OOTP Baseball Go Beginners Guide and Tips

Are you willing to build your Perfect Team?

OOTP or Out of the Park Basketball is the type of game that can be overwhelming to newcomers due to the sheer number of options and tools available. If you have even a passing familiarity with baseball, you can succeed at OOTP. Champions of the series eagerly await each year’s release, but for those who are hesitant to try it due to the game’s complexity, this guide is for you. Above all, we’ll walk you through the very basic setup for getting started with OOTP Baseball Go! in this guide. This OOTP Baseball Go beginners guide will surely help you strategize wisely in order to outrank your friends.

Gameplay overview

OOTP is a baseball simulation game, which means that you essentially set everything up, your rosters, managers, and scouting preferences and then let the AI take care of the rest. Moreover, you can go extremely fine-grained with it and manage each pitch of each game, or you can simply set the simulation to run for the duration of the game, a week, a month, or even the entire season.

ootp go baseball gameplay overview
Gameplay overview

No doubt, the “Go” version is an incredibly faithful recreation of the Out of the Park Baseball experience. The game offers a stunning 3D in-game experience in the all-new MLB and KBO stadiums introduced in OOTP 22 on PC. There are also lovely 3D animations, sounds, and strategic real-time decision-making. It’s truly incredible!

OOTP Baseball Go Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

If you’re new to baseball games, particularly OOTP Baseball Go, fear not; we’ve included some additional tips in this guide for you.

1. Start from the Settings

Are you new here? No worries. Just head towards the Team settings and follow us along. Under the Team Control Settings, you can easily choose which management responsibilities you want to handle or wants to hand over to the OOTP AI (Bot).

ootp go baseball settings

For instance, if you want to hand over the setting pitching staff role to the AI, so select from the respective option switcher and set that to Computer AI. After doing modifications, you have to press the Submit Team button to make sure that your changes are saved properly.

2. Know the League Rules and other settings

You can configure tons of things on this page. Under the Global settings, players can select from a bunch of settings. Like player rating scales, autosave, log settings, AI settings (Trade), player personality settings, etc. Under the Financials tab, players can set their own preferred budgets.

OOTP go baseball beginners guide
League Rules

In the game, players are the Kings. One can easily set his own rules. There are lots of options to choose from. Isn’t it? If you have already tried your hands upon the PC version, you know how to and which things to modify to outshine.

3. Roster Management

Don’t modify players unless there’s a good reason to do so. As you progress down the list, make sure to favor prospects more and more heavily.

4. Evaluating player ratings

I’ve often wondered why some players with excellent contact and power ratings and solid lefty/righty splits never performed well, or why pitchers with stud ratings pitched so poorly. Thus, instead of relying upon the Ratings, players should evaluate the characters wisely and strategically.

5. Player strategy

The player strategy will allow you to set different strategies so If I wanted a quick strategy, I could just click over the sliders to increase the options. For example – If you wanted to check out your hitting strategy rather than the pitching strategy that’s available under the hitting tab which you just click on the respective tab. From there, one can slide the given options as per the needs.

6. Understanding the Perfect Team mode

In addition to traditional OOTP seasons, you may also play Perfect Team, a mode in which you can build a team out of cards and compete against other people’s teams over time. Perfect Team has a ranking and reward system for going up levels, and games are simulated every 30 minutes. Perfect Squad may not have as much in-game strategy as we would want, but it is interesting to construct and grow a team over time and play against other people.

ootp go baseball pefect team mode
Perfect Team mode

Competitors may quickly assemble their dream squad to compete against players from all over the world. The best part is that it is completely cross-platform compatible for Out of the Park Baseball users. Awesome isn’t it? Not only that, but gamers can also pull and collect players from the large player pool that is available. Above all, players can participate in tournaments to see who has the best squad.

7. Franchise mode vs Perfect Team mode

Franchise Option is a single-player mode in which you can manage your favorite MLB, international, or fictional baseball team. Perfect Squad Game, on the other hand, allows players to create a dynasty in this online mode that focuses on PvP and maintaining your fully personalized team. Furthermore, participants can manage MLB History and view past MLB leagues and rosters from 1901 through 2021.

Others miscellaneous tips for beginners to follow

  • Hand over the things to the AI (Bot) which players find difficult to manage.
  • Coaches are also underrated. If a 44-year-old hotshot with Legendary credentials comes along, you won’t have any trouble signing him. The impact of superb coaching can be massive and game-changing. Show some irrational loyalty by promoting players from lesser ranks like a real franchise. Hire young men to fill in the gaps and hope for the best. Or, even better, discover a retired former player with strong leadership and intelligence, convert him to a coach using the dropdown option, and hire him.
ootp go baseball team overview
Team overview

  • Shortlisting prospects and disabling AI promotion/demotion via their profile option is the simplest approach to develop them. Make a list of every candidate you’re interested in.
  • As you can see, OOTP places a premium on personalization. Don’t be scared to navigate through all of the different displays to become more acquainted with everything it has to offer. As you become more familiar with the game, you’ll discover new ways to customize it to your satisfaction. While the Show has done an excellent job of simulating an on-field baseball game, OOTP has mastered the front office experience.
  • Don’t forget to SAVE your game frequently to make sure you don’t lose your data.


Overall, the game is the culmination of several years of intense effort, which can be clearly seen in the game. For free, players can take control of any franchise from the 1996, 1977, or 1921 MLB (Major League Baseball) seasons. However, the 2021 KBO season, as well as all previous MLB seasons (1901-1921), are available for purchase in-app. This is a fairly sophisticated game with numerous ways to play, and it might be a little daunting at times.

If you enjoy the OOTP customization options for Fictional leagues, you’re going to love OOTP Go! complete support for creating your own personal baseball paradise is already in place – and it’s completely free! If you get stuck anywhere, you can always refer to this OOTP Baseball Go beginners guide for a better understanding.

That’s all for today’s OOTP Baseball Go beginners guide. Did you find our OOTP Baseball Go beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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