Mobile Legends Farming Guide: Here’s how to dominate every match

Farming is the key to victory in this Mobile Legends. If you know how to farm, you can easily out farm your enemies and carry the squad to victory. So it’s important to farm right and rotate properly else the enemy will get the advantage of your low farm and damage dealt with them will be minimal. In order to make it easy to understand, we have divided the farming styles into three different parts depending on the lane position of a hero. So without further ado lets jump into the Mobile Legends Farming guide.

1. Mid lane farming

Mid lane farming is very crucial to gain control of a match. As a mid laner you need to reach level 4 as soon as possible, to rotate and initiate the early ganks and deal maximum damage in the early game. If you are using mid laners like Gusion and Lunox, start the game by clearing the minion wave. Do not buy any equipment until you clear the whole wave.

Mobile Legends Farm Guide

If you have the tank with you, make sure that he buys roaming equipment. This will help you to get more gold. After clearing the wave you will be level 2 by then, now buy the jungle equipment and upgrade it to level 2 only. If the enemy has already started to invade your buffs go with your tank and deal damage to them, take some kills. If they are busy taking their buffs and if you’re confident enough you can always invade theirs. But make sure in order to do so you shouldn’t feed. Else you can start by taking the healing grass.

Then take the serpent or the purple buff. The purple buff is dedicated to mage and assassins only. So if your team doesn’t have an assassin you can take the purple buff always. After taking that, you will easily be level 4 by then, rotate to the top, take the big crab and gank. Enemy marksman should be there, so try to take him out in the early game that will put you in advantage. After that go to the turtle lane and try to take the turtle.

This will put you and your team in a gold lead. Rotate and gank thoroughly in the lanes. And always remember taking kills is not the way how you win. Taking the turrets out will make you win.

2. Top lane farming ( Off-lane farming)

Off-lane farming is pretty typical as you have to push and farm simultaneously. If you’re playing with off-lane heroes like Masha and Natalia, you can start the game by intercepting the minion wave before they reach the last enemy turret, or you can just wait and take out the wave. After that, you can go and invade the top enemy camps.

Mobile Legends Farm Guide

If the enemy marksman comes to defend it just retreat and take your own top camp. Help the mid-laner to take the crab and gank. If you can manage to take at least one kill from the gank you’ll be level 4 by then, or else clear the second minion wave and you’ll be level 4 easily. After that you have two choices, if your team wants to take the first turtle at once, you need to rotate with them and help them take the first turtle.

This will help in putting you and your team in the gold lead. Or you can start pushing the turret in the top and continue clearing the waves. Wait for your tank to initiate a gank and deal with damage accordingly. Rotate through the mid lane and turtle lane and confuse the enemy. Poke the enemy while they’re taking their buffs and try not to feed. While ganking your main objective will be to take out the damage dealers first. So position accordingly and don’t forget to push the turrets when you get the chance. For offlaners jungle equipment is not mandatory but if you want you can take it. It will help you to take out the enemy buffs fast. Positioning is the main key to farm fast for offlaners.

3. Bottom lane farming

Botlane farming is pretty easy and fast. This is especially for marksmen. Start the game by taking the red buff, always ask the tank to help you, and stay with you and make sure he bought roam. After taking the red go for the bot camps. Farm the crab and clear the minion wave.

Mobile Legends Farm Guide

Deal damage to the enemy in the bot and go to their camps too. Try to take a kill and you will be easily level 4. Rotate to the mid lane and if possible take the healing grass. Don’t gank until the turtle comes out. When it’s available to gank for the turtle and manage to get some kills out of it.

Rotate to the bottom again and take the big crab, camps, and your second red buff. You’ll be pretty farmed after all this. Stay in the bottom lane and push turrets. Wait for the enemy rotations and gank accordingly. For a bot lane farmer pushing is the main objective to maintain the positions accordingly. If anyone in the team is feeding exchange the lanes and kill those enemies. Go for the second turtle and play safely after taking it. Dying after taking the turtle is not a good option for the team. If the mid laner is not taking the purple buff to go for it too. Being a bottlaner always remember to position yourself in such a way that you shouldn’t be taking any damage. Try to be behind the tank always. Else you’ll be just food for the enemy assassin.

Mobile Legends Farm Guide

That’s all the guide you need to know about fast farming in Mobile Legends. Surely it will help you to improve your gameplay and win some ranked matches.

Hope you find this Mobile Legends Farming Guide useful. For more quality guides like this, make sure to follow GamingonPhone on Facebook and Twitter.

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