Metal Slug: Awakening Character Tier List for April 2024

Choose the best characters for your party!

Metal Slug: Awakening is the latest addition to the popular Metal Slug series, known for its action-packed gameplay. Developed by TiMi Studios and published by VNG Games and SNK, this game is available for both iOS and Android devices. This Character Tier List for Metal Slug: Awakening helps players identify the top characters to use and upgrade, enhancing their gaming experience.

True to its origins, Metal Slug: Awakening maintains the intense action and fast gameplay that fans of the series love. It combines classic run-and-gun mechanics with modern mobile gaming features. You can explore my beginner’s guide, customer support guide, character tier list, weapon tier list, and redeem codes for Metal Slug Awakening.

Metal Slug: Awakening Character Tier List for April 2024: Best Characters Ranked

In our tier list, we aim to highlight the top characters for both Firepower and Spec-OPS roles, as indicated in the previous table. There are around 12 available characters for players to acquire and use in battles, each specializing in two distinct roles: Firepower and Spec-ops. These roles complement each other and also offer specialization in the equipped weapons and the overall party strategy. Each character possesses a unique ability, and the game offers a diverse selection of choices.

The inclusion of characters and party options allows players to customize their loadout by bringing multiple characters into battle, making this list subject to personal interpretation. Character effectiveness can vary depending on individual gameplay preferences, ensuring that different players may find specific characters more advantageous than others in different situations and team synergies. We’ve grouped the characters into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B) to help players grasp their abilities easily and build a powerful team.

Strong (S)Lyla,
Nadia Cassel,
Good (A)Scarlett,
Trevor Spacey,
Eva Glenn,
Marco Rossi
Eri Kasamoto,
Tarma Roving,
Fio Germi,
Average (B)

Having dedicated extensive playtime to the game, we’ve crafted a tier list that ranks characters based on their skills, ultimate abilities, and primary roles within a team. This list is intended to support newcomers as they embark on their gaming journey, aiding them in choosing the most beneficial characters for their team.

Best Characters in Metal Slug: Awakening for April 2024

Best Firepower Character – Lyla

The standout Firepower character is Lyla, who currently ranks as one of the game’s top choices for this role. Lyla’s kit boasts high multipliers, enabling her to deal significant damage through her skills and ultimate abilities. Moreover, she can summon support bots that enhance her damage output, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

Metal Slug Awakening Lyla
Image via VNG Games

Lyla’s skill set includes Octopus Fan, where she calls forth a mechanical octopus that inflicts area-of-effect (AOE) damage to enemies and triggers the detonation of nearby puffer bombs. This ability allows Lyla to create chaos on the battlefield, dealing damage to multiple foes simultaneously while capitalizing on strategic placements of her explosive arsenal.

Her powerful ultimate is Inflated Torpedo. With this move, Lyla hurls a massive puffer bomb at a designated location, and upon impact, it shatters into smaller puffer bombs, effectively spreading the explosive threat over a wider area. This skill provides her with crowd control capabilities and the potential to disrupt enemy formations, making her a versatile and formidable Firepower character in the game.

Best Spec-Ops Character – Nadia Cassel

For Spec-Ops, Nadia Cassel takes the lead as the best character in this category. What sets her apart is her unique healing capability, making her the only character in the game capable of consistent healing. Additionally, Nadia can transform into a more formidable version with enhanced stats and delivers consistent damage, contributing both survivability and offensive power to the team’s dynamics.

Metal Slug Awakening Nadia Cassel
Image via VNG Games

Nadia’s skill possesses Donut the Calorie Bomb, where she consumes a donut to restore her health and heal nearby allies, also boosting her own healing capabilities. This move allows Nadia to provide immediate healing support to herself and her teammates, reinforcing her role as a Spec-Ops character.

Her Ultimate Ability, Miracle Change, sees Nadia transform into an overweight state, delivering continuous healing to allied characters over time. This transformation also enhances the entire party’s attack strength and inflicts damage on enemies for a duration. This unique ability not only ensures sustained healing for the team but also brings a significant offensive boost, making Nadia a pivotal asset in Spec-Ops roles and team dynamics.

Final Thoughts

The character tier list serves as a vital resource for players seeking to optimize their team composition in Metal Slug: Awakening. By categorizing characters into tiers based on their roles and capabilities, the tier list streamlines the decision-making process and aids players in constructing well-rounded and effective teams.

It emphasizes the importance of balance and synergy among characters to maximize performance across various in-game challenges. While each character possesses unique qualities, the tier list provides players with valuable insights into character strengths and suitability for different roles, allowing for a more enjoyable and strategic gaming experience.

What are your thoughts about the Metal Slug: Awakening Character Tier List? Let us know in the comments below!

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