Pokémon Go Cosmoem Evolution Guide: How to get both the Cosmoem evolutions

Here's how to evolve Cosmoem!

Cosmoem, also known as the Protostar Pokémon, is a powerful legendary Pokémon that can evolve into Solgaleo or Lunala. Solgaleo is a Pokémon of the Psychic and Steel type, whereas Lunala is a Pokémon of the Psychic and Ghost type. Cosmoem evolves into Solgaleo if leveled up in Sun, and Lunala if leveled up in Moon in the main series games. In this Pokémon Go guide, we will have a look over the two Cosmoem evolutions.

Understanding the Cosmoem Evolution in Pokémon Go

Solgaleo is a Psychic and Steel type in Pokémon Go, and gamers looking for more variety with moves should consider Solgaleo. Its attacks are divided into four types: fire, psychic, steel, and grass. It’s immune to Poison damage as a Steel type, so it’s an obvious choice if you’re frequently plagued by Poison-types. During the day, players need to use 100 Cosmog Candies to evolve Cosmoem into Solgaleo.

Pokémon Go Cosmoem Evolution
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If gamers want a Pokémon with fewer type weaknesses, Lunala is a better choice. It is only weak to two types, Ghost and Dark, but both are quadruple weaknesses, so gamers need to proceed with caution. It has complete immunity to Normal-type and Fighting-type moves as a Ghost-type; while it lacks Solgaleo’s total Poison immunity, it does have resistance to Poison-type moves.

Both the Pokémon has the exact same stats with attack points of 255, defense points of 191, and stamina points of 264. They are the offensive tanky powerhouses and are hard to be defeated.

How to evolve Cosmoem in Pokémon Go

How to evolve Cosmoem into Solgaleo

A total of 100 Cosmog Candies is required to evolve Cosmoem into Solgaleo as mentioned above, and the evolution must be done during the day. Daylight hours in Pokémon GO are determined by the gamer’s time zone and are reflected in the main map on the game’s home screen.

If the sun is shining then the Pokémon GO map will turn green, and Cosmoem’s evolution symbol will include a small silhouette of Solgaleo to indicate this. Players can make this evolution only once and in daylight if they want to get a Solgaleo out of Cosmoem

Image via Niantic

How to evolve Cosmoem into Lunala

Cosmoem’s evolution into Lunala works similarly to Solgaleo’s evolution but in the opposite direction. The evolution will take 100 Cosmog Candies and must take place at night. The daylight hours indicator on the Pokémon GO map indicates which legendary a player’s evolution will produce.

In the case of Lunala, gamers will want the map to be darkened to reflect their local time’s nighttime setting. During this time, Cosmoem’s evolution button will display a silhouette of Lunala for confirmation. Lunala can also be evolved once and gamers need to check the game during the night as this is when Lunala might be available.

Requirements of the Cosmoem Evolution

The evolution of Cosmoem to Solgaleo or Lunala is not an easy evolution. It is important that gamers pay close attention to the time at which gamers need to perform the evolution. It is advised to perform the evolution in the daytime to grab a Solgaleo or Lunala in the game.

Now, for bagging either of these two evolutions, gamers need to collect a certain amount of Cosmog candies. Cosmog Candies can be found by three different means including completing Research Quests, Rare Candy, and assigning Cosmog/Cosmoem as a buddy.

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