Mobile Legends: How to get Silvanna Future Cop skin and emote for free

Players can unlock a new Future Cop skin for Silvanna by maintaining a Credit Score of 110 in the game

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developers implemented a credit score system in the game to promote a healthy gaming environment for players. Earlier there was bonus gold based on the credit score of a player. This time, with the MLBB patch 1.6.18 patch update, Moonton has brought an innovative idea to the table by giving away a free Silvanna Future Cop skin to any Mobile Legends player who maintains a credit score of 110.

The MLBB credit score system explained

Credit Score is the rating of a player’s in-game behavior. If there are violations such as AFK, negative playing, intentional feeding, etc., the credit score is deducted. Players whose Credit Score is below 90 are banned from Rank Mode. Players whose Credit Score is below 60 are banned from Classic Mode and Brawl Mode. If the Credit Scores are deducted, the Battle Points one can get for a week will be deducted accordingly.

Players can restore their Credit Score by logging in daily and playing matches without any violations. However, the more violations one makes the harder it will be for them to restore their credit score.

Mobile Legends free Silvanna Future Cop skin
MLBB Credit Scores (Image via Moonton)

Players can check out this guide to know more about the Credit Score system within Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and how players can increase/fix their low credit scores.

How to unlock MLBB Future Cop emote for free

The previous Battle Emote Credit Badge has been upgraded to Future Cop with newly updated animations. The Credit Score required to unlock this Battle Emote has been lowered from 110 to 105.

Mobile Legends free Silvanna Future Cop skin
Free Future Cop emote (Image via Moonton)

So, players can easily claim it by just having a Credit Score of 105. However, players need to maintain their credit score above 105.

How to get MLBB Silvanna Future Cop skin for free

Previously, players who had a high Credit Score of 110 were able to gain 8500 BPs for a week with an additional 10% more BP for each match. To make maintaining a high Credit Score more rewarding, the MLBB Team has added the new Future Cop skin for Silvanna which players can now unlock for free by having a high Credit Score of 110.

Please note that this is not a skin that can be permanently owned once claimed. It only unlocks when players reach a Credit Score of 110 and maintain it.

What are your thoughts about Mobile Legends offering a free Silvanna Future Cop skin for players with high Credit Scores? Let us know in the comments below!

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Shaily Gabuco

Hello Can I ask if this Silvana Future Cop have an Expiration? Thankyou for your feedback


No, it does not have any expiration date. It depends on your ability to maintain a high credit score. If it falls down, you’ll lose the skin for the time being. And if you make a high credit score again, you’ll get access to the skin.


Hi my credit score is 110 and it’s not working can you give me tips to fix it?


Have you unlocked it during the event? If not, I believe you won’t be able to use it even if your credit score is at 110

Last edited 2 years ago by Kanux
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