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MIR2M: The Warrior Beginners Guide and Tips

A new legend sprouts from the origin!

MIR2M: The Warrior is a brand new RPG game developed by the WeMade Company which is known to develop the best sorts of role-playing games. MIR2M: The Warrior allows players to go through the open world where they can freely roam, fight enemies and complete the storyline to claim victory over the game. It has a lot of features with interesting currencies that help the players to progress further into the game. Hence, fasten your seat belts, and let’s jump into the MIR2M: The Warrior Beginners Guide to make the best move at your earliest chance.

Gameplay Overview

MIR2M: The Warrior is an RPG-based game where the players have to choose a class of hero and then pursue further into the game. Players have the freedom to choose the appropriate and suitable server in which they can play properly.

Servers matter a lot, as every player requires a low ping to play smoothly. The game is an automated based game where the character moves automatically to the desired location. Players can also go for Auto Battle mode against their enemies.

gameplay-overview-mir2m MIR2M: The Warrior Beginners Guide
Image via WeMade Company

In the Auto Battle Mode, players allow the characters to fight as per the AI. The game comes up with various currencies such as Gold, Diamonds, and resources such as EXP Pellets, Gears, Weapons, and Guards. EXP Pellets is a widely found resource and helps the players to Level Up their characters. Leveling up characters helps the character grow stronger than before and unlock more rage skills that can be used while fighting enemies to defeat them faster.

Introducing the Basics of MIR2M: The Warrior

The game has a lot of important aspects or features which are very beneficial for the players.


Currencies are one of the most important aspects of the game. The currencies such as Gold and Diamonds can be earned by the players. This helps the players to buy other important resources such as Gear. Players can level up the guards with the help of Golds so that they can provide the best backup to the main character.


Image via WeMade Company

Resources such as Gears, Swords, and EXP Pellets are mainly earned by the players. The gears help the character provide an extra layer of protection while fighting the enemies. Just like the gears, different types of swords come up with different sets of powers that help the character fight easily against the villains. The most important resource is EXP Pellet, this helps the players to Level Up their characters and make them stronger. This also leads to unlocking other rage attacks and thus ends up unleashing an incredible beast.


Clans are also one of the most important key features in the game. Players can upgrade themselves at a very high rate by being in a Clan. From the Clans, players come up with some extra missions and objectives that help them earn more valuable rewards that can be utilized to level up their character. Every player must follow up and be in a Clan to upgrade at a very higher rate than usual.

Other Miscellaneous Features

The game also has some other miscellaneous features with which, beginners are to be familiar or else they might be in a bit of a problem.

  • Profile: The profile is a very important place for the players in the game. Players can upgrade their skill levels, and character levels and even check out for the gears and weapons owned by the character. Players can even customize the outfit of the characters as well in the profile section.
  • Daily Logins: Daily logins such as a 7-day login bonus and a 15-day login bonus are present for the players. This will help them earn valuable rewards every day after they log in to the game.
  • Shop: The game also has a Shop from where players can go to buy valuable resources with the help of rare currencies. Players can also opt for in-app purchases for their benefit.
parties-mir2m-game MIR2M: The Warrior Beginners Guide
Image via WeMade Company
  • Purchase Packages: There are lots of purchase packages in the game that the players have to buy with real-time transactions. These packages are very worthy and valuable for money as they come up with some of the best sorts of costumes, gears, and many valuable resources. Some of the best packages in the game are:
    • First Top-Up Package
    • Limited Monthly Subscription
    • Red packets for users
    • Exclusive privilege
  • Parties: On the left side of the screen, players can see a Party option present just near the Missions option. Every player must check out that section and join a party. Parties are Clans that will help them earn more rewards with some extra assigned side missions. These extra-assigned side missions tend to be very beneficial for the players.

Mastering your Heroes

Players can choose some heroes from the sets of classes provided from the side of the game. At first, players get a chance to play with an Almighty Warrior who possesses the power of a Combined Warrior class hero, a Mage, and also a Priest class Hero.

Image via WeMade Company

This helps the players to come up with a good start. Later in the game players play more and unlocks guards that follow the main Hero and help them provide the best quality cover fire at the most crucial moment. The game comes up with various sorts of guards that can be unlocked by the players. The name of the guards are as follows:

  • Tiger Guard
  • Hawk Guard
  • Greatswords Guard
  • Armored Guard
  • Zuma Warlord
  • Demon Ox General
  • Half Beast Commander

These guards unlock in the sequence they are mentioned and the power levels are also in the same sequence as well. At first, a normal Guard gets unlocked, and eventually, players unlock the rest of the Guards step by step and make a very strong team together.

Upgrading your Character

Inventory is the section where players can check out all the resources, chests, and portions owned by them. Players can directly use these resources from inventory for their benefit and upgrade themselves in the game. Players can follow these easy steps and level up their character, as well as their skills.


  • Tap on the profile icon present at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then select the Character option from the four options on the left side of the popped-up page.
  • Check for the amount of EXP Pellets owned by you and tap on the Level Up option to level up the character.
Inventory-MIR2M-Game MIR2M: The Warrior Beginners Guide
Image via WeMade Company


  • Tap on the profile icon just like before and select the Skill option.
  • Check for the currency you own and then select any particular skill as per your choice.
  • After selecting, tap on the Upgrade Skill option present on the button right of the popped-up page for progress.

MIR2M: The Warrior Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in MIR2M The Warrior:

1. Always cope with the Party Missions

Players must first join a Party/Clan. This will help them assign some side missions that will help them earn great rewards as well. As they will earn more rewards, players can upgrade the characters, skills of the characters, and even the guards to become a terrific one in the whole server.

2. Complete the Missions

Follow up the storyline no matter what. Every beginner must complete the main missions first to proceed further into the game and reach the top of the server.

3. Upgrade your Characters at the Right Moment

The very moment you receive enough resources, upgrade the characters, their skills, and their fellow guards to make them even stronger. These will help the players to come up as the strongest ones in the whole server and they can easily complete the game in a very short period.

4. Collect your Daily Login bonuses and extra Rewards

Image via WeMade Company

Even if you are good at completing the main arc mission and Party jobs, do not forget the daily bonuses you are receiving. This will help you collect more resources and hence will help you upgrade even faster.

5. Use Auto Battle mode at its extreme

Always use Auto Battle and Auto Pathfinding modes. These modes are very beneficial in this game. The character will search the mission locations and fight automatically on its own. Players have to just tap on the skill after the cooldown is over and enjoy the fight.

Final Thoughts

MIR2M: The Warrior is a very interesting game developed by the WeMade Company. The game runs totally in an online mode, thus players cannot opt for unfair means of play. MIR2M: The Warrior has a lot to learn for every player, so follow up the beginners guide and the tips which are discussed above so that you can flourish from your first stroke

That’s all from us for the MIR2M The Warrior Beginners Guide! Did you find our MIR2M The Warrior beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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