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Niantic’s latest augmented reality title Peridot has launched recently, which is yet another title from the makers that utilize real-time imagery to the best extent possible. The game uses your phone to project a virtual pet friend into the real world where you take care of their needs as you gradually grow. The premise is that Peridots are in a world which significantly different from the one in which they once roamed and they’ll need help to save them from extinction. Since Peridot is quite different from what we know, it is in the best interest of beginners to know more about the game, and to help them, we present this guide with some tips.

Getting Started with Peridot

Peridot is similar to that of Niantic’s other AR titles, Pokemon GO and NBA All World, but there is no system where you feel this has an objective. The game exists for you to enjoy with a virtual pet, so this is set to be AR only, which the other two don’t fulfill. So, let’s head over to the basics in this Peridot Beginners Guide.

Hatching a new Dot

After you go through the essentials while starting the game, you get three eggs to hatch, which are quite cute, and you are pretty sure you will end up in a dilemma of what to choose. This shouldn’t be any difficult as clicking each egg will show you which traits the dot will inherit. Hatch one of them to get your first virtual pet. Give it a cute name and you are ready to go.

The Dot Basics

Once you get to the main part of the game where the camera accesses your surroundings to give your Dot an area, you need to look at the options on the bottom right. This can be called the Peridot essentials, and it basically gets you the current status of your dot. These are represented by two icons, the Fruit and the Ball.

Peridot Profile
Image via Niantic

The Fruit icon represents how hungry your dot is. You can fill the bar by feeding your Dot any food items in your inventory. Similarly, the Ball icon is an activity indicator, which represents how bored your dot is. You can play fetch, pet them, or even practice tricks that will help them get out of boredom. A full bar is an indication that it is not hungry and is not bored.

Fetch and Food

This is the next part of the Dot basics, where you have to play with your Dot as well as feed them for growth. You can play fetch with the toys by picking any from the bag, and then throwing to a distance. For feeding your dot, toss the food to your dot by tapping on your bag and then swiping at the direction your dot is.

Peridot Personality, Essentials, and Traits


Every Dot will have their own personality. Their personalities can change as they mature and also depends on how you react to their desires. Suppose they turn into a Teenager with more positive traits like Confidence, it can be helpful once they grow up to be an adult. A Confident dot will interact much more and you can see the difference in the same for other personalities as well.


Unlike other Niantic games, you don’t have to wander around to get the supplies. Here, there is a Forage system where you can get the essentials needed, for both food and items. It is important that you forage for supplies before you may feed and play with your dot.

Peridot Skill
Image via Niantic

For foraging, simply draw a circle on the camera where your dot is, and your dot will come back to you with food and toys. For different areas, different items can forage. For example, a Spring onion can forage from dirt. These items will partially fill their hunger meter while also awarding your dot with Growth points.


Desires are yet another essential for your Dots that are signs of expressing that they need something. They can be anything, say You can find them on the list menu. Each dot can have up to three desires; fulfilling them will grant you rewards you can redeem. If they have open spots, you’ll get a new Desire about once every hour.


Just like your regular pets, Dots also have Traits that are determined to distinguish them from others. As the player levels up, new traits get unlocked. It will visually enhance your dot and the appearance will be different to a certain extent.

Peridot Traits
Image via Niantic

Traits are categorized as follows:

  • Pattern
  • Tail
  • Horns
  • Plumage
  • Material
  • Face
  • Ears

To explain this, if you are at Level 5, your pet will have Rabbit Ears and Banana horns, which will change once you upgrade. As players hatch new baby Peridots they can discover more traits, which will help in accumulating a vast knowledge of the dots, their features, and different kinds of them very quickly.


Players can train their dots with many types of tricks using food items. All they have to do is to select a food from the bag, drag and adjust the food with the direction indicated. This way by drawing a pattern, a trick can be learned. You can check the list of traits from the Dot profile section, and see which trick training has been completed.

Peridot Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to remember in Peridot.

1. Fulfill the dot desires faster

Desires are there for a reason, to communicate with your dot better. In real life, you can’t do much, but here you have a way to understand what the dot is feeling. Desires are very important to speed up the growth of your dot starting from a baby, keep track of the progress and complete them as soon as possible.

2. Raising your dot without traveling

Peridot Journey
Image via Niantic

There is a traveling system for your dots, which helps you to not work much on traveling if you are a busy man. These dots travel themselves and forge items as well, which is a great system implemented. You can view their travel log on the right side of your screen, which will appear only when they go on an excursion. All you need to do is keep your location on, with the growth of your peridot done faster.

3. Keep your dots engaged

A baby dot is young and needs development for growth. It is no surprise that your dot needs to be developed into an adult in order to breed with other dots. Engagement with the dots is required for all of this. Continue to visit your dot, provide the necessities, and strive for as much growth as possible.

4. Completing desires by shortcuts

Peridot Training, Beginners Guide
Image via Niantic

Desires of your dot can be hectic sometimes. It will ask you to show a tree bark or a human face which is sometimes manageable, but if you are not traveling it isn’t an easy task to fulfill. So, if there is a task of forging something from dirt, sand, or any other surface, simply browse the picture from the internet, deceive your dot (well it is okay to follow shortcuts), and then complete your quest or desire easily.

5. Quests are of utmost importance

In any game, Quests might be giving you an “achievement only” vibe but once you are looking at the rewards it offers, it is undoubtedly the best way to progress. Check that you have completed your Daily and Weekly Quests before they expire, as missing out on those is missing out on progress.

Final Thoughts

Peridot is easy for any player to start, as it doesn’t require too much of a hassle to understand the requirements. You have a pet in front of you, you need to feed and play with it, that is the essential part of the game, which the pet lovers have been already doing.

Making friends and breeding will take time to get into, as you need your pet to grow. The process is very soothing from a keeper’s point of view, and at the same time is rewarding considering the process you are going through. If you run into any problems along the way, please refer back to the Peridot Beginners Guide or leave your questions in the comments.

That’s all from us for Peridot Beginners Guide! Did you find our Peridot beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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