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Myth: Gods of Asgard: Beginners Guide and Tips

Inherit the power of legendary Gods and rule over the enemies of Asgard!

Myth: Gods of Asgard is an action RPG emerging from Nordic mythology. The game has been offered by Momo Technology HK Company Limited. The game follows the Hack ‘N’ Slash technique with amazing skill sets to defeat legendary Bosses and their minions. You also need to be well-versed with the features affecting the course of events. Thus, keep up with our Myth: Gods of Asgard Beginners Guide to grasp the basic gameplay vital in fighting against the fate of your ultimate enemy, Ragnarok. Also, follow up till the end to get some reliable tips for your journey in Asgard. 

Gameplay Overview

Myth: Gods of Asgard is a precisely explained action game where the storyline is a vital part of the game. The story is like a comic book enacted in the form of a game. It all begins when Odin senses the threat hovering over Asgard in the coming ages by Ragnarok. Odin then commands Brynhild, the valkyrie of love and justice to bring back Siegmund and Siegland to Valhalla as they are the only ones who can defeat the mighty dragon. Valkyrie then embarks on her journey to restore the order of Asgard. 

Myth-Gods of Asgard-home screen
Image via Momo Technology HK Company Limited

As you go on to complete each chapter, the story of the previous character ends, and a new hero takes his/her place. However, you can still use the previous heroes according to your preference. You should be certain to get Thor, the god of war and thunder after you reach the 3rd chapter. Each of them has a special set of skills to tackle their opponents. The chapters are nothing but campaign missions where you are the lone fighter amidst all the minions.

In battles, you do not need to gather a team of heroes but you are the only hero that needs to take out your opponents. As you reach the campaign, the enemies start to appear simultaneously. Your HP bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen along with that of your enemies on the top of their heads, the joystick on the left-hand side for locomotion, and the attack and dash buttons on the right-hand side of the screen. 

Myth-Gods of Asgard Battle in campaign
Image via Momo Technology HK Company Limited

The skill or attack buttons are of three types—normal, powerful, and special. Here, the normal skill does not have a cooldown period but the powerful and special skills do for a second. You should include the ultimate power of a God with other skills of different Gods to have drastic effects on your opponents. The cooldown period for the ultimate skill is longer than the other two skills. You can always set the fight on Auto for your convenience. 

Introducing the Basics of Myth: Gods of Asgard


The Campaign section is the area from where you can access battles against your enemies. Campaigns unfold in chapters having certain stages. After you finish each chapter, a new character is unlocked ending the storyline of your current character.

Image via Momo Technology HK Company Limited

However, you can still use your previously played characters if you resonate well with them. You can also locate the preparation corner from the Campaign section itself. It is always better to place your ultimate, special, and powerful card in the right place to win a battle. 


The Divine section allows you to see the locked and unlocked Gods and their skills divided into different sections. The Index allows you to differentiate between the Gods, their weapon cards, mount cards, and most importantly the skill cards.

Image via Momo Technology HK Company Limited

The Evolve option enables you to upgrade your skills by merging two or three cards of the same nature. By nature, we are referencing the cards of the same God. You can unlock bonds when all the cards of a particular composition have been drawn from the hall. This improves your chances of winning against the enemies. 

Hall of Gods

The Hall of Gods enables you to summon Gods and their skills with each turn. The skills or any other card can be drawn by using lineage keys. This is a little different from the usual summon section of any game as each of the Gods has a separate prayer option and lineage key representing them apart from the general keys.

Myth-Gods of Asgard-Hall of gods
Image via Momo Technology HK Company Limited

Every draw you initiate for a specific God, you are guaranteed to receive that God for the first time along with their skills, weapon, or mounts if any. The shortage of keys can be compensated by a fixed number of diamonds. 


You can select and switch the skills of characters via the Role section. Each of the characters has their respective unlock stage or other conditions. The basic attributes are displayed just on the right side of the screen along with their title and story.

Image via Momo Technology HK Company Limited

You can also look at the skill info presented below. Every character in the section has a normal, powerful, or special skill that should upgraded from time to time with the use of required resources. The information about the characters helps you to choose the lead ones. 


The Bag section is where all the items including armor, helmets, gauntlets, boots, resources, and many more. The area allows you to equip items that serve you well during battles. The total strength of the character’s equipment displayed in the section helps you to equip better items.

Image via Momo Technology HK Company Limited

Dismantling is also an option enabled in the bag where the unwanted items can be dismantled to obtain ember. Ember helps in gaining enhancement XP for the gears you wish to level up for a defeatless performance in combats.


The Missions consist of a list of in-game activities or tasks assigned to you on three different basis. The section has daily, weekly, and ACHV missions. The daily and weekly missions provide you with rewards when you hit a fixed number of tasks for activities.

Image via Momo Technology HK Company Limited

As the name suggests, they are to be completed within a day and a week respectively. The ACHV works based on your progress collection. These missions usually involve the completion of campaign stages, BR reach, character reach, and others. The rewards received come in handy throughout the game. 


The World section inhabits events that last for a certain period. The nest phase of events begins when the current one has crossed its date. There are limitless attempts and you and the other players will be ranked according to the time taken to complete the event.

Myth-Gods of Asgard World
Image via Momo Technology HK Company Limited

Once you choose a hero or say character, you will not be able to change it midway through the challenges. You will receive a stage reward for each progression milestone reached. The world event can be a great way to boost your morale in campaigns.

Myth: Gods of Asgard Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Evolve the Power of Gods

The skills of each of the Gods in Asgard have respective cards representing them. The powers can be evolved to level up the card and heighten the overall stats and percentage of that skill. You can only evolve the same cards together to upgrade them or some specific skill cards of the same God. The same premium power cards have to be three in number to be evolved while the rare ones require two same cards. The evolved skills offer a better output in campaign battles.

2. Keep unlocking Bonds

Each of the Gods among the six has a good synergy with a certain other. This is what we call bond formation, where two Gods come together to form a team and grant their collective powers to your character. You can unlock bonds by successfully drawing all the cards of that respective composition. The achievement level represents the tier granting an increase in different attributes such as HP, DEF, ADN ATK for each tier or level. The composition, if unlocked should be used during campaign preparation.

3. Switch your Character’s Skills

You will be witnessing three types of skills for every character you play in the game. The normal, powerful, and special skills are the three character skills. These further have three divisions of each which unlock when you excel in the campaign activities. It is beneficial for you to switch your current normal, special, or powerful attack to a brand-new skill. The change in power grants you a chance to unleash different strengths of attacks and see what suits best against your enemies in battles.

4. Finish off the Missions

This section in the game has three divisions—daily, weekly, and ACHV. The missions usually include activities within the battles or the storyline and this game is no other exception. The daily and weekly mission refresh within the period as their name suggests respectively. These missions provide extra rewards when a stipulated mark has been crossed. The ACHV tracks your collection progress as you move ahead with the campaign stages, character level, or any other task. The rewards for every mission are different but valuable for sure. 

5. Participate in World Events

The world events can be accessed from the world section as mentioned above in the in-game features. As you go on completing a benchmark in events, you receive proportional rewards to as many stages you clear in less time. Any event lasts for 3 days until the next phase starts. There is no limit to the number of attempts but you will be ranked based on your completion times. Therefore, it is important to use the benefits of the challenges in world events to get the best out of them.

Final Thoughts

Myth: Gods of Asgard is an elaborate action game that treats you with the amazing mythologies it has been based on. The Gods and the character roles are reminiscent of stories heard about Asgard. The wars project the feel with sincerity along with offering various elements to swoon over in the game. The skills help you achieve your goal while other features keep you entertained overall. While seeking attention, follow our Myth: Gods of Asgard Beginners Guide to progress positively. 

What are your thoughts about our Myth: Gods of Asgard Beginners Guide? Did you find our Myth: Gods of Asgard Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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