Mobile Legends Celestial Level and how to level up fast

When we start playing Mobile Legends, account level is important in order to unlock more features in the game. For example, you only unlock ranked games after you hit level 7. So, in this guide, we’ll discuss the effective ways to level up your account fast in MLBB.

Account level is an indicator that increases by collecting experience (EXP). You can view your account level at the top left of the main screen. It is often overlooked by players as it doesn’t make your heroes stronger. However, higher account level unlocks battle spells that can be used in the game, unlock Celestial Level, and gives you better reward.

What is Celestial level in Mobile Legends and how to unlock it?

Mobile Legends came out with Celestial Level feature that rewards players by completing the task given. Celestial Level will unlock once your account past level 30. A message will pop out and lead you to the Celestial Level page, under Daily Quest menu. You will start with Celestial Level 1 and the max Celestial Level is 99.

Celestial Task page

Players can complete the task with grade C, B, A, and S to get experience, tickets, and chance of getting Celestial Key. Collecting 8 Celestial Keys unlocks a Celestial Chest containing rewards such as magic dust, MCL ticket, Magic Potion for Magic Wheel, and Lucky Ticket. Completing higher grade Celestial Task gives more chance of getting a Celestial Key. Reaching higher Celestial Level gives a higher rarity reward in the chest, such as painted skin and sacred statue.

How to level up your Mobile Legends account quickly

Other than battling a lot, follow these tips to level up fast in Mobile Legends.

1. Completing Celestial Task

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, new tasks will be given and it is advised to complete it because they give big amount of experience. If you feel like you cannot complete it in time, you can refresh the task up to three times by spending 10, 30, and 50 battle points (BP). It’s worth to spend to get those experience, and chance to obtain Celestial Keys too.

2. Completing daily quests

Daily tasks gives a small amount of experience, but they are refreshed daily, enabling you to gain more experience from it if you diligently complete them. It’s recommended to complete the quest to get the weekly chest by collecting 400 and 800 activity score.

mobile legends
Daily tasks gives experience when you complete them

3. Collecting Free Chest and Medal Chest

Those chests gives a fair amount of experience every time you collect them. The Free Chest can stack two times so make sure you collect in 8 hours. Medal Chest refreshes daily, fills up to 10 points according to the medal you get in Classic, Rank, or Brawl games (3 points for bronze, 5 for silver, 7 for gold and defeated team MVP, and 10 points for winning team MVP). It’s not hard to fill those points, usually two or three games.

4. Becoming an Apprentice

When you become an apprentice and complete tasks with your mentor, you will gain a fair amount of experience, other than unlocking other rewards like tickets, trial cards, and BP and EXP cards after completing tasks in each stage (Five stages in total). Completing tasks as a mentor doesn’t give experience though, but familiarity point is given to get a Hilda skin!

Completing tasks with mentor rewards experience for apprentice

5. Use Double Experience Card

By using the card, after each battle, you will get double the experience. This card works like a double BP card, but for the experience. They are usually given out during events, completing mentorship tasks, and quite rare to be found.

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