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Mobile Legends Adventure Hero Tier List for March 2022

Choose only the best heroes from this month!

Came from the house of MOONTON, Mobile Legends Adventure is a franchise of Mobile Legends that has already gained the reputation as one of the popular mobile games. Mobile Legends Adventure is an RPG turn-based game where you will form a team with 5 heroes in order to accompany you through the journey. Here, we will give you a good insight into the game’s heroes our Mobile Legends Adventure Hero Tier List, and the best recommendation for heroes that you may consider for your roster.

You may already be familiar with the hero list in Mobile Legends Adventure as it has a similar list of heroes in Mobile Legends. It is important to know that there are 90 heroes in Mobile Legends Adventure, therefore it is important to have a good insight about which hero that worth your time to farm and to add to your roster.

Mobile Legends Adventure Hero Tier List for March 2022

There will be four Categories (S, A, B, C) based on their hero type. There are seven different types of heroes namely Elemental, Martial, Tech, Light, Dark, Order, and Chaos in Mobile Legends Adventure.

Strong (S)Valir, Bellerick,
Irithel, Wanwan, MashaLolita,
X.Borg, Natan,
Selena, Thamuz,
Lunox, AmaterasuZhask,
Yu Zhong, Akashic
Good (A)Estes,
Hanabi, Zilong,
Mecha Layla, Claude
Uranus, Fanny
Oberon, Hwang Jini
Shah Torre,
Fair (B)Gord,
Yi Sun-Shin
Diggie, Saber, AlphaFreya, Rafaela,
Weak (C)KaditaHayabusaBrunoTigreal, KajaBane,
Aldous, Balmond
Mobile Legends Adventure Hero Tier List for March 2022

Best meta heroes in Mobile Legends Adventure for March 2022

These heroes are worth taking into consideration as recommended heroes based on their effect during the battle, and the effect that they bring with their presence. Here are six different heroes that are worth adding to your roster.


Mobile Legends Irithel Game Guide Cover Mobile Legends Adventure Hero Tier List
Image via Moonton

Irithel is the hero that you will need as frontline and main damage dealer. She can increase her fellow teammates’ attacks by 10 percent with her force of the queen. Her arrow attack is AoE damage type so you can attack multiple enemies in one attack.


Mobile Legends Argus Guide
Image via Moonton

Argus has a similar ability as he has in the original Mobile Legends game, He cannot be killed once He activates his ultimate Eternal Evil. He also can decrease the damage of the enemy that he charged.


Akai Mobile Legends MLBB, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.60 Update Mobile Legends Adventure Hero Tier List
Image via Moonton

Akai is the best defense hero that you want in your roster. He has a massive amount of HP, and he will give a shield that will block the enemies’ attacks on his fellow teammate in the first turn.


Mobile Legends Hardest Heroes
Image via Moonton

Fanny is the deadliest damage dealer in Mobile Legends Adventure. Besides her durable defense, she will gain 50 percent hp each time she managed to eliminated enemies that she has been marked.


Minsitthar Mobile Legends MLBB Cover Mobile Legends Adventure Hero Tier List
Image via Moonton

As a king from the royal sacred kingdom, Minsitthar can summon his four bodyguards with his King’s calling ability to aid him in battle, similar to his ultimate in the original Mobile Legends game. He will also restore 20 points to his fellow teammate after three seconds.


Diggie-MLBB Mobile Legends Adventure Hero Tier List
Image via Moonton

Came from the tech hero, Diggie is reliable support for your team. Her egg bomb will stunt enemies as Diggie will also decrease the damage from enemies’ incoming attacks.

Final Thoughts

Mobile Legends Adventure is an exciting turn-based RPG game based on the original Mobile Legends game. Mobile Legends Adventure is another option that you can have in order to know better about heroes from Mobile Legends with more simple and enjoyable gameplay. However, it is also important to have a good insight into the heroes of Mobile Legends Adventure so you can finish your objectives in no time.

What do you think about this Mobile Legends Adventure Hero Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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