Metal Slug: Awakening free codes and how to redeem them (May 2024)

Redeem these codes and claim free rewards in Metal Slug: Awakening!

Metal Slug: Awakening is the latest addition to the iconic Metal Slug franchise, known for its fast-paced and action-packed gameplay. Developed by TiMi Studios and published by Tencent Games, the game is designed for mobile platforms, specifically iOS and Android. This article provides information on the currently available free codes for Metal Slug: Awakening and instructions on how to redeem them.

True to its origins, Metal Slug: Awakening maintains the intense action and fast-paced gameplay that fans of the series love. It seamlessly blends classic run-and-gun mechanics with modern mobile gaming features. Explore my beginner’s guide, customer support guide, character tier list, and weapon tier list for Metal Slug Awakening.

Metal Slug: Awakening free redeem codes and rewards

As supplementary codes are introduced in the future, players should be mindful that these codes will be subject to time limitations. This implies that there will be a specified period during which the codes can be utilized to claim rewards within the game. Players should remain attentive to announcements from the developers regarding the duration of validity for each code.

Metal Slug Awakening free codes
Image via Tencent Games
Free CodesRewards you can redeemRegion
B14BBFB3In-game Rewards and ResourcesVietnam
C14JINFVIn-game Rewards and ResourcesVietnam
D1483ELPIn-game Rewards and ResourcesVietnam
E14U54EXIn-game Rewards and ResourcesVietnam
Q14IQVY7In-game Rewards and ResourcesVietnam
O14E2XFPIn-game Rewards and ResourcesVietnam
K14M4R8BIn-game Rewards and ResourcesVietnam
214TYM70In-game Rewards and ResourcesThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
314TERDNIn-game Rewards and ResourcesThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
114QWKGWIn-game Rewards and ResourcesThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
014X8ZNTIn-game Rewards and ResourcesThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
A14P7E7TIn-game Rewards and ResourcesThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
914GE5HRIn-game Rewards and ResourcesThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
814SDWGYIn-game Rewards and ResourcesThailand, Indonesia, Philippines

Players need to make sure they enter the codes exactly as they are shown in the table and according to their specific regions. We’ll take care of keeping this place updated with new codes when they’re ready.

These are the codes that are currently active and have been tested for the given regions mentioned above. We’ll keep this information updated as we discover more free redeemable codes for Metal Slug: Awakening.

How to redeem free codes in Metal Slug: Awakening

Follow these simple steps to redeem the codes in Metal Slug: Awakening

Metal Slug Awakening Exchange Codes
Image via Tencent Games
  • Tap on your profile to find your Player ID.
  • Visit the official Metal Slug: Awakening website to redeem codes.
  • Enter your Player ID, Redemption Code, and Verification code (CAPTCHA).
  • Complete the verification process.
  • Click on Exchange.
  • Collect your rewards from your in-game mail.

How to get free Redeem Codes in Metal Slug: Awakening

The game has been launched for players to explore within designated regions, and the development team has already furnished a collection of redeemable codes tailored to these specific areas. It’s crucial to understand, however, that this existing provision of codes doesn’t mean the possibility of future code releases.

Additional codes will likely be disseminated as the game continues to undergo refinement, facilitating accessibility to emerging global markets. We wish to reassure you that we are committed to promptly updating this platform with the latest codes as they become available.

How often are new Metal Slug: Awakening codes released

Discovering and utilizing redeem codes in Metal Slug: Awakening can pose challenges due to the lack of clear instructions provided within the game. The redemption process is not clearly defined, making it difficult for players to navigate. While the precise timing of code releases is not explicitly stated, they generally coincide with major in-game updates and events.

Expired Metal Slug: Awakening Codes that do not work anymore

As of now, there are no expired redeem codes for Metal Slug: Awakening, as the game is still in its early stages. It’s crucial to use the codes provided in the table before they expire. This table includes all the information about the currently available free codes for the game. We believe that utilizing these codes will improve your gaming experience as you progress through Metal Slug: Awakening.

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