KartRider: Drift Beginners Guide and Tips

Feel the rush of speed as you gather boosts and fine-tune your drifting skills!

KartRider: Drift is a multiplayer, cross-platform party kart racing game, produced by the Korean developer Nexon. The game takes inspiration for its idea from earlier entries in the KartRider series. It provides a canvas for character and kart customization to match arcade thrills and competition fueled by fast drifts. When players first start playing KartRider: Drift, it would be normal to be taken aback by all that happens especially the depth of the new racing game. This KartRider: Drift Beginners Guide will go over all the information you need to know to start playing.

Gameplay Overview

KartRider Drift is a fun, wacky, arcade-style racing game that is gaining to be a direct competitor of the Mario Drift franchise. As all racing games are, the main objective of the game is to finish the race first. However, in order to do this objective players will have to navigate into tricky maps against real players as their racing rivals. The mechanics of the game is very simple, the game will even automatically press the gas pedal for the players to continually go forward without pressing any button.

However, the players must learn two mechanics that are most important in the game, these are drifting/turning, and item usage. Drifting and Tuning is a core element of the game that is present in the tutorial this is basically what the player will have to do to maintain their lead or catch up to the leader. Items are also a core mechanic that although not as technical as the turning and drifting may turn the tide of the game for the players on whether they will win or not.

Introducing the Basics of KartRider: Drift

Currently, the game has a total of sixteen characters, with each having multiple skin variations of their own with their own respective look and feels that is for sure to have players wanting them. The game also boasts a magnitude of different Karts to choose from. However, one of the special things about KartRider Drift is the characters and karts not having any special effects at all and are purely cosmetic that help players win games by being good players not paying to win players.

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The game currently has a total of eight different maps or as they call it ‘tracks’ that the players will be able to play into. Each with its own unique vibe and aesthetic. Each map also may differ in difficulty as some have quirks like falling down and restarting, traps, and the such.


Karts in KartRider Drift is basically the race car that each player will have access to. Although most Karts look vastly different from each other, it does not actually have any effect on the performance of the cars like speed, acceleration, or control. This is a huge step against pay-to-win. This means that Karts are just skins that let other people see your personality in-game, especially on which Karts the players choose.


Image via Nexon

Items are things that are available and scattered on the map inside boxes that are aligned in Item mode, which is basically the default mode of the game. Items can range from just a defensive shield that blocks other items, to a literal roadblock that other people may get caught on and crash into. These items are most of the time deciding factors in the result of the game as they can propel any player straight to first place and any first-place player to suddenly find themselves at the very back of the pack.


Drift as the name of the game suggests is one of the biggest mechanical parts of the game. Drifting is a better way of attacking corners which will ensure easy turning on very tight corners. After drifting the game will also reward players with a little boost of nitro that will help very much in maintaining a very high exit speed on corners that would otherwise be faster for non-drift turns.  Drifting can be achieved by pressing the drift button on the lower right side of the screen and then turning in whichever direction you would want.

KartRider: Drift Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Master the art of Drifting

To recap the name of this very awesome and cute racing game is KartRider: Drift. Just by this information, we would be able to infer that drifting is a huge part of the game. Drifting is part of the tutorial in the game, The players would need to press the drift button on the right side of the screen to enable drift turning and then turn left or right into which corner they are turning to.

Image via Nexon

Knowing just how much to turn is very important knowledge that players will need to learn to drift efficiently. Most people overshoot turn and ultimately slow down their lap times. Muscle memory is the only helpful tactic in learning turns. Playing the maps over and over again is sure to give you a feel for the drifting of the game.

2. Time your Boosts well

Boosts are a key element in overtaking or keeping the lead in the game. A huge nitrous boost can be found as an item in a box in the item mode but the most important boost to keep track of is the after-drift boost that will give the player’s corner exit speed a spike.

This ensures that drifting through corners successfully will give players more advantage than failing to do so or not trying to drift at all. However, for this kind of boost learning to time it up as it quickly expires is a very important multi-tasking thing to do. Players should always be ready to press the boost button as it appears on the right side of the screen

3. Items are the key to success

Image via Nexon

The items are one of the very unique parts of racing games of the same genre like Mario Kart, Crash Bandicoot Team Racing, and the such. Using these items will make or break the positions of the game. It would be very important to learn how each and every item work and in which situations are they best used. Knowing such things can be the difference between going into first place and ending up in last place.

That’s all for today’s KartRider: Drift beginners guide. Did you find our KartRider: Drift beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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