also, equipping your heroes with the best gear items further strengthens them, providing additional attributes to bolster their capabilities.


Relics are powerful artifacts that can greatly enhance your heroes’ abilities in battle. To activate a Relic, you must complete specific tasks, unlocking its potential for your team. Upgrading your Relics is essential for maximizing their effectiveness.

By upgrading the Relic Seal and Relic Skill, you can boost their stats and improve their abilities. I’ve learned that the upgrade of the Relic Seal is limited by the Relic’s level, so continue leveling up your Relics to unlock their full potential.

Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes Relic
Image via EYOUGAME(US)

Additionally, refining your Relics can increase their skill damage, providing even greater benefits in combat. Once you reach level 15 with a Relic, you’ll unlock the Deputy Relic function, allowing you to further enhance your team’s strength.

Claim AFK Rewards and participate in Events

To maximize your progress in Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes, don’t forget to claim AFK rewards and take part in events regularly. AFK rewards are a convenient way to earn resources even when you’re not actively playing the game. Make sure to collect them regularly to accumulate valuable items and currencies.

Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes Event
Image via EYOUGAME(US)

Additionally, participating in events can provide you with exclusive rewards and bonuses. Keep an eye on the event calendar and join in whenever there’s an opportunity. By consistently claiming AFK rewards and engaging in events, you’ll accelerate your progress and strengthen your heroes in the game.

Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Follow the Mission at the Town

When in doubt about what to do next, simply follow the missions outlined in the game. You can easily access them from the town interface. These missions provide clear objectives and guidance, helping you progress through the game and stay on track with your adventure.

2. Get Resources in the Daily Dungeon

Utilize the daily dungeon to gather essential resources through farming. By engaging in regular dungeon runs, you can accumulate valuable items such as coins, EXP, and other materials crucial for progression. Additionally, make sure to leverage the Purge feature to instantly clear it

3. Upgrade your Heroes regularly

Regularly focus on upgrading your heroes’ levels, skills, and equipment to boost their effectiveness in battles and handle tougher challenges as you progress. You can also enhance their star levels in the Era Haven for added power.

4. Complete the 40th Stage as fast as possible

Progress through the game until you reach the 40th stage to unlock a special opportunity. Upon reaching this milestone, you’ll have the chance to select one of four guaranteed 5-star heroes, which can greatly enhance your hero lineup and improve your overall gameplay experience.

5. Join an Academy

Joining an Academy offers various benefits in Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes. By joining an Academy, you can collaborate with fellow players, engage in group activities, and enjoy additional perks such as bonus rewards and exclusive events.

Final Thoughts

Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes offers a delightful journey into a magical world filled with food-themed heroes and captivating adventures. This beginner’s guide offers valuable tips and strategies to help players navigate through the game effectively, from leveling up heroes and completing missions to participating in events and joining an Academy. With its idle battle system and accessible gameplay, players of all levels can enjoy the journey.

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