Mobile Legends Esmeralda Guide: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips

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Today we are going to discuss the unique Mage/Tank type hero in Mobile Legends, Esmeralda. Esmeralda has a good set of area-of-effect, buff, and Burst skills. We consider Esmeralda as a great mage for team fights since her skills can deal with massive area damage. Not only that her skill1 lets her steal shields from enemies. She is a very easy and fun to play type hero. Right now she is in meta and you can rank up easily by following these simple tips and tricks. In this guide, we will take a look at the best emblem, spell, build, including tips and tricks to pave your way to victory with Esmeralda in Mobile Legends.

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Skill Analysis

Esmeralda is a hero with the common four skill sets of one passive and three actives. In this Esmeralda guide, let’s see what are her abilities in Mobile Legends, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of her.

Passive – Starmoon Casket


Relying on the energy of Starmoon Casket, each of her basic attacks and skills deal damages twice at the same time where the Stardust deals Physical damage, and Frostmoon deals magic damage. She attacks the target and gives the target a Shield into her HP. The more shield she can absorb the more HP she can get.

Skill 1 – Frostmoon Shield (Shield,Buff)

CD – 8.5

skill 1

She will gain an extra 400/470/540/610/680/750 amount of shield and her movement speed also increased by 40%. The effect duration is 5 seconds and during this time she can absorb nearby enemies shield. (range- 50% of her Max HP)

Skill 2 – Stardust Dance (AoE)

CD – 5.5/5.1/4.7/4.3/3.9/3.5

skill 2

Upon casting this she can make both Physical and Magical damage at the same time. Each time Esmeralda spams her skill she will deal (210/250/290/330/370/410)*2 amount of damage to nearby units. Not only that each time she spams her skill 2 the CD of skill 1 is reduced by 1second and the enemy will become slow for 1.5 seconds.

CD – 32/28/24

skill 3

The skill effect can cause both Physical and Magical Burst damage at the same time to a certain area. The longer you hold the skill the greater the power will be. Upon casting she will jump into a designated direction while dealing with 350/500/600 amount of physical damage and 350/500/650 amount of magical damage to enemies. She can jump over any obstacles by using this skill, you can use it even as an escape tool.

Skill-up Methods for Esmeralda

Upgrade Skill 2 to max level first. Prioritizing this makes the base damage of this skill higher. Then upgrade your skill 1 accordingly and Ultimate whenever available. You can also upgrade your skill 1 first if you prefer survival to deal with the damage.

Best Emblem Set and Spells for Esmeralda in Mobile Legends

Emblem Set

Here we use the Custom Mage emblem set for her. Put your talent points like this to amplify Esmeralda’s damage. Generally, we spend points on movement speed and magical penetration damage. At last use the Magic worship to get extra burning damage.

Mobile Legends Esmeralda Guide
Custom Mage Emblem
  • Agility (+3)
  • Observation (+3)
  • Magic Worship (+1)


In this new laning system Retribution is the best spell for Esmeralda, cause without it she can not buy any jungle items and we all know jungling is very essential for her. But if your opponents pick heavy stun or CC heroes then you can use Purify (Debuff enemies CC skill) in order to escape from that situation.

Best Builds for Esmeralda in Mobile Legends

There are so many items that you can buy for Esmeralda, so there is no fixed build for her. But keep that in mind Calamity Reaper and Feather of heaver are the core items for her. You can focus on items that grant Magic Power, Movement Speed, Cool Down Reduction, or items that give you additional magic damage and True damage. As for the starting item, buy the Jungle blade and then continue your build.

Mobile Legends Esmeralda Guide
Build Set for Esmeralda in Mobile Legends

Calamity Reaper will provide you magic power, mana, mana regen, and cool down reduction. It’s unique passive grants your next basic attack to deal extra true damage after casting a are some build that you can choose according to your enemy’s pick.

You can even use Holy Crystal for extra magical damage or build an Ice Queen wand that slows enemies further. Build your physical defense or magical defense item according to the situation. Lastly wrap yourself with an undying shield, which can provide you an extra life on the battlefield.

Mobile Legends Esmeralda Gameplay Tips

Esmeralda is a team support hero, therefore she has to rotate with the team in order to dominate the battlefield. Additionally, she also needs a lot of farms to complete her building. Always follow the minimap before ganking. The best lanes for her are the top and mid lanes. However, according to Esmeralda’s gameplay, we can break it down into three phases. Our Esmeralda guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game in Mobile Legends. However, a player must need a good understanding of the map to bring the best out of any hero.

Early Game

Buy the jungle blade with your gold. Then clear the first minion wave as fast as possible. Take your Blue buff and other neutral creeps. If possible invade enemy Red with your offlaner.

Mobile Legends Esmeralda Guide
Esmeralda in the battle field

Focus on your level to upgrade it 4 as fast as possible. Before invading don’t forget to buy primary Boot.

Mid Game

This is the phase where she shines the most. If the MM or Assassin in your team doesn’t Hypercarry in that particular scenario, you still stay focused on the farm. Use your retribution spell wisely to earn some extra gold. Help your teammates for a successful gank and rotate between lanes in order to clear minion waves, minion waves means more gold.

Mobile Legends Esmeralda Guide
Esmeralda in Mobile Legends

Focus to kill squishy heroes (MM, Mage, Assassin) with the help of your skill 2 and skill 1 combo. If you can not get enough farm because of your carry then try to do split push. Don’t worry, as your increased movement speed will help you to do so.

Late Game

Though she is not a proper tank she can sock a lot of damage from enemies. Join the fight with the teammates. Do not be afraid to save your carry, try to hide in the bush and after initiation just jump over the enemy with the help of your skill 3. You can cast your skill combos like this-

Skill 1+Skill 2+Skill 3

But previously we told that skill 2 will reduce your skill 1 timer so don’t forget to do basic attacks during this period, It will deal double damage and true damage to enemies. Try to take lord solo or with the help of your ally. Keep your distance rarely to front, without hard CC enemy can not kill Esmeralda. Tell your tank user to pick Tigreal, this will be a great combo with her. Always remember, destroying the turret is more important than killing enemy heroes.

Heroes Esmeralda can counterHeroes that can counter Esmeralda
Popol and KupaValir

Final Thoughts

Esmeralda is a very overpowered hero, once she builds her items, the enemy team can not kill her in the whole game. With the help of her shield and her skills, she can easily escape from any situation, a lesser-known game character option, way different from what is now trending in the space of popular esports games. But always remember one thing, her shield generates from her basic skill combos so once the enemy stunned you or silenced you; then you can no longer press your skills and you will die eventually. So let your tank take care of enemy CC and then you jump on enemy squishy heroes/carry to finish them.

Project Next update is on the way so things may be changed a little bit through the patch, we will keep you updated. Meanwhile, these tips will surely help you to guide easy wins with Esmeralda in Mobile Legends. You can also refer to our latest tier list to know more about the revamped meta heroes in this current season.

That’s all for today’s guide about Esmeralda in Mobile Legends. Do you prefer to use Esmeralda in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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