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One Punch Man: The Strongest How to Get Redeem Codes

Follow simple steps to redeem codes!

Who doesn’t like freebies? One Punch Man: The Strongest is definitely one of those games that are into sending redeem codes to give players freebies in the game. Aside from the codes they post on their social media accounts, some of them are exclusive redeem codes that are only meant for a certain number of players and for only one-time use.

In this article, we’ll let you know how you can get inside and receive these exclusive codes. Of course aside from the usual codes that they blast out in their social media accounts. On the side note, I, as a writer of this game is one of the many people who signed up for its newsletter before the game was released. And since I’m already included in their email blast early on, looks like I always get their exclusive codes right in my email. As of this writing, their website is not taking in emails for its newsletter so we did a workaround, and here’s how.

One Punch Man: The Strongest process to get Redeem Codes

And since the website is not taking in emails, we messaged its Facebook page directly. And according to the representative that we got, players can get into their newsletter by binding their account to an email. Although he said, the codes only have a limited quantity and will only be sent to randomly selected players. But here’s how you can do it.

One Punch Man: The Strongest How to Get redeem Codes

Without needing to log out of your account tap on Event that you will see at the game’s “homepage screen”. Upon tapping on Event, scroll down, and choose Bind Email, tap on Bind. This will ask you to put your username and password. Furthermore, if you didn’t bind any account yet, it will prompt you to put your email. You may see a prompt like this after putting your chosen username and password:

Put your email address and tap on Link. It will direct you to another prompt and will ask you to re-enter your email and put in the code that they sent to your email. You will have around 60 seconds to activate it. Once done, claim your reward which will include 100 Diamonds, 2 Epic vouchers, and 10K gold.

Where are the Codes?

Alright, right after binding your email to your account, you will not receive a code right away. This is because they usually send email blasts whenever they have an exclusive code available. And second, as their rep said, they only have a “limited number” of codes to send to randomly selected players. But if you do, you will receive an email like this:

At the very top of the email, you will get your exclusive code right away. So what will you get? It will usually depend. Sometimes the game gives 100 – 200 Diamonds, Coins, and Chests.

Have fun and we’re wishing you the best and hoping that you can get into the random player list. Best of luck hero!

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Let us know your thoughts about this guide for the redeem codes in One Punch Man: The Strongest in the comment section below!

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