Mobile Legends: Lethal Nexus Survival Guide with Tips

How long can you Survive?

With the arrival of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang‘s latest hero Beatrix, developers have also launched a new Survival Mode with a Lethal Nexus theme. Players play in teams of 2 Beatrixes, dropping onto a huge map and duking it out against 49 other teams in an all-out, Battle Royale style competition. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the guide published by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on how to best win the Lethal Nexus Survival mode, as well as a few of our own tips and tricks.

Mobile Legends Lethal Nexus Survival Guide

Early Game

Upon entering the game, you can choose to follow your duo partner, or to land on your own. If you are playing with a friend, it is better to land together, as you will stand a better chance fighting the neutral creeps and enemies. Starting out with a standard Military Sword, you should instantly seek out the creeps and kill as many as you can. They will drop anything from Battle Spells, Armors, Helmets, Boots, or new Weapons. The Military Sword is by far the weakest Weapon, so try to find any other weapons you can.

The Sub Machine Gun works best for the early game, as you can deal burst damage to creeps from a good distance so you don’t receive any unnecessary damage. Another good item for the early game is the Boomerang, which also has a large range and will allow you to hit enemies through walls. For Spells, Hook and Teleportation are good, as you can hook unsuspecting enemies and take out your enemies one by one.

Mid Game

In the Mid Game, assuming you are still alive at this point, you should start to look for better weapons. The Shotgun and Bazooka are perfect for this time, because they are a good balance of close and long-range, and can deal a lot of damage. The Bazooka can also shoot over walls, so it can replace the Boomerang.

Mobile Legends Lethal Nexus Survival Guide

This is good, because enemies will also have some armor and defense items, so it will be important to deal a higher amount of damage to kill them before you die. For Battle Spells, Detonation, Minos’ Trick, or Wall are good, as they can help you maintain some distance to escape or close the distance and get kills.

Late Game

In the Late Game, the circle will also be very small, so if you can find the Gatling Gun, it will be very good for defending your area and standing your ground. Although you won’t be able to move while shooting it, it has a lot of ammo so you can zone your enemies with it.

The Sniper is also good late in the game because it has a very long range and can take out enemies from a very safe distance. Battle Spells at this point can be Detonation, Wall, or any others you are comfortable playing.

Mobile Legends Lethal Nexus Survival Guide: Summary

Lethal Nexus: Survival is a very unique Arcade Mode as it allows new and veteran players to experience playing Beatrix without owning her. The unique feature of being able to equip 2 weapons at once and change weapons as you find them is a very good representation of Beatrix’s playstyle in Classic and Ranked mode. To win in Survival, be sure to play with a partner you can trust, and start by clearing as many creeps as you can to increase the chances of getting item drops that you need.

In the Mid Game, play safely and aggressively at a balanced rate; numbers don’t matter as much as items, so be sure to play close to your partner and watch each others’ backs. In the Late Game, deck out your utilities with Weapons and Skills that can zone enemies and long-range weapons. You do not want to be using any close or mid-range weapons in the late game, as you can easily be killed from afar. That’s all for this guide, be sure to check out the game mode before it ends!

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