Mobile Legends Hylos Guide: Best Build, Emblem, Spells and Gameplay Tips

The mythical creature Centaurs, who is popularly viewed as half man and half horse, is one of the most used and best Tanks of Mobile Legends. Hylos is also known as Grand Warden, as he acts as the protector of the fairy forest and the fountain of immortality. As its story depicts, Hylos is that good at defending its allies on the battlefield with lots of skill effects. Hylos is actually very easy to use with a good set of stun effects, area effect skills, healing skills, and movement buff skills. Here’s our guide to help you in getting the best out of Hylos in Mobile Legends.


Hylos possesses 4 skills, including his passive. In our Hylos guide, let’s see what are his abilities in Mobile Legends and when you can use which skill to get the best out of him.

Passive – Thickened Blood

For every 1 point of mana gained from Equipment and Emblems, Hylos will gain 1.5 points of Max HP. When Hylos’ Mana is drained, his HP can be used to cast his skills instead.

This skill is what makes Hylos not worry about the Mana Regen. The HP will be used as mana and therefore it is said, the higher the HP, the more effective is the skills of Hylos.

Skill 1 – Law and Order (CC, Target Locked)

Hylos locks down a target, dealing 300/ 350/ 400/ 450/ 500/ 550 (+80% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and stuns them for 1 second.

The skill is very helpful during Team fights. The skill can target enemies and stun them. Especially, the damaged dealers like the MM and Marksman can be stunned and then taken out easily. Mages like Odette, Pharsa who have irritating Ultimate skills dealing high damage, can be stunned using this skill, breaking their skill effect.

Skill 2 – Ring of Punishment (AoE, Toggleable)

Hylos releases the Ring of Punishment, dealing 120/ 150/ 180/ 210/ 240/ 270 (+20% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damagereducing their Movement Speed by 6%reducing their Attack Speed by 5% and increases the damage of this skill by 5% / 8% / 11% / 14% / 17% / 20% per stack. The effects of this skill can be stacked up to 10 times with each stack lasting for 2.5 seconds. This skill will continuously use 30/ 40/ 60/ 90/ 120/ 150 points of Mana when it is active. Using again will stop the Ring of Punishment.

This skill is the most effective skill of Hylos, if not the ultimate itself. The skill is what makes Hylos one of the most irritating tanks for the opponent. The continuous damage and slowing the movement of enemies gives easy kills to Hylos. Additionally, Hylos can kill escaping enemies using this skill. Upgrading this skill should be your priority, as this can slow the enemies and also deal damage to them.

Ultimate Skill – Glorious Path  (CC, Damage)

Hylos creates a pathway for 6 seconds that heals him according to 3% / 4% / 5% of his Max HP. It also makes him immune to slows while on the pathway. Allies moving towards the end of the pathway will have their Movement Speed increased by 60% / 65% / 70%. Enemies moving towards the start of the pathway will have their Movement Speed reduced by 70% / 75% / 80%.

This ultimate skill of Hylos can be used during a lot of situations such as chasing an enemy, getting away from the fight when health is low, and slowing the movement of opponents during a team fight. The regen of HP after using the skill not only increases the durability but also the amount of time Hylos can support as a tank for its allies.

Best Emblem Set and Spells for Hylos in Mobile Legends

Emblem Set

We recommend Customized Tank Emblem for Hylos with max Firmness and max Fortress for increasing Hylos physical defence. This will increase his durability significantly.

Use Tenacity as the Ultimate Talent, as HP plays a major role in Hylos skill effect.

Mobile Legends Hylos Guide Emblem set
Preferred Emblem Set for Hylos

Best Spells

Revitalize is the best spell used with Hylos. It generates a pool of healing springs, regenerating the HP of Hylos and its allies who are inside the pool. Even turret damages can’t keep with the regen effects of Revitalize to Hylos.

You can also use Petrification. It petrifies the nearby enemy and they lose their health continuously while standing in the skill effect area of Ring of Punishment.

Best Build for Hylos in Mobile Legends

Hylos’ passive skill uses its HP points to increase its skill effects. So, the items that increase overall HP, Mana regen are best for Hylos. Defense items are also helpful for increasing their durability. However, if you want to read more about various items, you can check our item guide.

Mobile Legends Hylos Guide build
Preferred Build for Hylos
  • Courage Mask
  • Warrior Boots
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Oracle
  • Immortality
  • Dominace Ice

Mobile Legends Hylos Gameplay Tips

Hylos is pretty easy to use throughout the entire match. But there are certain things to remember or rather to follow to have the best use of Hylos. Our Hylos guide includes the perfect gameplan for Hylos in the early, middle, and late-game in Mobile Legends.

Early Game

In the early game, like any other tank, Hylos is to support the marksman. Even if there are two tanks in the team, it is recommended Hylos be a Mid Laner tank. If the enemies are ganking, then Hylos can go for a team fight also. In fact, use Hylos for early game ganking. As Hylo’s second skill will slow the enemies and deal damage, it is pretty useful in the tart of the game.

Hylos can also go for turret diving with ultimate skill activated, to kill or slow down escaping enemies with low HP. But try to slow them only and not start basic attacks, rather get out of the turrets and protect ally damage dealer.

Mid Game and Late Game

The Mid and Late game of Hylos is pretty much the same.

With skills that easily slow down enemies, stun them, Hylos very well be a ganking tank hero. With its ultimate to charge and help its allies to charge, Hylos can initiate the ganking. It’s always better to direct the pathway towards the damaged dealers (mage, marksman). With the first skill used targeting the damage dealer, Hylos gives an edge to your allies to take down the opponents.

Hylos can pair up with anyone, may it be a marksman or a mage or a fighter, but it is important for a damage dealer to be with Hylos, as he will give the opportunity to take the opponent completely. Hylos can not only be helpful for ganking but also helps in escaping from team fights when HP is low. The ultimate skill when directed towards the base can help Hylos and its allies to move faster towards the base while opponents will have a hard time moving.

Final Thoughts

There are no such combo attacks that can be used with Hylos. Most of the skills he possesses can be used based on the situation in the game. On the whole, Hylos can be termed as one of the best tanks in Mobile Legends as it is easy to use and has a lot of skill effects.

That’s all for today’s guide about Hylos in Mobile Legends. Do you prefer to use Hylos in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below! If you want to read our other Mobile Legends articles, click here.

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