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Miko Era: Twelve Myths Character Class Tier List for December 2022

Choose from only the best classes of this month!

Miko Era: Twelve Myths is an RPG game that has recently launched into the world of RPG games. The game introduces four Legendary characters from the era of Miko who by far are considered the most powerful in the city of Akiba. Players can get to choose any one of the 4 characters at the beginning of the game and then can continue to start their journey in the Era of Miko where the players have to fight up against demons and save the 12 Zodiacs who are considered the main Massiah of the world. Thus, let us get into a detailed Miko Era Twelve Myths Tier List that will help the players to know about them in much detail. 

Miko Era: Twelve Myths Character Tier List for December 2022

The Miko Era: Twelve Myths lines up four main characters in the play and thus here is the Tier List that has been divided into S, A, and B Tiers.

TierCharacter (Class)
Strong (S)Uzui Shiro ( Swordsman)
Good (A)Makomo Ichiko (Lancer)
Average (B)Kochou Yatsuki (Takehime),
Kanroji Yuuko (Archer)
Miko Era: Twelve Myths Character Class Tier List for December 2022

Best meta classes in Miko Era Twelve Myths in December 2022 

Swordsman – Uzui Shiro

Swordsmen are mainly known for the skills they use while they fight along with their best friend indeed, The Sword. These characters just slash away their enemies with their swords by combining their mystical powers (if they have any) and come up as the main center of attraction over the battlefield. 

Uzui Shiro

Uzui Shiro is the Swordsman in the Era of Miko. This character fuses up his ability to control water and then slashes away the enemy troops in just a few seconds. The character also has a great IQ at a very small age of 19 and by far has become one of the most widely chosen characters in the game as well. Uzui has some of the best skill sets and thus the best four of them are:

  • Arclight Blade
  • Shadow Assassin
  • Tornado 
  • Aqua Blade Dance

Lancer – Makomo Ichiko

Coming up next into the field is the Lancer. Lancer’s role is similar to that of a Warrior or a Tank class character and thus has great physical strength. Lancers can easily take down a hell of a troop in just a few seconds and give the best frontline cover to the Swordsman while fighting. 

Miko Era Twelve Myths Tier List Makomo Ichiko

Makomo Ichika is thus by far the best Lancer present in the city of Akiba. This 20-year-old legendary character has set its full domain over the battlefield with his weapon and thus slashes down enemies in seconds. The character plays the most with fire and thus manipulates it, and fuses up with his weapon to convert them into a full-fledged skill set. His best skills are hereby:

  • Nuclear Burst
  • Thunder Flame
  • Earth Rift
  • Furious Wrath

Takehime – Kochou Yatsuki

Takehime is a class that is indeed made for this game only. This class mainly resembles the Kyubi Tribe members who are considered one of the most fearful communities in the whole city of Akiba. The community people come up with great combat and supportive skills and by far they have served their city with their heart and life. 

Miko Era Twelve Myths Kochou Yutsuki

Kochou Yatsuki is the best Takehime indeed anyone can pick up from their community. The characters set an impactful power over the battlefield and provide one of the best mid-range support to the players. This 18-year-old girl seems like a rookie but is not at all a rookie. The best skill sets of Kochou mostly used at the battle arena are:

  • Sakura Dance
  • Nine Tailed Sweep
  • Florence Dance
  • Grand Surplus 

Archer – Kanroji Yuuko

Archers are undoubtedly the best long-range supporters on the battlefield. They provide the best help from far behind to the frontline attackers and thus end up snatching the victory from the hands of the opponents. Archers are even very important characters because of the role they play, which helps a lot and has the capability to change the scenario for the fight in just a few shots. 

Miko Era Twelve Myths Kanroji Yuuko

Kanroji Yuuko is considered the legendary archer in the Era of Miko. This girl inherited the best skill sets of being an Archer and thus ends up being the best Archer in the whole of Akiba city at this small age. The character comes into play with the best companion and mounts, lets them go at the frontline, and supports them with her best shots from behind. The best skill sets expected from her are:

  1. Icy Lotus 
  2. Rotunda Warbler 
  3. Erupt Dartle 
  4. Sky Arrowfall

Final Thoughts

Miko Era: Twelve Myths is an amazing RPG game with a lot of potential of being one of the most versatile RPG games present currently. The game offers up four main characters to the players at the beginning of the game and thus players need to choose any one of the best characters and then start off the journey with the best team indeed and continue to behold the peace over the Akiba city and save the 12 Zodiacs

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