Metal Slug: Awakening Beginners Guide and Tips

The only Beginners Guide you need to shoot your enemies with precision in Metal Slug: Awakening!

Metal Slug: Awakening marks the latest installment in the renowned Metal Slug series, celebrated for its dynamic and adrenaline-pumping gameplay. Crafted by TiMi Studios and jointly published by VNG Games and SNK, this game caters to the mobile gaming landscape, making it accessible to users of both iOS and Android platforms. In this Metal Slug: Awakening Beginners Guide, players will know the key things to do when playing the game to stand at the stop among others.

Staying true to its heritage, Metal Slug: Awakening preserves the series’ intense action and quick gameplay that fans adore. It blends classic run-and-gun mechanics with contemporary mobile gaming features. Feel free to check out my beginner’s guide, customer support guide, character tier list, weapon tier list, and redeem codes for Metal Slug Awakening.

Metal Slug: Awakening Gameplay Basics

For players familiar with previous Metal Slug titles, diving into “Metal Slug: Awakening” guarantees a familiar and anticipated experience. Stepping into the shoes of one of the game’s diverse cast of characters, you engage in the classic run-and-gun gameplay that the series is celebrated for. Across a range of missions, players must navigate through intricate environments, skillfully maneuvering past obstacles, jumping over hazards, and, of course, unloading their weapons on a bunch of enemies.

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A significant gameplay element in “Metal Slug: Awakening” revolves around the strategic selection of your shooting preference. Players are presented with a choice to either let the game’s automated system target the nearest enemy for shooting or opt for a more hands-on approach by manually aiming their weapons each time. This decision impacts the way players engage with the action, allowing them to tailor their experience to their preferred playstyle.

Movement and Controls in Metal Slug: Awakening

Metal Slug: Awakening provides gameplay mechanics and controls intentionally crafted to provide a user-friendly and instinctive experience. Players can smoothly maneuver through the action and dispatch enemies effortlessly. Engaging with objects follows the same straightforward approach. The control scheme aligns closely with that of the original Metal Slug game, facilitating easy navigation through precise coordination and control.

  • Move: Use the virtual joystick on the screen to move your character left or right. This allows you to navigate through the game’s levels and avoid obstacles.
  • Jump: Tap the dedicated jump button to make your character leap over obstacles, reach higher platforms, dodge enemy attacks, and most importantly, ride the free machines and cars during battle.
  • Shoot: There are two shooting options available: Auto Aim and Manual Aim. You can toggle between these modes based on your preference by holding the shoot button and moving.

Auto Aim Mode

In Auto Aim mode, the game’s system automatically targets the nearest enemy for you. This means that when you’re running and your enemies are in range, your character will automatically shoot at them without needing any manual input. It is recommended to turn this on for most players as you can still use Manual Aim Mode if you hold the shoot button and navigate accordingly.

Manual Aim Mode

In Manual Aim mode, you take full control of your character’s aiming. You can use the aiming joystick on the screen to direct your weapon’s fire. This enables you to strategically aim at specific enemies or parts of the level that require precise targeting. When you’re not pressing the shoot button, your character won’t fire, allowing you to conserve ammunition and choose your moments to attack.

Metal Slug: Awakening Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Always avoid Incoming Attacks

It’s crucial to dodge enemy attacks since your character’s health isn’t very extensive. Focusing on preserving your health rather than rushing to defeat enemies is essential. There is a time limit for each stage but it will barely affect your gameplay and progression in the game.

Metal Slug Awakening attacks
Image via VNG Games

Taking care to evade enemy assaults can extend your survival and increase your chances of success. Keep in mind that a cautious approach can often yield better results.

2. Always pick up Loots and Enhancements

Scoring the game for valuable items and power-ups is highly beneficial. Gathering these loot drops and enhancements, whether they’re healing items or weapon upgrades, can significantly enhance your character’s capabilities and resilience.

Metal Slug Awakening loots
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These bonuses can serve as your lifeline during tougher encounters as you progress, enabling you to face challenges with greater confidence.

3. Progressing through the Story

Advancing in the Story Mode or the World Adventure offers more than just narrative progression. It also unlocks fresh stages, characters, and opportunities. By consistently moving forward, you expose yourself to diverse scenarios, making your gameplay experience both engaging and rewarding.

Metal Slug Awakening Story Mode, Metal Slug Awakening Adventure mode
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Embracing the storyline’s journey can lead to discovering hidden surprises and enhancing your overall game understanding.

4. Keep upgrading your Weapons

Elevating your weaponry is a cornerstone of success in Metal Slug: Awakening. As you amass resources and navigate the game’s landscape, don’t hesitate to invest in enhancing your guns. This fortifies your firepower, empowering you to confront enemies more effectively.

Metal Slug Awakening Weapon Upgrade
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Prioritizing the upgrade of frequently used weapons can significantly amplify your combat prowess, enabling you to handle challenges with greater firepower.

5. Utilise your Available Machines efficiently

Along your adventure, you’ll encounter various vehicles and machines, each with unique advantages. When these opportunities arise, don’t miss out on employing them strategically. These machines can grant you extra firepower, protection, and maneuverability, potentially making demanding confrontations more manageable.

Metal Slug Awakening Machine
Image via VNG Games

Leveraging the available machines with tactical insight can provide you with a distinct edge during battles, often turning the tide in your favor.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the world of Metal Slug: Awakening holds excitement and challenges for beginners and experienced players alike. As you embark on this mobile gaming adventure, remember that caution is key and to prioritize avoiding enemy attacks over hasty confrontations. Don’t underestimate the power of loot and enhancements scattered throughout the game.

Collecting these items can significantly enhance your character’s performance and resilience, becoming invaluable assets during tougher encounters. Progressing through the captivating storyline is more than just narrative exploration; it opens doors to new stages, characters, and possibilities, enriching your experience and offering hidden surprises.

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