Mobile Legends Ultimate Hero Counters guide

Practice make improvements

Mobile Legend is a dynamic and ever-evolving mobile MOBA game where strategic gameplay and hero selection play crucial roles in achieving victory. Mastering hero counters is a key aspect of success, as it allows you to exploit the weaknesses of your opponents and maximize your team’s potential. In this guide, we will explore hero counters in Mobile Legends, providing insights into effective strategies for countering specific heroes.

What are counters?

Counters in Mobile Legends refer to heroes known for their abilities to disrupt and hinder specific opponents. This concept can also apply to items and in-game choices, but our focus in this guide will be solely on hero counters. Essentially, these heroes excel at exploiting the weaknesses of particular picks, playing a crucial role in influencing the outcome of battles. Understanding and using these hero counters is key to success in Mobile Legends.

Counters to Hero properties


If a hero lacks Mobility, they become an easy target, highlighting the immense importance of disrupting Mobility spells. This is where Khufra stands out as the most valuable yet challenging tank to handle. Apart from Minsitthar, he holds a unique position as the only hero equipped with an ability that effectively blocks any form of Mobility.

Khufra’s disruptive capabilities make him a standout choice, providing not only defensive prowess but also strategic advantages. Another hero to consider is Phoveus, who cleverly uses enemy dashes to reduce cooldowns and trigger his ultimate.

Minsitthar’s Ultimate (King’s Calling)

Minsitthar charges forward and calls 4 Royal Guards to form a field around him. The Royal Guards cannot move but will attack enemies in the field for ( +40% Total Physical Attack) (Physical Damage). Enemies in the field are slowed by 20% and cannot use movement skills.

Mobile Legends Hero Counter Minsitthar
Image via MOONTON Games

Khufra’s Skill 2 (Bouncing Ball)

Khufra uses bandage to wrap himself into a magic bouncing ball, increasing his own Physical & Magic Defense by 30%. Enemies trying to use blink skills to move across Khufra will be knocked airborne. Each time the magic bouncing ball hits the ground, it will deal (Magic Damage) equal to 50 plus 3( <1022 0.02 1>)% of his Max HP to enemies nearby and slow them by 80%. Lasts 0.2s.

Mobile Legends Hero Counter Khufra
Image via MOONTON Games

Projectiles, DPS & AoE

In terms of countering projectiles, Lolita is the top choice with her second ability that blocks ranged attacks effectively. This makes her a strong pick against Marksmen and Mages, providing a shield for her team against threats like Granger‘s bullets or Chang’e‘s star shower. On the other hand, for abilities that deal substantial damage without using projectiles, Estes emerges as a key support option. His ultimate ability ensures the team’s survivability, and with the right items, he can cast it frequently, offering a level of sustain that can make the team feel nearly invincible.

When it comes to dealing consistent damage over time (DPS), Belerick excels, making life difficult for enemies, especially Marksmen like Claude, who might face dire consequences for targeting him or his teammates during his ultimate.

Lolita’s Skill 2 (Guardian’s Reflection)

Lolita raises her shield and reflects all incoming ranged Basic Attacks and (Projectiles) in the direction of the shield for 3s. The shield will break after taking 1500( +15% Total HP) damage. The damage and effects from the Unique Passives of an attacker’s equipment will not apply to the shield and will not be reflected.

Mobile Legends Hero Counter Lolita
Image via MOONTON Games

Belerick’s Passive (Deadly Thorns)

For every 50 damage inflicted upon Belerick, he has a 25% chance to shoot the nearest enemy unit, dealing (Magic Damage) equal to 55(+5*Hero Level) plus 1.8% of his Max HP (scales with level). This attack can be triggered once every 0.4s. His HP obtained from Equipment and Emblems is increased by 30%.

Mobile Legends Hero Counter Belerick
Image via MOONTON Games


Every hero can use items to cut through enemy defenses, but some heroes excel at quickly defeating tanks. There are two main sources of damage that prove highly effective against robust targets. Firstly, True Damage completely bypasses enemy defenses, allowing heroes like Karrie to effortlessly take down tanky opponents. Although stacking health can assist with damage control, Karrie’s ability to ignore defenses makes her unparalleled in dealing with tanks.

Alternatively, damage based on the enemy’s maximum HP is also potent. While resistances can reduce this type of damage, heroes like Lunox, Wanwan, or Valir find it easier to handle tanky foes compared to many of their counterparts.

Karrie’s Passive (Lightwheel Mark)

Karrie’s Basic Attacks and skills apply a stack of (Lightwheel Mark) on hit. Once a target has 5 stacks of (Lightwheel Marks), the marks will turn into a lightwheel, dealing (True Damage) equal to 6%-8% of the target’s Max HP to them (only up to 300 damage against Creeps).

Mobile Legends Hero Counter Karrie
Image via MOONTON Games

Valir’s Passive (Ashing)

Valir’s skills apply a stack of Ablaze to enemies hit, dealing them (Magic Damage) equal to 0.6% of their Max HP per second for 4s. At 3 stacks, the fire detonates, dealing (Magic Damage) equal to 6% of the target’s Max HP to the enemy and stunning them for 1s (the same target can only be stunned by Valir’s skills once every 7s.)

Mobile Legends Hero Counter Valir
Image via MOONTON Games

Crowd Control

Having good crowd control (CC) is crucial for winning games. Some heroes can naturally avoid or escape CC without needing Purify. For instance, Kagura and Wanwan have skills similar to Purify that help them break free from control effects. Masha becomes immune to control effects when she’s down to one HP bar. Chou and Ling also briefly resist crowd control during specific skills, making them tougher to control.

But, when it comes to giving CC immunity to the whole team, Diggie takes the lead. His ultimate ability grants all nearby allies immunity to crowd control for a brief time, making him a game-changer in team fights.

Diggie’s ultimate: A lifesaver against CC

Diggie’s Ultimate (Time Journey)

Diggie removes all debuffs on nearby allied heroes (including himself) and grants them a 650( +300% Total Magic Power) shield and Control Immunity for 3s. He also gains 50% Movement Speed for 0.5s.

HP and Shield Regeneration

Many heroes rely on shields or healing abilities for sustainability, but the introduction of Baxia brings a unique twist to countering regeneration effects without the need for specific items. His second ability not only addresses enemy regeneration but also provides a substantial cooldown refund upon hitting foes, making him a disruptive force on the battlefield. On the other hand, Esmeralda doesn’t directly impede HP and shield regeneration; instead, she excels at absorbing enemy shields.

Baxia’s Passive (Baxia Mark)

Baxia activates the “Baxia Mark” permanently, reducing the final damage received by 25. At the same time, Baxia will reduce the Shield and HP Regen of enemies hit by his skills by 50% for 4s.

Mobile Legends Hero Counter Baxia
Image via MOONTON Games

Esmeralda’s Skill 1 (Frostmoon Shield)

Esmeralda gains 400( +150% Total Magic Power) Shield and 40% Movement Speed which rapidly decays over its duration for 4s. Meanwhile, she gradually transforms the shields of her nearby enemies into her own shield, capped at 50% of her Max HP.

Mobile Legends Hero Counter Esmeralda
Image via MOONTON Games

Specific Hero counters

Now that we’ve covered the most important “generic” Hero counters in Mobile Legends, let’s take a look at concrete Heroes. Picking the right counter can definitely help to swing the game in your favour. Below you’ll find a table with the overall strongest counters to several Heroes that aren’t simply covered by the generic Mobile Legend Hero counters.

Table of Hero Counters in Mobile Legends

AldousGrockWell-timed wall will cancel his ultimate
BelerickBurst damage
Belerick’s passive only triggers once upon taking damage, no matter whether it’s 200 or 2000
Enough burst helps to kill targets before Estes can heal them up since he heals over time
Baxia cuts down his healing
Khufra’s 2nd ability cockblocks her cable movement
Franco’s hook and his point-click ultimate lock her down
Ruby’s amount of CC also disrupts Fanny heavily
His hook is also coded as projectile
When Grock is charged, the hook of Franco doesn’t work
Esmeralda absorbs his shields
Khufra denies his jumps
Diggie’s ultimate denies engage
Grock’s wall disrupts Johnson’s ultimate
Both Akai and Martis can push him away from their team while he uses his 2nd skill, also good disruptive abilities to deny his combo
Valir’s knockback does the job as well
Any Stuns
His jump will kick Ling off walls, his silence will keep Ling from using other abilities
LolitaEsmeraldaShe absorbs her shields
heavy lockdown
Chou has enough follow-up CC on his own to burst her down while she is locked down, but layering CC does the job as well
Rafaela’s 1st ability makes Natalia visible
Lesley’s ultimate makes Natalia visible
Aldous’s ultimate makes Natalia visible
Odetteany CCCC cancels her ultimate which is her main source of damage
Diggie to purify her 2nd skill
Khufra to prevent her from jumping in
Lolita to block her 2nd skill
X-BorgChang’eShe can melt him from afar, destroying his Firaga Armor and denying his ultimate
Claude’s ultimate one-shots Zhask’s spawns
Estes outheals Zhask’s DPS unless far behind
TigrealAny stunsAny stuns can counter Tigreal’s ult and second abilty
Any ultimate based hero like Hayabusa can counter Bruno easily
Nana’s Molina can stop Atlas’s stun
Divine Judgement of Kaja can stop Atlas
Popol & KupaBadang
Badang’s Fist Break and Fist Crack combo can counter Popol & Kupa easily
Zhask’s ultimate can counter easily
Luo YiHelcurt
Helcurt’s Shadow Transition stops Luo Yi’s abilities
Harley’s Deadly Magic and Poker Trick combo can counter Luo Yi
CecilionDash based HeroesAny hero that can reach out to Cecilion can kill him easily as Cecilion’s is a ranged hero
Hanzo’s ultimate can kill Pharsa easily
Natalia’s passive can silence Pharsa
AamonRubyRuby can fight him head-on due to her tremendous spell vamp along with physical and magic defense gained from her passive
AldousNanaNana can turn him into a slow-moving animal as soon as he lands, when using ultimate skill.
BadangWanwanWanwan can jump over Badang’s wall and can remove the stun from his passive and trigger the other effect of Tiger Pace
BaneHayabusaHayabusa can easily close in on Bane, evade his abilities, and quickly eliminate him.
BeatrixNataliaNatalia’s simple combo of Claw Dash and the Hunt is enough to burst her down.
ChouSilvannaSilvanna can out-damage him in a 1v1 situation and can also close the gap with Cosmetic Lance if he tries to get away.
DyrrothGuinevereGuinevere can dash out of the fight using the invisibility mechanic of Spatial Migration
EsmeraldaThamuzThamuz can deal enormous physical and true damage in close combat.
GlooAlice Gloo’s ultimate is beneficial for Alice when he get closer.
HanzoNataliaNatalia can roam around the map unnoticed and can eleminate Hanzo when he uses his ultimate.
YinSunSun can immediately turn an intense 1v1 situation into a lopsided 3v1 situation in Yin’s ultimate.
VexanaKaguraKagura can cancel Vexana’s combo if casted at the right time, and can counterattack.


For the sake of clarity, we forwent to name every single counter and instead focused on picks that heavily hinder the specific Heroes rather than just doing well in a 1v1 scenario.

Do you have secret Hero counters in Mobile Legends? Or did we miss some important picks? Tell us in the comment section below. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more exciting content!

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Who could counter Hanzo??

Last edited 3 years ago by nikita

Johnson is the best counter.


Hanzo can be countered by Natalia. Natalia will go invisible through the bushes and find Hanzo’s body.

Roobesh S V

Good tank

Roobesh S V

Ling, Luo Yi, Fanny, Pharsa, Natalia, Hayabusa, Chou, fighters with good spell vamp can fight off Hanzo’s Ult


Aldous can be a counter.

Bryan Tito

Masha, Benedetta, Helcurt, Harley, Roger… In fact bust damage heroes, u must find Hanzo body when he is using his ultimate

Buu buu

Zilong is best choice i am hanzo player 14 in my local rank,kill hanzo’s ninjutsu using 2nd and 1st skill then hanzo run for hanzo using ult his real body is easy to kill.or directly go for hanzo by following line connecting hanzo and ninjutsu.for me zilong very annoying for lot of assassins.lance is a good choice too if you are a pro

Azim 873

What counter for silvana ?


Argus’counter is Gatotkacha

Person over the rainbow

Who can counter Esmeralda?


Since Karrie and Lunox can melt down tanky heroes they‘re good counters for Esmeralda

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