King’s Choice Guide: Tips to get Prestige and increase Lord Level quickly

Upgrade the lord level faster than ever!

Mastering the art of gathering Prestige and elevating your Lord Level in King’s Choice is an essential skill to have. Prestige can be considered/compared with EXP which is used to upgrade the Lord level. It enables you to stay competitive among fellow players on your server and provides significant advantages over them. For instance, you’ll win more duels in Negotiation, commence Uncharted Waters with more Voyager Coins, enhance your chances of claiming camps in the Dragon Island, and enjoy numerous other benefits. In this King’s Choice guide, we’ll tell you the significance of Prestige and Lord Level in the game, and also explain the strategies to accelerate the gathering process.

If you are recently starting with the game, make sure to go through our King’s Choice Beginners Guide and Mount Food Guide to make yourself familiar with all the game’s basic tips and tricks, and also go through our guide on how to unlock the Pets bloodline in King’s Choice and how to utilize them in Pets Race event. Additionally, don’t forget to check out our Redeem Codes guide to grab some useful freebies!

Where and How to collect Prestige in King’s Choice

Rich Sources of Prestige in King’s Choice

1. Outpost Battle

As we have mentioned previously, in our King’s Choice Beginners Guide, the Outpost stands out as one of the primary sources for substantial Prestige gains. This game mode also presents additional valuable rewards, including, silver, talent edicts, etc, making it a significant focus during the early stages of the game.

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2. Government Affairs

Another primary source of Prestige is Government Affairs. You will get to handle 1 govt affair every 30 minutes, presented with scenarios where you, as the Lord of your Kingdom, must make decisions. Your choice influences the associated rewards, including Resources, Talent Edicts, Attribute Codices, and Prestige. Opting for Prestige is generally advised in these scenarios.

3. Daily Quests

Next, prioritize completing your Daily Quests consistently to secure a steady flow of Prestige. While the individual gains may seem modest, accumulating 300 Prestige daily can result in significant rewards over time, including Pet Collars, VIP points, Silver, and more.

4. Knights Parade

Maybe this is the richest source of prestige to boost your lord’s level. We highly recommend you participate regularly and wisely to get the most out of it. There are 3 types of certificates for three different categories of knights parade. Buy these certificates from the alliance store to join the knight’s parade. Depending on your rank, you’ll earn a specific amount of Prestige and Knight Talent EXP for the Knights involved.

King's Choice Prestige and Lord Level
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While using an advanced certificate use your best knights of the particular category to join and while using a newbie certificate use comparatively weaker knights. Also, try to use these certificates when there are more than one parade is opened in a single category. (Try to join the parade during the 4th/5th/6th day and avoid the 1st three days and the last day.)

Regular Sources of Prestige in King’s Choice

1. Cross-Server Ranking Congratulations

Within the Rankings building, you have the opportunity to congratulate fellow players from the cross-servers across three different categories. While each congratulatory gesture yields only 20 Prestige, totaling 60 per day, there’s also the possibility of receiving random Free Gold, adding an extra pleasant surprise to the mix!

2. Endless War

Endless War is another game mode from where you can collect a decent amount of prestige regularly along with some bonus rewards. Each chapter/ war will give you 5 prestige with a chance of getting additional rewards. These additional rewards sometimes offer prestige chests also which is a great bonus.

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3. Dragon Land Kulshedra

Dragon Island serves as another source for swiftly acquiring Prestige in Kings Choice. There are three types of Dragon Camps viz, Sarkany or Blue Camps (provides Knight Talent EXP), Cuelebre or Green Camps (provides Alliance Welth), and Kulshedra or Purple Camps (provides Prestige). Try to capture as many high-level Kulshedra camps as you can and as many as you can,

However, you have to defend those camps from getting raided by the other players from different servers. Secured a high-level camp that provides a plentiful supply of Meat so that you don’t run out of meat while trying to capture dragon camps.

4. Video Ad Rewards

You can watch 5 video ads per day, each video offers 5 prestige, combining a total of (5×5=) 25 prestige each day. These ads also offer some other rewards including (20×5=100) gold coins. After watching a video ad you have to wait 10 minutes to watch the next one.

5. Outskirts

Inside Outskirts, you will have Pirate Invasion. Every afternoon the pirate hits your server and you have to participate to kill the pirate. Depending on your damage ranking you will get a certain number of prestige points every day. During the battle/ killing process, you will get warrior coins which you can use in the warrior store.

6. Alliance Store

You can also buy Prestige Chests from the Alliance store, each chest costing 200 Alliance coins. The number of chests buying limit depends upon alliance level and refresh every day. If you have fewer alliance points then you better buy certificates and join the knights parade instead of buying these chests.

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7. Banquet Store

This is another store from where you can buy many different things including the prestige chest. You need 100 banquet points to buy a chest. Sometimes these chests are also available at 20% and 50% discounts however that’s on luck you have to keep refreshing for better offers. Every 3 hrs you will get 1 refreshing chance.

Other Sources of Prestige in King’s Choice

1. Events

Events serve as an excellent means of accumulating Prestige. Participating in all events is crucial because they offer fantastic rewards like the Book of Sages for Famous Scholar Knights and many more important things and the Prestige chest is one of them.

King's Choice Prestige and Lord Level
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The higher you rank or the better you perform in these events the more you receive prestige chests. Each Prestige Chest contains 50 Prestige, and sometimes you receive a Prestige Chest containing 500 Prestige.

2. Alliance Road Construction

Inside the Alliance, you will find the Road Construction tab, where roads are built to connect cities. Upon the completion of a road leading to a city, every alliance member becomes eligible to claim a specific amount of prestige. The more cities are connected via roads the more prestige will be received by the alliance members. Thus, it is suggested to be in a good and active alliance.

3. Naval Expedition Achievements

Out of all the achievements, this is the only achievement that will give you prestige chests. By completing the milestones you will keep getting the prestige chests. Additionally, for doing naval expeditions, you will receive handsome rewards like gold coins, consort gifts, etc.

4. Bloodline

While not directly providing Prestige, Pet Bloodlines can offer bonus Prestige opportunities. For instance, certain bloodlines can boost your Prestige earnings in the Knights Parade, and enhance resource-gathering speed on Dragon Island. Refer to our King’s Choice Pet Bloodline Guide for comprehensive details on Bloodlines.

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