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Ninneko Beginners Guide and Tips

Will Ninneko village be strong enough to defeat others? Will the empire be thriving or struggling?

Ninneko is a play-to-earn, idle-RPG, NFT game, available on macOS, Windows, App Store and Play Store for free. You can download the game through their official website as well. This game also has stats and class systems, attributes (called C attributes), breeding systems, and more. The game is very easy to understand and begin with, so let’s get started. In this Ninneko Beginners Guide, we are going to do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain its basics with additional tips and tricks.

Introducing the Basics of Ninneko

Setting up your profile

So setting up your profile might seem complicated if you are not familiar with crypto wallets but we’ll guide you through it! In this example, we’ll use MetaMask. The first step is to make a MetaMask account, which isn’t too hard. Go to to download the browser extension, or you can also download the MetaMask app on the Play Store or the App Store, then set up your account.

Don’t worry, MetaMask will guide you through the procedure. Make sure you keep your email and passwords safe and hidden. Now go to this link and on the top right of the web page, you should see a green button saying Connect Wallet, as shown below:

profile Ninneko Beginners Guide
Image via Ninneko

Click on Connect Wallet, and if your wallet is not on the Binance Smart Chain, it will ask you to do so, and may or may not ask for your password to make the change. Read through carefully and follow the steps provided by MetaMask to change it to Binance Smart Chain.

Image via Ninneko

Back on the link go to Account and click on set up. Remember your login details. Now go to the application on your mobile/tablet and enter the login details of your Ninneko account. Congratulations! You’ve Successfully logged in!

Meet the Ninnekos

Ninneko is your ninja cat. They are the NFT on which the game is based. You can use your Ninneko to battle in player vs player mode or Adventure mode. You can also use your ninneko to breed, and sell them on the marketplace for ninneko.

Ninneko Ninneko Beginners Guide
Image via Ninneko

The Ninneko button, shows you your current Ninneko, and you can view them faction-wise, which are as follows, Fire, Wind, Light, Earth, Water, and Yin-Yang. You can view a faction at a time, by selecting it, or view it all at once, by deselecting the faction button. Factions are an important part of the game, and we’ll learn about them soon.

If you click on any Ninneko, it will show you the stats and level and required upgrade XP for your Ninneko. You can level up your Ninneko with green fish. To increase the tier of your Ninneko, you need to max it to the current level cap, which is 30 in this case, and then it will cost purple fish to upgrade a tier.

Image via Ninneko

You can see your Ninneko’s current level, tier, and experience fee required (green fish). The green arrow levels up your Neko by 1 level. There are also the stats, and abilities, which are unlocked with tiers. You can also see your Ninneko’s stats and its faction.

Ninneko Ninneko Beginners Guide
Image via Ninneko

In your bag, you can see your equipment, items, shards, and artefacts. Equipment and artefacts increase the stats of your Neko. Collecting enough shards of the same artefact unlocks that artefact. Artefacts’ shards can be collected in Adventure mode.

Gameplay Overview

You can click on the Adventure icon to play Player v Environment. You can see here that there are a few options. The player can click on the battle to make your Nekos battle NPCs from here, but before that check a few things out like the treasure box in the middle. That’s your AFK reward chest.

Gameplay overview
Image via Ninneko

You can see that being AFK rewards you with green fish, and experience and if you collect the reward after hours, you can get a few purple fish. The player can also sees the ranking stage, and you can click the question mark to see additional important details. You can only claim rewards for 10 hours of AFK at once. You can also see the amount of MATA (green leaf) you can collect at your current level.

Gameplay overview Ninneko Beginners Guide
Image via Ninneko

If you go to battle to play the campaign, you can see your Ninnekos and the opponents. If you have more than 6 Ninnekos, you can arrange them differently, to create different types of team auras. Team auras boost your stats. You can see these stat boosts in the bottom left corner, click the wheel to read the info on team aura.

Gameplay-overview Ninneko fight battle
Image via Ninneko

Now you are ready to send your Ninnekos in battle. You can see the simulation in 1x or 2x. You don’t have to do anything here, you can watch. Winning in these battles will give you many valuable rewards, sometimes purple fish or equipment, greenfish and XP.

PvP mode

In order to play player vs player mode, you first need to clear stages 3-8 of adventure mode, and second, you need to have paid NFT Ninneko. The free Ninneko provided by the game cannot be used to play player vs player mode. The minimum investment would be whatever the cheapest ninneko is currently available on the marketplace. Select the lowest-priced option and you can see the available NFT Ninneko that you can purchase.

Player vs Player mode Ninneko Beginners Guide
Image via Ninneko

You can then use these Ninneko to breed, or battle in arena mode or in adventure mode. The way this player vs player mode works is that it is not a real-time battle. You will have a defence lineup and an attacking lineup. The defence lineup will be attacked by other players, while you will use your attack lineup to attack other people’s defence lineup.

In player arena mode, there are ranks, which are determined by points, each victory rewards you with some points. The higher your rank, the more MATA you get per victory. There are 8 ranks in total, and the lowest rank is achieved at 800 points. There is also your Umineko’s stamina

Ninneko Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Ninneko Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Remember to complete your daily quests

daily quests Ninneko Beginners Guide
Image via Ninneko

 It’s important that you collect as many purple fish to upgrade your ninneko’s tier, and that can only be done by purple fish. You can also collect purple fish through Afk rewards, but it only gives a few purple fish after 10 hours of AFK. Your main source of purple fish is your daily quests.

2. Build a good roster of Ninnekos

There are factions’ strengths, which are, Fire is strong against Wind, Wind is strong against Thunder, Thunder is strong against Earth, Earth is strong against Water, and Water is strong against Fire.

roster of ninnekos
Image via Ninneko

Yin-Yang Ninneko has no strengths or weaknesses. A faction being stronger than another faction gives Ninneko many buffs over the weaker faction.

3. Build your roster with Team Aura

team aura Ninneko Beginners Guide
Image via Ninneko

If you have ninneko of the same faction in your roster, you will get boosts that will give your ninneko advantages over your enemy. Here is the team aura chart. There are many ways in which you can build your ninneko roster. You can be creative but you should always keep in mind these team aura buffs.

Final Thoughts

The game is fun to progress at, and the RPG system is not too complicated to understand. Since it is an idle RPG game, you don’t have to do much during battles. You can play a lot and earn some money through MATA tokens. It is a great concept and a great game.

That’s it from this Ninneko beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Ninneko beginners guide useful.  

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