Mobile Legends July 2023 Hero Tier List

Picking the meta heroes in Mobile Legends!

Mobile Legends is one of the most famous MOBA games on mobile now. New patches and balance changes are implemented in the game every season. We can see the change of meta with the start of every season. Mobile Legends have just finished Season 28, and is moving into Season 29 soon. In this July 2023 Tier List, we will show the player’s analysis and comparison between the most-sought after heroes of Mobile Legends this season. This list would help players to understand the latest meta first, which will be quite clear since the 1.7.94 Patch Update in the Official Server. This Patch Update brings the huge Project NEXT Update to the Original Server of the game.

Every player has a comfortable class or agent to play with. The meta heroes are picked according to the average win rate of the agents. In this article, we will show players the relatively more robust heroes of the game this season.

Mobile Legends Hero Tier List for July 2023

The list is based on the percentage of high-ranking Elo. It does not mean that average, weak heroes are useless. Suppose someone picks a meta hero but he cannot cast the skill properly, but in the same battle you pick a non-meta hero but you know every bit how to use or counter, then obviously your winning chance is high, but try to pick S+, S, or A tier heroes to boost your stars in mythic and above, because fate will not always help you.

Top 6 most picked heroes in Season 28

  • Beatrix
  • Lesley
  • Lancelot
  • Bane
  • Valentina
  • Xavier

Top 6 most Banned heroes in Season 28

  • Arlott
  • Joy
  • Faramis
  • Novaria
  • Minsitthar
  • Melissa
Meta (S+)Minsitthar, MinotaurArlott, Martis, Bane, AlphaJoy, Fredrinn, LancelotNovaria, ValentinaMelissa
Strong (S) Franco, Gloo, LolitaFanny, NolanAlice, XavierWanwan, Lesley, Brody, BeatrixFaramis, Kaja
Good (A)Atlas, Grock, KhufraFreya, Lapu- Lapu, Yu-Zhong, Badang, X-borg, Terizla, ThamuzGusion, Saber, Karina, HayabusaLuo-Yi, Yve, Kadita, Pharsa, Lunox, ValirMoskov, Natan, Kimmy, IxiaDiggie
Fair (B)Hylos, Akai, Belerick, EdithLeomord, Chou, Dyrroth, Khalid, Julian, PaquitoAamon, Benedetta, Helcurt, Yin, BalmondNana, Vale, Change, Kagura, Lylia, CyclopsHanabi, Layla, Miya, Granger, Bruno
Average (C)Johnson, Hilda, GatotkacaSun, Argus, JawheadNatalia, HanzoHarley, Zhask, Vexena, Odette, CecillionClint, Yi Sun-Shin, Karrie, Claude, Popol and KupaRafaela, Angela, Estes
Weak (D)Tigreal, Uranus, BaxiaMasha, Alucard, Silvana, Guinivere, Ruby, Phoveus, Barats, AulusZilong, SelenaEudora, Aurora, Gord, HarithIrithelMatthilda, Carmilla 

Best meta heroes for Mobile Legends in Season 29

Best Fighter / Side laner for Season 29


Mobile Legends Arlott Hero Guide Cover

Arlott is a very overpowered hero in the mid-to-late game. He has some unique abilities that can easily outnumber the opponent or suddenly finish the opponent’s main damage dealer to pave his team’s way to victory. So ban him or pick him.

Best Meta Roamer / Side laner for Season 29


Minsitthar Mobile Legends MLBB Cover, Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.48 Update
Image via MOONTON Games

He is known as the Blink Killer. Minsitthar’s ultimate can instantly stop any blink, so whoever relies on their blink or dash suddenly feels useless. Not only that, Minsi can pull enemies from a decent distance, which will help your team target the damage dealer first. So ban him at any cost if you are a Martis or Gusion main.

Side lane/Jungler


Mobile Legends Bane Guide MLBB, Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.10 Update
Image via MOONTON Games

Bane, the captain, is a must-pick hero with a high winning percentage. The main advantage is that he doesn’t fall under the most banned heroes, and his play style is easy, so anyone can master him very quickly. Play him as a jungler or a side laner. He can also switch his build from physical to magical as per the situation.


Alpha Mobile Legends
Image via MONTOON Games

Alpha is also a must-pick hero in the current meta. His all skills, including ultimate, have a very short cooldown, which can greatly help him kill the enemies quickly while regenerating his lost HP in battle. Not only that, he is a very easy-to-play hero with a strong CC effect. Most enemies did not ban him, so take advantage and teach them a lesson.


Mobile Legends Joy Game Hero Guide Cover

In the last MSC, Joy shows her true potential. Either she is in the banned section or in the pick section. Joy can play side/exp lane and assassin/jungler. Yes, it is hard to master, but once you master it, you will understand why she is in the meta. Her unique dash and AOE damage ability push her great winning percentage into mythical glory.

Best Meta Tanks for Season 29


Minotaur Mobile Legends MLBB
Image via Moonton

If you are a tank player, then Mino is the perfect fit for you. He can knock out enemies very easily while healing the whole team. Not only that, the developers removed his rage bar, which was a little bit problematic in the solo lobby in order to combo with teammates. Now he can easily flicker Ultimate to knock enemies in the air in a large area. So pick him to boost your stars while grabbing a gold or MVP medal at the end.


Mobile Legends Lolita Guide Cover
Image via Moonton

When we are talking about tanks, we can consider Lolita a great, reliable tank. Yes, it’s not in the meta, but a good Lolita can be a savior to her team. With her fast skills, she can easily stun enemies in ganks and protect teammates from Franco’s hook or any kind of projectile damage. Lastly, her ultimate with a flicker will pause the enemies for the whole 1.5 seconds. Master Lolita and start adding stars to your rank.

Best Meta Mages for Season 29


Mobile Legends Alice Guide Cover
Image via MOONTON Games

After the buff, Alice is dominating the lobby. No one generally bans her, but she can literally suck enemies’ HP like a beast while playing as support or proper mage. The best part is that now she can use Queen’s Wings to trench her blood thrust. However, watch out for the enemy’s magic necklace. But try to master Alice’s portal, aka first power, and then you will get to know why Alice is in meta.


The newly launched hero Novaria is very overpowering in the mid-to late-game. She generally relies on her damage output, which comes from the build. So in the early game, just poke enemies while collecting a decent amount of gold to buy items.

Mobile Legends Novaria Game Hero Guide Spotlight Cover

After buying two core items, just shoot your second power properly at the enemies. It will vaporize low-HP enemies who try to act smart in the game. Not only that, you can mark enemies on the map to avoid unwanted ganks in teamfights while maintaining a safe distance from them by going through the terrain. Master it, and it will definitely boost your star power in the new season.


Valentina Mobile Legends MLBB, Mobile Legends April 2023 Tier List
Image via MOONTON Games

Last but not least, we cannot forget Valentina. She is always in meta, but in order to use her at first, you need to know the basics. She has two dashes in Skill 2, so try to master them first. They are the main keys to escape, killing dot-life enemies, or copying the enemy’s ultimate. Also, you need a basic sense of when to pick Ultimate and how to use it on them. So keep playing Valentina to get a rank in the country lobby.


In the whole section, we cannot say that picking meta heroes will add a star to your rank, but if you are a meta main or know how to play, then the enemies have a hard time overcoming you, and in most cases, they cannot. You cannot carry the rest, but by playing your role perfectly, you can help them achieve victory.

And picking A- or B-tier heroes is sometimes useful if you are a Main or know how to counter a particular meta with them. The MOBA is full of uncertainty; practice more to leave a mark on the leaderboard, and you can now access Nolan if you are on the MLBB Advance server. He will be the next game-changer in the current meta after its release.

What do you think about this Mobile Legends Hero Tier List for July 2023? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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