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Marvel Future Revolution: Complete list of playable superheroes

Avengers Assemble!

Marvel Future Revolution is an upcoming open-world action RPG game developed by Netmarble. The game is currently available for pre-registration on both Android and iOS platforms and will release globally on 30th September 2021. Ever since the announcement of the game, it has been causing huge debates among fans and players as to which characters will be available for play during the initial release. If you are one of those confused fans and don’t know what characters will be available to you on the select screen during your first epic open-world adventure don’t worry we have you covered, here is a list of our all-time favorite and the best Marvel Future Revolution superheroes. Also, feel free to check out the detailed Marvel Future Revolution review.

Marvel Future Revolution characters or superheroes

1. Captain America 

Marvel Future Revolution Captain America
Captain America

The shield-wielding superhero from the land of America, Captain America will be one of the eight playable characters from the list. Yes, there are seven more characters more on the list. He was a result of a scientific experiment when the Researchers wanted to create perfect human soldiers. He can often be seen wearing a blue dress & a shield made out of Vibranium. Captain America can bring an exciting array of gameplay using his defensive shield.

2. Spider-Man

Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man

The web-shooting school student from the city of new-york will also feature in the initial roster. A regular school-going kid called “Peter Parker” accidentally gets superhuman powers when he gets bitten by a genetically mutated spider during one of his school trips. “With great power comes great responsibility”, Peter Parker adheres to this statement and has been using his supernatural power responsibly by protecting the people of New York from greater evils. Shooting Spider Webs in an open world sounds exciting right? So are we.

3. Storm

Marvel Future Revolution Storm

A member of both Avengers and X-men, Storm will also feature in the game. she is one of the first African American superheroes to feature in the Marvel Universe. Storm, first began to notice her mutant powers when she was a young girl and joined the X-men as part of the mutant elite force. Storm has the power to control lightning, thunder and can even create a cyclone if she wishes. Hmmm, creating a storm? Hopefully, she is not overpowered.

4. Star-Lord

Marvel Future Revolution Star-Lord

Star-Lord is an average hybrid human being who serves as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He was a mere mortal who was kidnapped by the Ravager clan from the earth. He later made a name for himself as an intergalactic outlaw. If you are one of those star-lord fans you will have a great time playing this criminal outlaw in the open-world scenario.

5. Doctor Strange  

Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

One of the most famous characters from Marvel movies to feature in the Marvel Super Revolution game is Doctor Strange. once a cocky doctor completely changed his life and became a Sorcerer supreme after a life-threatening car accident. Strange after the accident went in searching for the true purpose of his life when we met his master “The Ancient One.” His master helped him understand his true form and taught martial arts at the highest level. Now, he serves as a supreme protecting the people of earth from evils outside earth. The Character could be extremely fun to play if developers provide the option of using magical scrolls and his cloak of levitation as in-game abilities. 

6. Iron Man

Marvel Future Revolution Iron Man
Iron Man

The Billionaire Scientist wearing his High-tech robotic suit can also be found in the game as a playable character. Tony Stark, behind the suit, was forced to design the Ironman costume for the first time when he was kidnapped by a group of terrorists. Later, He found himself in love with the costume as it gave him a great sense of power. He uses his advanced suit to protect and help the people of America. Roaming around the Sandbox universe in an ironman suit Sounds crazy right, let’s hope for the best.

7. Black Widow

Marvel Future Revolution Black Widow
Black Widow

Black Widow is an elite soldier who was once a member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. She is one of those superheroes who do not possess any supernatural ability of their own and takes down any bad guys using her advanced hand-to-hand combat training. She now with her other Avenger’s friends like Black Hawk and Ant-Man helps each other to protect the city. Playing Black Widow will be very interesting as her kit will mostly revolve around using guns and other military-grade weapons.

8. Captain Marvel

Marvel Future Revolution Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

In Marvel Future Revolution, Captain Marvel will be depicted as a female playable character as shown in the Captain Marvel movie. In the original comics, Captain Marvel is always portrayed as a male fictional character who was sent to earth as a spy. But later he falls in love with humankind and goes against the evil Kree ruler ship who wants to destroy the earth. Captain Marvel might one of the top picked characters in the game after release, as we all know she has some inhuman Strengths & abilities which can surpass all the characters on the list.

The above litany is a list of all the Playable Marvel Future Revolution superheroes in the upcoming game. You can definitely have your own roster of heroes with minor or even major tweaks according to your choice of heroes. Good Luck!

Here is our list of the Playable Marvel Future Revolution superheroes. Do you feel we have missed out on your favorite hero? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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