League of Legends: Wild Rift Best Settings Guide

To help you have a better gameplay!

League of Legends Wild Rift is a game where even the smallest things matter. You may not know, but pro players and high-ranking players execute these specific settings as a staple to have the best gameplay. Like every other MOBAs, Wild Rift is all about maximizing your movement settings, action, and repositioning as quickly as possible. You will also need to make sure that there are no actions that are not intended to happen on your games. After reading this Wild Rift Best Settings Guide, your gameplay will supposedly be efficient and smoother after changing to these suggested settings.


Targeting- Wild Rift Settings

1. Portrait Lock – On 

Display Portrait lock is very helpful in easily selecting targets. With Fixed Display, activated, the order of the champions that will appear on the target selection will not change on the entire duration of your game compared to Priority Display which can be confusing since it changes the sequence that appears on the target selection based on the order that champions appear on your screen.

2. Force Attack Follow – Off

This feature is unnecessary since most of the time, you will be using the attack button drag on most of your games to select what target you will be following. 

3. Target Priority – Low Health (absolute)

This specific part of the settings can be game-changing. You see, low health (absolute) bases its target selection on the target’s total health itself, and low health (%) bases its target selection on the target’s remaining health percentage. Let us say you are using the low health (%) setting and there are 2 targets. One is Garen who has a total of 2500 health, and Miss Fortune who has a total of 1800 health. In a teamfight, both are damaged and have total health of 500.

Despite Miss Fortune being the more ideal target, your champion keeps on attacking Garen, why? Because Garen’s health is of lower percentage compared to Miss Fortune. 500 is only 20% of Garen’s max health, and 500 is 28% of Miss Fortune’s max health. Low health (absolute) will eventually make you attack Miss Fortune since Garen will regenerate his health faster.

4. Dash in Move Direction- Off

Turning this feature off will make significant improvements if you use champions who has long dashes like Lee Sin or Tryndamere, by turning it off your champion will just end up on top of the target just by pressing the ability so it is easier and faster than manually aiming it. Do not turn it on!

Tips on Targeting when taking objectives

A personal tip I can give is to use the attack button drag when fighting for objectives specifically Dragon and Baron Nashor—you may be doing this in your games but not familiar with its name. But if you do not use this mechanic then you are missing something huge, you can find it in the Training – Tutorials – Target Lock section of the game. 

Objective Taking Targeting- Wild Rift Settings

The reason behind this is on Dragon/Baron fights, there are a lot of targets to choose from. There are a lot of things going on and your champion may target and attack different targets in the process. At this point, the smart target selection of the game focuses only on champions and not the objectives themselves. Using the attack button drag mechanic will help you lock in and secure the said objectives.

However, when attempting to just go for a steal and going into a Dragon/Baron pit late, using the attack button drag mechanic is not necessary since Smite prioritizes monsters before champions. Enter the area, and just smite as soon as it hits the health threshold.

Action Buttons

Action Buttons- Wild Rift Settings

1. Move Stick Type – Default Settings

Default is fine as it is. Though if you prefer playing with follow or locked and find it more comfortable and optimal, it is totally fine as well.

2. Action Cancel Method – Default Settings

Default is much more optimal already. The alternative option can be bothersome at times and it does not really give an advantage. Practicing the default is much efficient and will make your gameplay smoother for sure.

3. Locked Button Centers

It really does not matter that much unless you use the alternative action cancel method.



1. Aim Panning – On

It may just be a recent feature. However, it has come very helpful on hitting abilities especially ones with long-range.

2. Ability Mini-cam – Off 

This part of the setting is a distraction and is completely unnecessary. What you see in the mini-cam can be seen by panning and will not require you to move your eyes far from the center of your screen.

3. Semi-lock Camera – On 

It is a good feature in the settings that will give you an advantage over those who do not use it. Good for scouting and finding better angles on your screen. However, it requires consistent practice in your games.


Utilities- Wild Rift Settings

1. Minimap Auto Pathing – Off 

Turning on his feature makes you unable to see the mini-map consistently. You see, by turning this off, your left index finger can be used to see and pan on the map consistently helping you improve your map awareness.

2. Warding Aim Assist – On 

Wards are very important, and they come off as a one-time use most of the time before getting another one. This feature will help you not miss your wards on planting its brushes and make sure it is not wasted.

3. Level-up Suggestions and Auto Level-up – Off 

Not sure if level-up is optimal since there are many situations where the standard is level-up is changed depending on the match-ups and the flow of the game. For example, Camille’s 2nd ability Tactical Sweep must be maxed first rather than her 1st ability Precision Protocol against ranged match-ups like Kennen since it won’t be used as much on ranged targets.

4. Ping Magnifier – Off 

It is unnecessary and confusing. The default one is more optimal as it is.

5. Champions Outlines at Screen Edge – On 

Utilizing it provides easier access to information without looking at the minimap. Champions that cannot be seen on your screen but are very close to the edge are displayed as icons indicating that they are close. Very helpful!

Quick Chat

Personally, we hate chatting in Wild Rift. It takes so much time and most of the time, you only do it when you are dead, also to mention the fact that most of the messages on the chat boxes are just teammates flaming and complaining the team for making mistakes, etc.

Quick Chat

Good thing, there is a feature called quick chat which enables you to send messages to your team with a single press of a button without typing. However, since you can only choose up to 8 messages, you must make sure to only input ones that are optimal to the role you are playing and what you think is the most useful in the game.

For example, if you like playing tanks like Malphite and Alistar, you would not want to send a message like “Please protect me!” to your team, right? You should be the one protecting them, not the other way around! Therefore, it should be messages like “Let me initiate!” or “Protect the carry!” that should be input instead.


All these settings are just our personal preferences and just suggestions. What matters the most is still your personal preference, what you find comfortable and what makes your gameplay more enjoyable. Now, what are you waiting for? Jump into a match and put your new settings to the test and get the best experience of Wild Rift.

That’s all for today’s League of Legends: Wild Rift Best Settings Guide. Did you find our guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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