Mobile Legends Dawning Stars event Guide and Tips

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The much-awaited Mobile Legends Dawning Stars Event is now live on the Global Server and is debuting with so many exciting Events as well as rewards. As a teaser to this event, MOONTON Games posted some info and tips on what to expect from the Dawning Stars event. Just as expected, the Dawning Stars event will be bringing back all Superhero skins available in the game. The Superhero skins include:

Players making draws in the event would also get to acquire numerous event-exclusive emotes/Elimination effects of the Superhero skins. So without further Ado, let’s check out the likely rewards and events dropping in alongside the Dawning Stars Event.

Mobile Legends Dawning Stars event: Overview

Dawning Stars Poll 

From April 24th, 2023 till the 3rd of May 2023, players can vote to choose which of the Superhero skin would be greatly discounted against the Dawning Stars event debut. This voting is to choose the skin whose price would be discounted so as to enable players to easily get the skins without spending much diamonds in-game.

Mobile Legends Dawning Stars Event
Image via MOONTON Games

However, the Voting has ended and the Winner of the Superhero Skins Poll is Lancelot ”Swordsmaster”  Superhero skin and it would be enjoying a 29% discount in cost. So instead of costing the usual 1700 Superhero Crests, the skin would be available for a discounted Price of 1200 Superhero Crests.

Dawning Stars Event Draws

As expected from the 9th of May till the 7th of June, 2023 the Dawning Stars Superhero Skins Draw Event will actually be coming live and players would now be able to access it to draw for skins and other Event exclusive rewards. Just like previous skin events, this Dawning Stars event would also have a 50% daily discount every day.

Dawning Stars Event Draws
Image via MOONTON

A permanent reward is also guaranteed in the first 10 draws. The permanent reward could be an event exclusive Superhero Skin/ Battle Emote/Elimination Effects/Spawn effect/Avatar Borders/Sacred Statues. Though the chance of getting an exclusive superhero skin in the first 10 draws is very low- 0.1%.

Drop rates on Drawing in the Superhero Skins Event 

  • Permanent Exclusive Rewards – 9.94%
  • Exclusive Dawning Stars Event Crests – 90.06%

Do note that Crests amount ranges from 5/10/12/20 crests can be gotten from draws.

The drop rates for the likely rewards that can be obtained from the first 10 draws:

  • Exclusive Skin: 0.1%
  • Avatar Borders: 30%
  • Elimination Effects: 10%
  • Spawn Effect: 40%
  • Sacred Statue: 10%
  • Battle Emotes: 9.9%

Duplicate items Conversion Rates to Dawning Stars Event Crests

  • Permanent Event Exclusive Skin: 510 Crests
  • Permanent Event Exclusive Elimination Effects: 45 Crests
  • Permanent Event Exclusive Spawn Effects: 45 Crests
  • Permanent Event Exclusive Avatar Borders: 30 Crests 
  • Permanent Event Exclusive Sacred Statue: 16 Crests
  • Permanent Event Exclusive Battle Emote: 10 Crests.

Mobile Legends Dawning Stars Exchange Shop Rewards and Costs

For those players who don’t seem to get event-exclusive rewards that they really want to get. There’s an exchange shop that allows players to exchange some specified amount of crests for event-exclusive skins and any other reward.

Mobile Legends Dawning Stars Exchange Shop Rewards and Costs
Image via MOONTON

The Event Exclusive Skins can be exchanged for 1700 Dawning Stars Crests. However the Winner of the Dawning Stars Skin Poll which is Lancelot Swordsmaster Superhero Skin would be available for 1200 Dawning Stars Crests.

Other Exchange Rates:

  • Event Exclusive Avatar Borders for any of the Designated skins: 100 Superhero Crests
  • Event Exclusive Elimination Effects for any of the Designated Skins: 150 Superhero Crests 
  • Event Exclusive Killing Style Notification for any of the Designated Skins: 150 Superhero Crests 
  • Event Exclusive Spawn Effects for any of the Designated Skins: 300 Superhero Crests
  • Event Exclusive Sacred Statue for any of the Designated Skins: 55 Superhero Crests
  • Event Exclusive Battle Emotes for any of the Designated Skins 32 Superhero Crests

Other Items in the Rewards Shop:

  • 1-day Double BP Card (99/99): 16  Crests 
  • Rare Fragments(20/20): 10 Crests 
  • All-New Basic Skins Chest(1/1): 55 Crests 
  • All-New Special Skins Chest(1/1): 150 Crests 

Mobile Legends Dawning Stars event Rewards

Players would be able to get an exclusive Dawning Stars Chat bubble as an extra reward for collecting or obtaining all Superhero skins. This New chat bubble is quite fancy and unique than ordinary Chat bubbles. 

Mobile Legends Dawning Stars Bonus Tokens and likely Rewards
Image via MOONTON

 Players who intend to draw at a much lesser price can pre-register for the event from May 9th till 13th April 2023. Players would then log in to receive the preregistered token on the 13th of April. Players would also be able to participate and complete tasks from the 13th of May till the 15th of May and also on the 27th of May till the 29th of May, 2023 to get bonus tokens from the recharge event coming up on the said dates. 

Mobile Legends Dawning Stars Hero Academy

Players would also be able to complete tasks that involve playing some specified number of matches on some of the heroes owning a Superhero skin. They will be rewarded with trials of the subsequent superhero Elimination effects. This event would run from the 9th of May till the 22nd of May, 2023.

Mobile Legends Dawning Stars Hero Academy
Image via MOONTON

There are four different segments of this event. The General segment is titled Dawning Stars and it grants rewards for using any of the event’s exclusive heroes. The reward ranges from a Free new hero from either Chou/Lancelot/Esmeralda/Bruno/Vale, one could also get trial cards of any of the Heroes. Whilst completing tasks on either:

  • Bruno’s Firebolt Superhero skin
  • Esmeralda’s The Foreseer Superhero skin
  • Chou ThunderBelt Superhero skin
  • Lancelot Swordsmaster Superhero Skin
  • Vale Blizzard Storm Superhero Skin; segment skin event would grant some amazing rewards.

The tasks include completing 3 matches using Bruno/Esmeralda/Lancelot/Chou/Vale would grant players 2 Hero Fragments and a 3 days trial card of The Elimination Effects of the Superhero skins of the Designated hero.

Players playing a minimum of 3 matches with the exclusive Superhero skins of any of the Designated heroes would grant rewards like 2 Rare Skin Fragments, 2 Premium Skin Fragments, and a Double BP card.

Are you excited about the Mobile Legends Dawning Stars event? Let us know in the comments below!

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