Mobile Legends (MLBB) Farming Guide: Here’s how to dominate every match

Tips to learn more about Farming in MLBB!

Mastering farming is crucial for success in Mobile Legends. Proper farming allows one to outperform the enemies, leading the team to victory in MLBB. It is vital to farm efficiently and rotate wisely, otherwise, your low farm can give the enemy an advantage, resulting in minimal damage dealt. Without delay, let’s dive into the Mobile Legends Farming guide.

Mobile Legends (MLBB) Farming Guide: Overview

Farming in Mobile Legends refers to earning gold and experience by defeating minions on the map, a crucial aspect for success in the game. Being well-farmed ensures that they remain competitive, avoiding being under-levelled against opponents.

Farming allows you to purchase items, level up your heroes, and obtain buffs from the jungle, enhancing your effectiveness in clashes in MLBB. To excel in the game, prioritize efficient farming to boost your hero’s strength and contribute to overall team success.

Mobile Legends (MLBB) Farming Guide: Best ways to farm in every lane

1. Mid lane farming

Controlling the mid-lane in Mobile Legends is super important. Mage heroes, like Nana and Yve, are commonly favored in this position because of their powerful AoE skills that effortlessly clear waves. It is right in the middle, making it easy to move around and stop enemies from roaming freely. As a mid-laner, your job is to clear waves fast, make early moves to help your team, and deal damage from the get-go.

Start by helping your Jungle teammate with buffs and then clear your wave quickly to level up. Once you hit level 2, you can try to take the Lithowanderer or help other lanes if possible.

Mobile Legends Mid-lane Farming
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If enemies are trying to steal your team’s buffs, team up with your tank to fight back. But be careful not to give away easy kills to the enemy. You can poke them a bit if you’re confident but don’t risk getting yourself killed for it. It’s all about keeping up the pressure without putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

Mobile Legends Mid-lane Farming
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This will put you and your team in a gold lead. Rotate and gank thoroughly in the lanes. Always remember taking kills is not the way how you win. Taking the turrets out will make you win.

2. Exp Lane Farming

When players are in the exp lane in Mobile Legends, pushing and farming go hand in hand. This lane is often dominated by heroes tailored for sustained presence and resilience. Fighters like Lapu-Lapu or Yu Zhong, who can handle both wave-clearing and sustained engagements, are commonly seen here.

At the start, you’ve got a couple of options, either be bold and intercept the minion wave before it reaches the enemy turret, or play it safe and clear it out in the usual way. After that, it’s a good move to invade the enemy camps or grab the crab, lending a hand to your Jungler. Join forces to get that crab and aim for a successful gank. If you manage to get a kill during the gank, you’ll hit level 4, but if not, just clear the second wave to get there.

Mobile Legends Exp lane Farming
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At this point, you’ve got choices. If your team’s set on grabbing the first turtle, roll with them for that boost in gold. Alternatively, start pressuring the top turret while keeping an eye out for opportunities to assist in ganks initiated by your tank. Move between mid-lane and the turtle lane, keeping the enemy on their toes. Sneak in some pokes when they’re busy with buffs but be cautious not to give away easy kills.

Mobile Legends Exp lane Farming
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When ganking, prioritize taking down the high-damage enemies first, positioning yourself smartly. And whenever there’s an opening, go for those turrets. As an offlaner, you’re not obliged to go for jungle equipment, but it can speed up buff takedowns if you’re up for it. Quick farming as an offlaner mostly comes down to your positioning.

3. Gold Lane farming

In the gold lane of Mobile Legends, farming efficiently is pretty straightforward and quick. This lane is often frequented by marksmen or heroes with strong ranged abilities. Marksmen like Bruno or Claude, excel in dealing consistent damage from a distance

To kick off, assist your Jungler in nabbing the buff if it’s located favorably in your lane. Deal damage to enemies in the Gold lane and don’t hesitate to invade their camps for an edge. If you can secure a kill, you’ll hit level 4 swiftly. Hold off on ganking until around the 5-minute mark when the turtle appears. Make a move for it, aiming for kills to bolster your advantage.

Mobile Legends Gold lane Farming
Image via MOONTON Games

After the turtle action, head back to your lane, and grab the crab and jungle camps for additional farm. This should set you up nicely. Focus on pushing turrets in your lane, but keep a keen eye on enemy rotations for potential ganks. As a gold lane farmer, positioning is key to maintaining control. If a teammate is struggling and feeding, consider swapping lanes to take out those opponents in MLBB.

Secure the second turtle but play it safe afterward. Dying right after securing a turtle isn’t beneficial for the team. As a gold laner, your positioning is vital, stay behind the tank to avoid becoming easy prey for enemy assassins. Safety is key.

Mobile Legends Gold lane Farming
Image via MOONTON Games

4. Jungle Farming

As a core or jungler in Mobile Legends, your main gold and XP come from the jungle. Clear those camps fast, and you’ll be ready to support your team better.

Start by knowing your farm path and your hero’s abilities. If your hero relies on mana or energy like Fanny, grab the Purple Buff first. It helps you clear camps using your abilities. But if your hero needs more damage early on (like tanky junglers) heroes like Balmond, go for the Orange Buff.

Mobile Legends Jungle Farming
Image via MOONTON Games

Once you’ve secured the buff, contest the Lithowanderer if possible before moving to the next buff. Clear jungle camps systematically and aim for the crab to hit level 4 swiftly. Upon unlocking your ultimate skill, coordinate with a teammate for a gank in their lane.

If the gank results in a kill, capitalize on the advantage by going for the turtle. This not only boosts your team’s resources, but also applies pressure on the enemy team.

Mobile Legends Jungle Farming
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Remember, get those buffs one after the other—they amp up your stats. This prepares you for a crucial job: securing the Turtle and Lord. These objectives can seriously turn the game around for your team when handled right in MLBB.

Final Thoughts

Heroes in Mobile Legends have unique strengths when it comes to farming. Some are exceptional at quickly clearing waves, while others excel in dominating jungle camps. Knowing your hero’s strengths and utilising them to farm efficiently is crucial. Whether the hero is a wave-clearing wizard or a jungle camp conqueror, understanding these strengths is the key to optimizing your farming strategy. Adjust your approach based on your hero’s abilities to ensure maximum farming efficiency in MLBB.

Mastering farming in Mobile Legends is a mix of practice, smart decisions, and time management. By fine-tuning the farming routine, adapting to the game’s flow, and working closely with your team, you’ll make a big difference in your team’s success, paving the path to victory in MLBB.

That’s all the guide you need to know about fast farming in Mobile Legends. Surely it will help you to improve your gameplay and win some ranked matches. You can also check our guide on how to farm battle pointshow to counter heroes, and how to make the right itemization in the game.

That’s all for the Mobile Legends Farming Guide! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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