Pokémon Go: Best Moveset and Counters for legendary Pokémon Groudon

Guide for the best counters against Groudon during Battle Raids!

One of the strongest raid bosses in Pokémon Go, Groudon is a tier 5 Legendary Raid Boss of the Ground-type with one of the highest DPS for its movesets. The best counters for Groudon are strong Grass and Water-type moves. Here’s our Pokémon Go guide to tell you the best raid counters for Groudon.

Groudon in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go Groudon
Image via Niantic

Groudon is a Pokémon with an intense battle prowess and it is quite difficult to defeat this ground monster. An approximate 3 trainers should be enough to successfully finish this raid. If you are a lower-level player, it is recommended to go in groups of 10-20 to kill it. Read on to know more about its movesets and how to counter them with the best Pokémon you have.

Groudon Movesets

Mega Venusaur is a Ground-type Pokémon with high ATK. Being a Ground-type, it is vulnerable to Water and Grass-type attacks. Its most lethal moves are Dragon Tail and Earthquake with a DPS of 13.6 and 46.7 respectively. It is fairly easy to defeat Groudon if you are going into the Raid with a team full of weather-boosted Pokémon of at least Level 40.

Best counters against Groudon in Pokémon Go

  • Zarude: Psycho Cut/Psystrike 
  • Roserade: Fire Fang/Overheat
  • Kyogre: Confusion/Psychic
  • Empoleon: Fire Spin/Sky Attack 
  • Swampert: Fire Fang/Overheat 
  • Kingler: Fire/Overheat 
  • Feraligatr: Zen Headbutt/Psychic          
  • Samurott: Incinerate/Brave Bird 
  • Darmanitan (Galarian Standard): Confusion/Psychic
  • Mamoswine: Confusion/Psychic
Image via Niantic

This is the list of the top Pokémon you can take to battle the Groudon. Kyogre is the best Water-type against it and Roserade and Venusaur are the best Grass types.

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