Mobile Legends Khaleed Guide: Best Emblem, Build and Gameplay Tips

Khaleed the Desert Scimitar is the brand new fighter in Mobile legends to boost this Season 17 into a whole new Meta season. He is a fighter with Crowd Control (CC) and Damage type specialty. Its rare combo for the fighters but it is one of the deadliest for sure. In this guide, we’ll talk about Khaleed’s skills, best builds, and emblem sets for Khaleed, as well as some tips on how to play Khaleed in Mobile Legends.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Mobile Legends heroes like Ling, WanwanPharsaCarmillaHayabusaAtlasLuo YiYu Zhong. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Khaleed.

Skill analysis


Khaleed has a unique passive which allows him to get a sand skateboard whenever his rage bar is full. This skateboard allows him to get an increasing 30% movement speed along with an enhanced basic attack whenever he crashes the skateboard to a target. After the crash, he not only gets an enhanced basic attack but also leaves a sand carpet behind leaving the enemies slowed down by 30% in that area.

Skill 1- Desert Tornado

Khaleed strikes with his blade to deal damage to the surrounding enemies. If he hits a target successfully, he can use this skill again up to three times increasing the damage by 20% per hit. To complete the combo he has to successfully hit any target even the minions will do to continue using this skill up to three times. While doing this skill Khaleed jumps towards the movement direction just like WanWan before swinging his sword. So you need to focus on the movements too or else this skill will be stopped right away.

Khaleed skills

Skill 2 – Quicksand Guard

Khaleed creates a whirlwind quicksand around himself which slows down the enemies in range and also heals him. This skill is a buff type skill and can be interrupted by any movements or any other skills or by any enemy CC. Khaleed also gets damage reduction and a quick passive charge while using this skill. Damage reduction from this skill ranges from 50%-70% depending on the skill level. This skill’s HP regeneration depends upon the amount of HP loss, so the lower is your health the more you will get HP regeneration from this skill. This skill is a great counter against heroes like Hayabusa.

ML Khaleed Skills

Ultimate skill – Raging Sandstorm

Khaleed summons a sand storm and charges in a designated direction pushing the enemies a little backwards. At the end of this skill cast, he deals massive damage inside the circle and also stuns the enemies for 1s. While using this skill you don’t have to worry about the enemy CC as he is immune to any CC while using this skill. This skill is also a great option to get out of squeeshy situations. But this skill cast is a little slow so need to maintain the timing properly.

Mobile Legends Khaleed Ultimate, ML khaleed

Best Builds for Khaleed in Mobile Legends

Khaleed is a hero that can deal a lot of damage as well as soak up a huge amount of damage. So for him, you need to build a combination of damage and sustainability, for which we suggest to start with Warrior boots as it will give you the initial defences in the early game.

Then go for Endless Battle or Bloodlust Axe. Both give a good amount of lifesteal and CD reduction. But if you’re low on gold go for Bloodlust Axe without a doubt. As it is cheaper than Endless battle and you’ll get a good amount of damage from it too.

For the third item if you have taken Endless Battle to go for Blade of despair to deal more damage along with sustainability and lifesteal. If you’ve to take Bloodlust axe to go for defence items like Immortality or Athena’s Shield or Wings of Apocalypse for more sustainability in the ganks. Go for Blade of Hepateses if you need more damage and don’t forget to take Jungle equipment if you’re with Retribution.

Mobile Legends Khaleed Builds
Best Builds for Khaleed

Best Emblem sets for Khaleed

Assassin Emblem

Use this emblem if you want to deal damage and focus on farming. Set it up with:

  • CD reductiom +3
  • Physical PEN +3
  • Bounty Hunter (in the last to gain more gold per kill)
Mobile Legends Khaleed Emblem sets

Fighter Emblem

Use this emblem if you want to focus on Support and sustainability. Set it up with:

  • Physical ATK+3
  • Physical PEN+3
  • Festival of blood (at the last)

Well, we recommend using Fighter Emblem personally as his skills deal a lot of damage anyway and with fighter emblem, he will get a good amount of spell vamp too.

Mobile Legends Khaleed Emblem sets

Battle Spell for Khaleed

Flicker is the best battle spell for Khaleed as using it you will be able to chase or get out of a situation quickly. But you can also use retribution as Khaleed’s farming is a little slow. Using retribution you can also go for the enemy buffs and try to steal them. You can also go for spells like Execute, Arrival and Vengence as per your requirements, but never use Sprint or petrify with Khaleed as it will be a waste of spell.

Combos to use with Khaleed in Mobile Legends

Khaleed has basically two kinds of combos. First one is without using Ultimate and the second one is using Ultimate. For Khaleed completing his combos deals huge amount of damage and can finish off low health heroes easily.

Combo 1

Skill1 + Basic Attack + Move + Basic Attack + Move + Basic Attack

Since Khaleed Spins while using skill1, this will help you to fast kill enemies and also clear minion waves. Use skill1 to spin and after every spin use basic attack to deal damage. Move according with the jumps to restore passive and hit with basic attack whenever its full.  This is the basic combo for Khaleed to use in all kinds of situations.

Combo 2

Ultimate + Combo1

Use this combo whenever you’re entering a gank. But remember to aim well while using ultimate as it moves slow and the targeted enemy can run from it. Make sure it hits in the circle so that you get the advantage of the stun to deal as musch damage as you can. Also remember to retreat whenever your heath is below 50%. Retreat use 2nd skill to heal quickly and again use the combos. This is the best technique to play with Khaleed.

Positioning and Gameplay Tips for Khaleed

Positioning your hero properly is a very important aspect of winning any fight in MLBB. In this Khaleed guide, we’ll tell you how to position him and how to play with him in Mobile Legends during different phases of the game

Early game

Start the game by clearing the offlane minions. This will make him level 2 easily. Try to take the Gold Crab as fast as you can and wait for the enemy in the bush. Khaleed is really good in the early game so you can play aggressively from the start, but don’t overdo it or you will just feed.  A little farming is needed for Khaleed to sustain the damage given. You need to maintain the position in such a sense so that after a gank initiation by the tank you can follow him right up and finish the enemies with your combos. In a gank, you have the role to finish it. So position yourself accordingly. Try to take away some early kills it will increase the damage in the mid-game.

Mid game

In the mid-game try to take out some towers and always enter a gank in the last and finish everyone off. Help your carry and protect him from enemy assassins. Khaleed is really a nightmare for assassins because of his 2nd skill and passive.  Try to solo push whenever you get the chance and deal massive damage, as Khaleed deals the best damage in the mid-game.

Late game

In the late game, Khaleed is very strong but without defence items, he could be killed easily. So don’t initiate a gank alone and always stay with your tank. Chase and stun your enemies with your ultimate and use the combos at the right time. Hide sometimes to mark the enemy carry and kill him. Don’t go solo in the late game.

Hope this guide will help you to win many games after mastering Khaleed in Mobile Legends. Good luck!

That’s all for today’s guide about Khaleed in Mobile Legends. For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp group or Discord server. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter for quick updates.

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