Pokémon Go Guide: How to get Amaura and Aurorus in the game

Expand your collection with these Generation 6 Pokémon!

As part of Pokémon Go’s latest Season of Go, two Generation 6 Pokémon were introduced in the blockbuster AR game. The two Pokémon are Amaura and Aurorus, the latter is Amaura’s evolved form. Both of these Gen 6 Pokémon are rock and ice types and were introduced alongside the rock and dragon type fossil Pokémon Tyrunt during Adventure Week 2022 event in Pokémon Go.

Players of Pokémon Go boast their gaming talent by collecting Pokémon and expanding their Pokédex. To flex their skills as players they need to evolve some Pokémon too because some of the best Pokémon can be earned by evolving only. In this case, Amaura and its evolved form, Aurorus.

How to get Amaura in Pokémon Go

Amaura first appeared in Pokémon Go during Adventure Week on Tuesday, June 7, 2022. Follow the different methods given below for obtaining Amaura:

  1. In the Wild: Appearing more frequently during set hours on Research Day, Sunday, June 12.
  2. Adventure Week Field Research Tasks: Walk 5km and spin 25 PokéStops or Gyms.
  3. Adventure Challenge Reward: Earn 5 Candies exploring with your buddy.
  4. Hatching 7km Eggs: Must collect the egg during Adventure Week for the chance to hatch Amaura.
Pokemon Go Amaura
Image via Niantic

Players need to keep in mind that Amaura is a possible reward for field research tasks as it is quite likely that players will get Tyrunt instead of Amaura. For players who love grinding, catching Amaura by completing the Adventure Week field research task is the best thing to do. However, keep in mind, that tasks given by Pokéstops change regularly.

Players need to find a Pokémon Go group for their local area and in this way, it will be easy to find the desired Pokéstop because someone in the group might have already found it. Pokémon Go rewards its players with Candy on catching Amaura. Therefore, catching plenty of Amaura is necessary to have plenty of Candy since it is used for evolving Amaura.

How to evolve Amaura into Aurorus in Pokémon Go

First and foremost, a player needs to have 50 Amaura Candy for evolving Amaura and the perfect time for the evolution is at night. Players can collect Amaura Candy in the game by using Pinap Berries. Another method is by walking with an Amaura and collecting Candy.

Pokemon Go Aurorus
Image via Niantic

To complete the Kalos Pokédex, players must collect enough Amaura Candy to complete this evolution and there is no better time than Adventure Week for this. The most important task to achieve the evolution of Amaura into Aurorus is to go outside during Adventure Week 2022 to hatch and catch as many Amaura as possible.

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