Mobile Legends Youth Fair Event: How to get Silvanna epic skin for free

Accumulate Paper Planes and obtain Silvanna Epic skin for free!

The Youth Fair event is a new upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) event that has been scheduled to be released soon on the Original Server. This new event is expected to bring about numerous other events, each promising a lot of amazing rewards and prizes including Free Emotes, avatar borders, free time-limited skins, painted skins, and even a free Epic skin. Judging from the awesome rewards this event has to offer, let’s check out in detail all the event has to offer.

Mobile Legends Youth Fair Event: Overview

The Youth Fair event events mainly revolve around completing various intriguing event tasks, to collect and accumulate Paper Planes which can in turn be used to obtain awesome rewards. The following are all the Youth Fair featured events:

  • Silvanna’s Gallery event
  • Carnival Team-Up Party
  • Battle Bonus
  • Free Skins
  • Nostalgia
  • Battle Challenge

By participating in all the events, players can collect and accumulate a total of 1300 paper planes, which can, in turn, be exchanged for Silvanna‘s new Youth fair skin as well as its painted skin. The exchange prizes for the events’ exclusive rewards are stated below:

  • Silvanna exclusive Youth Fair skin: 800 Paper planes
  • Silvanna exclusive Youth Fair painted skin: 250 Paper planes
  • Exclusive Youth Fair Avatar border: 500 Paper Planes
  • Exclusive Silvanna’s Youth Fair emote: 80 Paper planes

Now that we know what the event exclusive rewards are, let us check out details on what the Youth Fair featured events entail:

The Silvana Gallery event is an event that allows players to obtain different skin packs which can be used to obtain the Event-exclusive Silvanna Youth Fair skin as well as, a Free Epic skin. To draw in the event players have to complete daily and weekly tasks to obtain Card Packs. Card Packs are divided into Normal and Advanced Card packs, each with different drop rates for cards of different star levels.

Silvanna's Gallery event
Image via MOONTON Games

The Normal Card Packs are obtained from completing Daily event tasks, whilst the Advanced Card Packs are obtained from completing Weekly event tasks. Whilst using the Card Packs to draw in the event, the following event rules should be noted:

Mobile Legends Youth Fair Event Limited skins
Image via MOONTON Games
  • Normal Cards are divided into 1-Star, 2-Star, 3-Star, and 4-Star cards and each star level has 13 cards with a total of 52 normal cards.
  • Players collecting all Normal Cards would be able to get Silvanna’s Youth Fair skin completely for free.
  • There are 5 Limited skin cards available. Limited cards can only be obtained when drawing with the Advanced Card Packs.
  • Players, on collecting all the 5 Limited Skin Cards would obtain a permanent Epic Skin for free.
  • Players can also Gift/Request Cards with other players. One can even post a skin-request link using social media platforms for a much larger friendbase to assist with.

On collecting the skin card, players would be able to accumulate 150 Paper Planes which can be used to purchase exclusive Youth Fair event rewards.

Carnival Team-Up Party

The Carnival Team-Up Party introduces rewards for players who complete daily team-up match tasks. The tasks include completing a specified number of Daily matches with friends, winning those matches also comes with extra rewards. Players accumulate enough Tropical Feather rewards and will be able to exchange it, for a maximum of 350 Paper planes.

Battle Bonus

The Battle Bonus event allows players to complete tasks to collect Protection fragments which can be exchanged for Ranked Star Protection Cards. Logging in and playing a specified amount of ranked matches are the main tasks. Players would be able to accumulate 250 Paper Planes which can be used to purchase exclusive Youth Fair event rewards.


The Nostalgia event is expected to return with the usual free skin rewards on completing daily login and match tasks. The expected skins to feature in the Nostalgia event include:

  • Khufra’s Basic skin
  • Angela Basic skin
  • Masha Basic skin
  • Harley’s Basic skin

Battle Challenge

This event is expected to bring about different challenging match tasks for players whilst providing lots of intriguing rewards. Tasks like getting a specified amount of total match kills and lots more other challenges are featured in this event’s tasks. Players would be able to accumulate 400 Paper Planes which can be used to purchase exclusive Youth Fair event rewards.

That’s all for today’s Mobile Legends Youth Fair Event! Let us know in the comment section below!

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